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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Reparations Proclamation and The Five-Phase Plan

DISCLAMER -- In the spirit of free speech and giving a public forum (something that is being denied in many places), my posting of the following documents do not imply that I am in agreement with them. I have already expressed to the author I have various disagreements with his proposals, and soon I will post my view of reparations and why there are logistical challenges in the proposals that have to be addressed.

However he has the right to be heard:

The Reparations Proclamation

A Solemn Proclamation to the Peoples of the World

Invoking a Continental Process of Equity-Restorative Justice, and Declaring
a Mandate for Reparations to the African-Descended People in America

Be it known by these statements, that

Whereas there exist in the United States of America a people descended from the noble seed of far-off Africa, known as Negroes, Black People and African-Americans among other names, who are a people distinguishable from other peoples of America by their African descent; and

Whereas through their kidnapping, displacement, and bondage in slavery, African-Americans were historically and completely deprived of such intangible, priceless, and irreplaceable virtues as their names, languages, families, traditions, history, and entire culture, which they would have normally preserved, from their noble African origins and heritage dating from antiquity; and

Whereas the early establishment and continuation of slavery, followed by additional forms of institutionalized racism, inflicted upon African-Americans by other peoples of America, constitutes high crimes against humanity amounting to reasoning for reparations as a debt long overdue; and

Whereas racism has caused centuries of harm and depression, including mental anguish, vicious physical abuse and physiological incompatibility, which has brought about among African-Americans a lamentable and debilitating condition known as Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS) or the 'slave mentality', a condition resulting from Africans being socialized in an oppressive European system, intentionally designed to divide and conquer Black People, most noticeable when African-Americans attempt to work collectively to establish means for group progress; and

Whereas since the Civil War and the resultant 'emancipation era', {systematic injustice, oppression, and outright bigotry supposedly reduced or eliminated in fact persist in America}, repeatedly and consistently causing massive pain, suffering and death among Black People, depriving them of their constitutional rights, and also depriving them of any chance of group prosperity; and

Whereas African-Americans provided hundreds of years of free & forced labor including sharecropping, producing a variety of cash crops along with their genius in creativity and development, viewed as world renowned and civilization moving contributions, realizing these gifts played a vital role in America rising to a place of great prominence, wealth, and power in the world today, yet they never received proper credit or compensation; and

Whereas Black People in America thus have a profound and unequalled just claim to material and symbolic reparations, sharing a positive and affirmative sense of deserving recompense for unpaid labor and intentional harm inflicted upon them for centuries; and

Whereas African-descended people residing in America and throughout the Diaspora, consistently victimized by violence and aggression, physically engage in reactions seen as demonstrations such as uprisings, rebellions and movements, which are confrontational methods in periodic cycles of resistance to police brutality, deprivation of opportunity and discrimination in the work place, yet they are constantly misunderstood in their expressions for equal treatment; and

Whereas African-Americans, both past and present, have succeeded in establishing their own black towns to live in peaceful and civil societies, whose purposes include restoring their self respect, revitalizing pride in blackness and striving to achieve freedom, justice and equality; and

Whereas Black People now find it necessary for themselves, their children's, and future generations well-being and prosperity, to instill their values as other minority groups, who educate their people on their culture, in their communities for a proper knowledge of self; and

Whereas there are not enough words in any language or form of communication to make an adequate apology to African-Americans for enduring slavery and hundreds of years of exploitation including reconstruction, segregation, integration, discrimination and racial profiling, yet conditions in the black community calls for an act of this nature for healing purposes; and

Whereas there is not enough money or wealth in the entire world to compensate African-Americans in the form of restitution for their stolen contributions representing their achievements, discoveries and inventions, that are responsible for creating and lifting America's economy, which had a significant impact on economies around the world; and

Whereas African-Americans find it necessary to reaffirm their status as a people, through the Plebiscite, this time for the purpose of seeking due and proper Equity-Restorative Justice, and to unite in mutual solidarity for the purpose of stipulating the Five Phase Plan as their agenda, presenting a multifaceted approach that works to cover all angles necessary to win reparations; and

Whereas in 1989 the historic bill H.R. 40 was introduced by Congressman John Conyers, which is now in effect, of which its primary purpose is “to acknowledge the fundamental injustice, cruelty, brutality, and inhumanity of slavery in the United States and the 13 American colonies between 1619 and 1865, and to establish a commission to examine the Institution of Slavery, subsequent de jure and de facto racial and economic discrimination against African-Americans, and the impact of those forces on them today, to make recommendations to congress on appropriate remedies, and for other purposes” said bill being titled the 'Commission to Study Reparations Proposals for African-Americans Act'; and

Whereas over the past several decades, a variety of activist, experts, scholars and organizations, representing the interests of Black People, have previously studied the crucial issue of harm suffered by African-Americans over the past five centuries even prior to 1619 and after 1865, including slavery both its components and legacy, thus considering all of the intense social, political, and economic setbacks and resulting harm that has befallen Black People, in this effort to seek compensation and recover their wrongfully stolen dignity, history and heritage as a people; and

Whereas knowing other peoples have received reparations for lesser crimes, it is fair for Black People to receive Reparations now! for greater crimes of slavery, that were far more in number, much more severe, and lasted for a much longer period of time, extending across centuries harming generations!

Now therefore African-descended people in America, do hereby solemnly Proclaim and Mandate the following articles, as both immediate measures and proposals for further action:

Article the First: We, here and henceforth highly resolved and united in our determination, shall carry forward in manners both judicial and extra-judicial, a massive campaign for reparations, consisting of economic boycotts, selective buying, lawsuits, legislative advocacy (signed letters, emails and faxes), public protests, various forms of debates, town hall meetings and due processes of natural law based on international notions of justice, always non-violent in its intent, nature, and execution herein declared, making our Calling and Mandate for reparations clear to America and the world;

Article the Second: We, Black Americans make in full agreement and total solidarity our reparations demand via an Executive Order from the president of the United States; followed by a temporary process of Equity-Restorative Justice, which shall convene and be brought to fruition; this course of action shall come to be known as the United States of America Truth and Reconciliation Process;

Article the Third: The Truth and Reconciliation Process shall provide for the inception of several principal bodies known as commissions, each providing for essential factors of reparations in the Equity-Restorative Justice process, and each with a mandate to collaborate closely with the others in their missions, in order to produce an African-American Reparations Package, these commissions shall include but are not limited to the following:

* a Truth Commission for the all inclusive hearing, recording, and documentation of the historical, current and continuing grievances of, and injuries to, the descendants of Africans living in America;

* a Trial Commission for the consideration and support of potential legal actions such as claims in equity or law, indictments, tribunals, trials, reviewing the cases of political prisoners, 3 strikes victims and other Black People who were wrongfully incarcerated or falsely charged with a crime that remains on their record, and/or any other civil or criminal proceedings that would restore justice;

* an Amnesty Commission for the deliberation of acts of mercy, acquittal, and symbolic or ceremonial forgiveness to encourage racial healing and equality in all spheres of life;

* a Cooperative Commission to be populated by Whites, Jews and other peoples who believe Blacks deserve reparations, whose function will be to identify members of their own peoples, who are known to have enslaved Black People and/or have benefited from exploiting them in any way, to appoint representatives of those persons, groups and governments, who were and are responsible for historic and current injustices perpetrated against African-Americans, making proper assessments of damages done and providing provisions for restitution;

* a Talented Tenth Commission to be populated by influential, prominent and wealthy African-Americans, along with Blacks who have a track record of helping their people, whom believe Blacks deserve reparations, and for the purpose of using their ideas and experience in all phases of the Tribunal and T&R process, for assessing the 10-15 proposals that shall be put forth by the Reparations Commission that will form the Reparations Package, and most important of all to utilize their expertise including various strategies to create an economic foundation for African-Americans;

* a Black History and Culture Commission to work for the purpose of recovering, documenting, and preserving the glorious history of Africa and African-Americans, emphasizing the creation and support of events such as Kwanzaa to support this cause;

* a Planning and Executive Commission which shall deliberate the formation and functions of the other commissions, engender, receive and consider nominations to populate them, establish charitable foundations, trusts, and similar legal and organizational entities, plan for the proper, effective, and equitable receipt and distribution of any material reparations awarded to African-Americans which need to be processed, invested or dealt with in any like manner, and shall also extend any other reparations-related missions of goodwill for Black People;

* a Reparations Commission to receive, consider and formulate proposals for symbolic and material reparations to be awarded unconditionally to African-Americans as compensation for stolen labor, lost economic opportunities, political disenfranchisement, and other historical, current and continuing injustices; the Mandate of the Reparations Commission shall include but are not limited to the due and proper consideration of the following 10 proposals to go into a Reparations Package;

-1- the stipulation for a Reparations Fund to facilitate actions, studies and research efforts in the Five Phase Plan, especially the commissions, to conceive measures for an acceptable package, ensuring the production of a sound Reparations Package to be divided among eight regional governing bodies;

-2- the creation of 'African Cultural Academies' designed to teach and recognize Classical African Civilizations, achievements, contributions, Black History and Black Culture, which precedes studying slavery and the serious problems it caused, as we explain reparations as the solution to override stereo types, exclusion, oppression and racism, and for spiritual guidance to induce framework for raising collective consciousness among African-Americans to seek peace and progress for their entire race;

-3- the condition for collective compensation to aid in developing racial advances, by way of allotting endowments to build and improve existing historically black institutions and organizations including an amendment to rid them of unfair funding practices and barriers from outside forces that prohibit the full array of learning and creativity in schools and work settings, to build new black cities along with awarding individual compensation for race conscious scholars of up to $100,000 and a negotiated amount for all Blacks 55 and above for anywhere between $200,000 and $2,000,000 each, tax free;

-4- the measure for tax free emergency aid or employment for blacks between the ages of 18-34 for $2,500 a month and ages 35-54 for $5,000 a month for personal management or building new sovereign or repatriated settlements, small business grants of up to $250,000, and understanding the Reparations Fund is an economic foundation consisting of losses from withheld wages from slavery, punitive damages during that time and all the other unfair social, psychological and financial practices that worked together to prevent equality, which will lead towards developing cooperative economics;

-5- the granting of habitable and productive tracts of land for the purpose of building Sovereign Settlements with a complete infrastructure including quality homes and parks reflecting the beauty of Ancient African Structures, and producing facilities and services for Blacks living in integrated areas;

-6- the establishment of appropriate hospitals, recovery and restoration centers and community based programs for complete health care, rehabilitation to cope with (PTSS) and other emotional disorders, insisting on emancipation for current and former inmates and resolving black on black conflicts;

-7- the preparation and revelation of an in depth analysis study on institutional exclusion, racial oppression, the criminal justice system, law enforcement officers, the disproportionate number of Blacks in prison, political prisoners, and the escalating issues facing their seniors for (health care, social security, social outings and transportation), their adults for (counseling, jobs and housing), their teens for (after school and mentoring) and their infants for (pre-natal and pre-school) programs;

-8- the initiative for 50-100 years of tax relief and debt forgiveness for Africa, African-Americans and Blacks of the Diaspora, including outstanding government-guaranteed loans for students and graduates for education and/or employment purposes;

-9- the urgent compensatory mechanism for higher quality in schools, instructors and supplies available to African-Americans in public and private schools grades K-12;

-10- the provision for a 50-100 year period of time of free books, tuition, and fees to private and public schools in grades K-12 and vocational schools, colleges and universities, through the level of the Doctorate, which should include job placement in corporate America or creating exclusive black corporations, to provide thousands of jobs for qualified Blacks in every region of America which are heavily populated by Blacks;

The Mandate of the Reparations Commission shall also include giving due and proper consideration to the sentiments, wishes, and intentions of African-Americans to find equality or social and economic justice in our Integrated society, in Repatriated communities abroad or in Sovereign settlements in all states with large black communities; such that these three underlying contingencies, possibilities and models are explored in those reparations proposals considered, so that no victim of these injustices, nor their descendents, are omitted, neglected or ruled out of reparations in the ERJ process, unless by choice, or tried and found guilty of being a sell out or conspirator in the upcoming Tribunal.

In Conclusion, and as a Call for Unity: We, the African-descended people of America, extend a mandate and entreaty even unto our own people to gratefully receive any fair and just reparations extended to us, not only by those specific governments, ethnic groups, corporations, institutions, families and/or individuals who were responsible in some manner for the inhumane and exploitative treatment of African-Americans, but also as in-kind acts of just and compassionate recompense by other peoples of America whether existing in America, or operating abroad under the sanction of other governments or localities; In return, we give our personal appreciation, good will, and thanks for their just consideration of our plight and the continuing harm done to our people, that we may begin the process to feel whole and recovered, both as a people and individuals, thus rebuilding our collective spiritual consciousness and self-esteem, to continue to rise above and transcend the conditions which have oppressed and constrained us, all of this in the name, honor, and memory of our African and African-American ancestors, both those remembered and long forgotten.

Brotha Pruitt - Reparations Leader

Chairman - Committee for African-American Reparations (CAAR) CA
Chairman - Reparations Union Lobby Association (RULA) NC
1243 West Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28208

To carry out the provisions in the Five Phase Plan the authorization of a $21,000,000.00 government grant should be appropriated to the RULA.

African-American Reparations
The Five Phase Plan By Brotha Pruitt
A Strategy to Win and Administrate Black Reparations

Phase I: African-Americans Atone and Organize

Phase II: Hold a Plebiscite for Sovereignty (Requires Independent Land and Infrastructure)

Phase III: Form the Reparations Union Lobbying Association (RULA power base) and Data Base

Phase IV: Initiate the African-American Reparations Tribunal

Phase V: Conduct the United States of America Truth and Reconciliation Process

This is a step by step approach aimed at bringing African-Americans together in a spiritual and committed sense, for the purpose of pursuing rights they sacrificed and lost lives for, but failed to gain in the Civil Rights Movement (CRM). Blacks were fed up because they were denied basic civil and human rights since slavery, so they decided to have boycotts, freedom rides, marches, protests and sit-ins to demand an end to unacceptable conditions. African-Americans participated in the CRM with hopes of reaching equality, by attempting to use legal means to dismantle segregation and acquire the right to vote. They have not reached equality and they continue to count on laws and enforcement to protect due process, participation and ballot counts in elections. They are facing similar problems today affecting them socially, politically and economically in systematic injustices with housing, employment, health care, family and public services. Blacks should realize the pattern of discrimination they face in all areas of people activity and participate in this course of action to address these issues, which will motivate the majority of their people to move with the same urgency and cohesiveness, as they did during the CRM. Blacks never took the time to form a power base to address these issues after Dr. King was assassinated and the CRM died, which left problems lingering and growing worse. Now blacks are facing terrible conditions all across America which should inspire them to take a stand for their rights! They should engage those with experience and expertise in every field to investigate and report on crimes that caused problems to arise after generations of injustice. The Five Phase Plan is an outline for action capable of showing indisputable evidence of those crimes occurring, how they affect African-Americans today and presenting a comprehensive strategy to find solutions. The strategy entails a multitude of systems covering a wide range of paths, which facilitates cataloging and creating methods for problem solving, focusing on gaining equality and sovereignty.

African-Americans have been damaged both collectively and individually in the worst ways you could imagine. Black people should tell their story from their point of view. It would enable them to clarify damages and submit claims for repair. They should participate in this or any process that takes them in this direction. There are far too many group and personal problems posing serious danger to their people for them to carry on with business as usual. It is their responsibility to decide when they will engage in collective action to solve problems. African-Americans should focus on reparations as the solution, to the point of inducing it as a common thought among their people, so that they can start thinking and talking about ways to reach equality and sovereignty. {This should motivate blacks to examine racism, historical problems and poor conditions they live in today, which will exemplify their need for repair!}. The Five Phase Plan meets these criteria and has no limits. It calls for blacks and others to discuss facts regarding patterns, policies and people, which have and still do, set up and sustain racial problems. This examination will reveal a list of thirty reasons which qualifies blacks for reparations, which I will share later, but for now let's prioritize a few to review. (1) Racism/White Supremacy triggering 500 years of Spiritual and Cultural Deception! (2) The intentional cruelty and brutality of Slave Ports all around Africa, the Middle Passage, Slave Breaking Colonies and Slavery! (3) 246 years of withheld wages from slave labor and wealth from inventions and contributions! (4) PTSS or Psychological Abuse caused by lasting affects from deeply embedded emotional damage, induced by vicious racial attacks, police brutality and lynching over the last 500 years! And (5) Jim Crow Segregation, which harmed blacks for 100 years immediately after slavery! Blacks, Whites and Jews should work together in this capacity to form commissions to evaluate these problems as well as others listed as qualifications for reparations. They should pursue reparations in a persistent fashion just as they went after black equality in the CRM. They should work together in phase five until they produce an African-American Reparations Package. {The package will include means to restore blacks to their peaceful and productive lifestyle prior to slavery}!! Blacks should rebuild their culture and communities with aid similar to that of which victims of WW II received, because blacks are victims of elusive yet deadly population control schemes and have been under silent attack for the last 500 years!! We can prove this with case studies on Racism, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS), AIDS, the war on Drugs, The Black Matrix http://www.divineblacktruth.org/,and Gentrification, all of which cause severe damage. In light of the fact that blacks are victims of lasting effects from slavery and on-going assaults, proves they deserve reparations! Now here's the strategy to win reparations!!

Phase 1: African-Americans Atone and Organize -
When blacks decide to take collective action it will notify America and the world of their intentions to initiate a massive campaign for reparations! The first step is to agree on a plan. Then call on the masses through churches, various groups and media outlets to promote and support the plan, as it is being done in their best interest. African-Americans would begin discussing reparations focusing on the Five Phase Plan at colleges, community and grass roots organizations, churches and all social functions. Blacks should begin to discuss reparations at every meal and opportunity. African-Americans should insist reparations are on the agenda and given prime and ample time at programs like the State of the Black World Conference, State of the Black Union, BET and other awards shows, and all other programs that are supposed to honor and benefit blacks. The call will be put out for blacks to use the Five Phase Plan to atone, (which means to strive to improve self, relations with other blacks and attaining excellence), as they organize around reparations. This will create unity and enable blacks to finish their struggle for equality they started in the Civil Rights Movement! Statistically blacks are far from equality and economic gaps are increasing! They need to take action!

Historically: Most African-Americans disapprove of social and institutional exclusion which prevents them from reaching equality. They are tired of police brutality and racial oppression and are asking Black-Churches, faith based and community groups, to summon Black leaders and the masses to join this effort, by uniting and forming a power base, to fight to bring an end to injustice, inequality and disparities. It is critical for blacks to form a power base so they can fight against all forms of racism and prejudice, which would pave the way for them to show the need for reparations. {Blacks should get serious about finishing the battles they started for equality in the CRM}. {African-Americans should understand pursuing reparations represents that continued struggle for equality}. The Black Family should be involved in this effort by questioning the work of reparations groups and demanding that each group make their plan public so we can decide which plan is the best. The Black Family must make a collective decision to participate in a plan/strategy so that reparations groups can lead the charge to pursue reparations. This will operate in the best interest of the masses as blacks go through a process to atone and decide which plan is best for them to pursue reparations. Reparations work is going to take more personnel than all the reparations groups can provide. So reparations groups will identify those who are doing and have done reparations work and teach concerned folks how to do reparations work.

* The Five Phase Plan contains a strategy to consider ideas from all people for recovery and restitution. This plan guarantees all reparations groups and concerned citizens working in unison to evaluate plans and reactions. {Spiteful and malicious reactions will expose sell outs, and activity of those who work in secret with those who oppose reparations, even if they exist within reparations groups}! Blacks who are found guilty of this activity will be punished just as America punishes those found guilty of being a traitor, high treason and threatening national security.
Socially: African-Americans must become a resilient people by dedicating themselves to this journey for justice. They should atone first to improve self, (No one is perfect), which will help them rise to erect a new collective conscious and reduce black on black conflicts. This will inspire the masses to embrace spiritual renewal and collective movement. {The descendants of slaves' encountered psychological abuse no other people experienced, which requires rehabilitation}. {They were never compensated for their labor or patriotism}. {And they never received land (40 acres and a mule), they were promised to build an infrastructure}. {This knowledge and plan should prepare blacks to use reparations resources most appropriately and effectively}.
Culturally: African-Americans were previously held captive in dungeons, misused on slave ships, enslaved, then forced to lose their names, languages and heritage. Now cultural genocide plus becoming a displaced people caused disruptions in their senses, stability and potential for growth. African-Americans need an instructional instrument to recover their stolen identity. As black scholars produce a program for that purpose African-Americans should assume atonement by taking an honest look at self, society and history. Many folks say blacks are their own worst enemy but they do not consider the ramifications of slavery or segregation, which has become white privilege and preferential treatment. Blacks suffer much greater harm at the hands of systematic abuse of power imposed by conferred dominance of the ruling race. Some blacks seem to be in denial of the overwhelming powers that be that have created and maintained a system to maintain white supremacy. A system that forces them to live in overpopulated under serviced areas, prohibits them from having equal opportunities and designates them as inferior. Traditional rites of passage practices have been replaced by ineffective social services programs causing black on black crime to multiply. Since they get no respect from the system they lost respect for the system. These factors keep blacks disenfranchised and portrayed as deviant and menaces to society. {Mistreatment and misperceptions has prevented our government from awarding blacks reparations for land grants, to create and build communities and institutions. Blacks would have established this infrastructure if they would have received equal pay for hard core slave labor and vital contributions. Land is a key part of reparations}.

Spiritually: We know blacks have endured massive damage in many areas but mainly sacred and religious spectrums. It has caused a disconnection from their thinking process to uphold Godly and family values. As victims of long lasting and extreme prejudice most African-Americans have lost touch with God and their collective conscious. Black Churches, faith-based and cultural oriented groups are best suited to mend this situation but outside and internal forces caused them to split into many different factions. This may have been best at that time but now the factions should convene to see if they can form one or two groups, to revive the Black Family and pursue reparations! {We are looking to all spiritual and cultural leaders to develop programs for African-Americans to reclaim their traditional spiritual and cultural customs as a group and to find comfort in forming and strengthening their personal relationships with God}.
Mentally: African-Americans never dealt with lasting dormant trauma of slavery in experiencing loss of family and physical abuse on a daily basis; locked in chains, witnessing intense violence compounded by emotional torture. The after shock of such atrocity has been explained in scientific terms as Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS), which blacks suffer from, but are not acknowledging its root cause, or receiving proper treatment. They are being forced to overcome this mental imposition without adequate psychological or emotional therapy; which is mandatory for repair; in order to become whole people in mind, body and soul. Blacks can revitalize themselves and improve their relationships by studying ideology of Classical African Civilizations and developing a racial hierarchy. The process will become natural as they organize with this plan following atonement, tolerating their differences to work towards a common goal of gaining respect and winning reparations!!!

Phase 2: Hold a Plebiscite for Sovereignty
Plebiscite: A vote among African-Americans establishing a political unit to determine identity, autonomy and/or affiliations with other peoples and countries. The Plebiscite shows blacks will exercise their right to be recognized as a people striving for independence and self-determination.

Sovereignty: Most importantly, sovereignty is developing a new conscious that forms the basis of a philosophy, which motivates a people to seek their own land for self-government, to declare their own political and ideological theories and destination. It denotes leaving the shackles of integration and gaining control over their lives, stipulating absolute power and authority of a consenting people to form a government to manage all, activities, territory and resources within its borders. Sovereignty also refers to the inherent right of all people to govern themselves without foreign interference.

Reasons for and Steps to Apply the Plebiscite
Dr. Ansari suggest {the Plebiscite as an alternative to integration demanding their constitutional rights in a political move for African-Americans to claim a special injured and indigenous status with rights to land, rehabilitative services, educational adjustments and communication monopolies}. {A majority yes plebiscite vote among blacks would give them as African descendants a cognizable legal status that will target and defer trillions of dollars to build new black cities, institutions and stimulate collective and personal growth}!!!! {A Plebiscite will automatically qualify blacks for immediate compromises for large-scale construction, farming, real estate, grocery stores, entertainment complexes and unrestricted local, national and international trade}.

Special indigenous status and minority self-determination are options for a person or people created in slavery or a colonial conflagration. The UN politically categorized those victims as autochthon indigenous. The states of the world at the 56th session of the Human Rights Commission have agreed to comprehensive and enforceable internationally proscribed reparations to those people, groups or nations who have suffered human rights abuses such as slavery, torture, genocide, kidnapping and murder. African-Americans happen to be victims of all of those crimes! The offending states of Spain, France and the United States have participated and agreed to these principles!

a. Blacks would be informed of autonomous land settlements, various forms of businesses, services and specific amenities that other groups have received after claiming an injured and indigenous status.

b. (1st vote) Blacks exclaim group distinction by voting in the Plebiscite to choose a suitable name ranging from African, Black or Indigenous-American to any other names appearing on the ballot. The name they choose should connect them to their native land, ancestors, culture and current status.

c. International attorneys will approach the proper channels in Geneva to turn their claim for a special injured and indigenous status into international law. (Claiming their name and identity in this process)

d. (2nd vote) Blacks would use the ballot again to elect governing bodies for their regional sovereign land settlements, practicing their will for self-determination, liberation, freedom and nation building.

Understanding Sovereignty
Ezrah Aharone describes valuable points of sovereignty pertaining to blacks, including the most critical of all unresolved issues of slavery concerning the reclaiming of their heritage. “Slavery deprived them of their freedom, but even more significant is that slavery dispossessed them of their sovereignty,” sovereignty (not integration) is the pinnacle of all freedoms. Blacks are supposedly a “free people,” but they are not a “sovereign people”. * {Sovereignty will enable the government to set aside reparations land for blacks to build new cities and institutions to serve their needs}!

Aharone explains today's sociopolitical landscape by surgically dissecting and separating the flaws and misperceptions from the realities of American democracy. {While Black America's Concept of Freedom has historically been limited to “Civil Rights, Integration, and Equality,” the Euro-American Concept of Freedom entails nothing less than “Sovereignty, Independence, and Statehood}. {This conceptual distinction “Is the most consequential, yet most unrecognized, source of racial disharmony and inequality}. As a result, certain sociopolitical conditions that Whites would never tolerate have become normalized within the Black Experience. In comparing the historical parallels, and then asserting that today's 1 Black governor, 1 Black senator, and the scant percentage of blacks in the H.R., constitutes a modern case of “Taxation without Representation.” Since this was a primary factor sparking the Revolutionary War, Aharone concludes that Black America has unknowingly accepted a political “way of life,” which history proves, White America would violently oppose. A new sovereign conscious will inspire blacks to outgrow feelings of racial discomfort and demand full rights!

Sovereign-minded frames of references questions the core of mainstream body politics and leads to redefined ideals and worldviews that better serve Black/African interests. The sovereign philosophy and outlook “helps to bridge the political and philosophical gap that now separates Hip Hop from the Civil Rights/Black Power generation”. When blacks embrace sovereignty it will lead to independence.

The solutions to the most critical of Black America's problems do not lie within America's current “Brand of Democracy.” They must look inside themselves and realize they have the knowledge and wisdom to initiate analytical and critical thinking to solve their problems. Developing a sovereign consciousness will help blacks understand the root causes of their problems, specifically racism/white supremacy, and offer prescriptions to remedy failures of American democracy and socialization, in order for blacks to reach equality. The system was not designed for blacks to be successful as a group. The masses continue to face high levels of unemployment, poor housing, inadequate health care and they will not go to college. The system has failed them so they need to look at alternatives to integration. {The Five Phase Plan will assist blacks in developing a sovereign consciousness and explore sovereign ideals that will produce revolutionary and race-defined solutions}.

Phase 3: Form the Reparations Union Lobbying Association (RULA) and build a Database
This phase includes the creation of a power base or a national Reparations Union Lobbying Association (RULA) consisting of local Reparations Union Lobbying Groups (RULG). African-Americans will form and lead the RULA, as others join them to pursue reparations solidifying the Five Phase Plan as the agenda, which will remain open for amendments. African-Americans should keep the RULA in place to hold everyone involved accountable. {The RULA will empower African-Americans to react to racism and hate crimes, and work towards initiating actions and laws to protect their people, serve their interest, honor their request and prevent future transgressions}!! {The RULA will have its board and members work to establish and connect local RULGs with local Black Churches and faith and cultural based organizations; to announce their intentions to collaborate to pursue reparations and designate voting places and training bases}. {This is where blacks will hold the Plebiscite votes and train folks to build, police and maintain an infrastructure, including homes, businesses, institutions, parks, roads and highways and all other practicalities, services and recreational facilities required to establish new repatriated and sovereign cities}.

The RULA recognizes the non-existent or ineffective means to address racism and priority problems such as (Natural Disasters - Gentrification - Housing - Elections - Unemployment - The Court System - Healthcare - AIDS - the War on Drugs & Police Brutality etc. etc.). This inability keeps blacks in a subservient position and leaves them vulnerable to a cycle of criminal and inhumane activity. These unsolved problems are causing unnecessary death and destruction in their communities. {Blacks are losing lives, property and progress gained from hundreds of years of struggle!!, that culminated in the Civil Rights Movement! Blacks must change this trend by forming the RULA power base to solve their problems}!! {Haters broaden divisions among blacks by using other blacks to cause confusion and conflicts}!! {They manipulate the creation and expansion of AIDS, Drugs, Psychiatric Treatments, and other forms of legal and illegal malpractices that harm blacks, and allow them to spread and continue}! {They prey on the inability of African-Americans to detect, defend and take action when problems of this nature occur. Blacks can change all of this by forming the RULA power base}!!!

African-Americans know of laws, policies and politicians who have a very negative impact on them and their communities. The problem is they have no mechanism in place to expose and react to those forces, if not attempting to prevent them. The RULA power base would operate as a resource center and voting block to take the black vote in one direction that would operate to eliminate these issues. Blacks could use this power base to place folks in office or remove them just as they would do with laws and policies that help or harm them. {The RULA will fill this leadership void and act as an organization that stands prepared to protect Blacks just as the ADL and the JDL protects Jews}!!!!

RULA Purpose
* First: the RULA will function as a power base providing guidance for blacks to address racism, other critical issues, gain sovereignty and win reparations. Brotha Pruitt proposes economic boycotts, selective buying, faith based and town hall debates, domestic and international lawsuits and lobbying efforts utilizing RULA sources as a means to win reparations.

* Second: the RULA will defend blacks against social, political and/or physical attacks. When blacks attempt to unite to fight for their people outside forces prevent the effort or people who do not have their best interest in mind recruit disloyal blacks (agent provocateurs and sellouts) to stop the effort.

* Third: the RULA will expose and discipline race traitors and sell outs.

* Fourth: {PREPARING for NATIONAL BOYCOTTS}. African-Americans can learn the significance and mighty impact of a well-planned national boycott. {Organizing a national boycott that includes naming certain government agencies and corporations to target is a very serious notion that would get America's attention immediately}!! It is going to take a move of this magnitude for blacks to get any kind of respect and win reparations!!! {A national boycott will place the government and various corporations in a position of feeling the economic and social strength of blacks}. African-Americans would be in a position to produce, negotiate and submit a prototype Reparations Package, which the government could sign as law for reparations as immediate relief and time table compromises. The government, various corporations and other guilty parties named would be responsible for filling the requirements in the package. A well planned national boycott will force America to move quickly to endorse and enforce reparations. God will bless this effort because this is a spiritual course of action blacks can take that is unparalleled in the history of their pursuit of justice.

* Fifth: the RULA will identify forces and people who attack black leaders and groups because they are preventing black unity and progress, and we will label them and bring them to justice.

* Sixth: the RULA will use phases 4 and 5 to produce documented evidence that proves the government and other entities are responsible for enslaving and exploiting blacks, and that it is their duty to repair the damage, which includes emotional injuries and economic loss. Phases 4 and 5 will permit African-Americans and those sympathetic to their condition to produce a valid Reparations Package that the government should stipulate as legislation.

* Seventh: the RULA will use phases 4 and 5 to design the package; which will come to approximately $50 trillion, deferred over a 100-200 year period. Remember in this case we are showing blacks were damaged over the last 500 years so the moral and economic recuperation period should resemble in duration.

RULG Objectives
* First: to study and learn the purpose of the Five Phase Plan and create or adopt local RULG bylaws and agenda to introduce the national RULA power base.

* Second: to elect a cabinet to conduct their business, a chair, co-chair, facilitator and historian. To list their duties and responsibilities, which may be included in the bylaws.

* Third: to create an agenda that includes reporting on local, national and international issues affecting African-Americans.

* Fourth: the RULGs will suggest sovereignty as a solution for racism as they aggressively seek reparations land. Blacks will learn the skills to build new cities, and own and operate corporations and institutions required to form an infrastructure. Blacks will become an independent people who are producers' not just consumers. Sovereignty will provide African-Americans the opportunity to use the latest technology and their own people to build their own new communities. This would create an economic foundation, peaceful living and gainful and meaningful employment for thousands of African-Americans in various regions at home (Sovereignty) and abroad (Repatriation)!!!!!

* Fifth: design and implement reparations programs for career and financial planning and improving educational curriculums along with exalting family values. This would revamp (Integration) by upgrading public facilities and open (Sovereignty) by securing independent land. The procedure will include creating rehabilitation programs and services so blacks can cope with harmful situations, stimulants and habits and develop the will to reach their full potential as a people and individuals. The RULGs will help blacks reduce self-destructive behavior, promote racial harmony and install a new philosophy among African-Americans and in Black Studies of winning and using reparations wisely.

* Sixth: most importantly reparations resources will be used to commence all three models of reparations, because we know some blacks want to (1st) improve Integration, which requires removing all racial barriers and enjoying the rights and privileges of White Americans; while others want to (2nd) establish Repatriation, or go back to Africa with ample resources; while others want to (3rd) set up Sovereignty, which requires obtaining land settlements and forming an interim government.

Building a Data Base
A (Database) will show documented evidence supporting the need for reparations, identify blacks who want reparations and list blacks who refute reparations. The RULA will collect facts and infuse ideas from groups and individuals to stipulate African-American Reparations are only for blacks who want reparations. The data base will also allow us to document what remedies and concessions should be awarded as reparations and how they should be administered. The RULA will use cases of injustice to direct local and national information for updates, activities and planning national boycotts.

The data base serves to notify all Africans and Black organizations to support the effort, or become candidates for a tribunal; because all blacks know they have been injured and they need to address the ills that have arisen from the worst crime in history (slavery); with the best opportunities to heal. Slavery caused so much damage until Africans everywhere need an opportunity to evolve in all areas of human endeavor and existence.

The data base would also serve to critically, but lovingly define or establish that the TRUE benefit or message is the recognition of the damage that has been done; the altered, disturbed, fragmented spirit deep in the psyche of all blacks (even if they think they have recovered from it, via religious, education, social, class or political affiliation). People of African Ancestry should collectively attempt to use the Five Phase Plan as a global transition tool for social, political and economic reform. This is a difficult task that will be made easy by delegating the responsibility to a commission, as other priority issues will be handled in phase five. AFRICAN-AMERICANS SHOULD ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR COLLECTIVE DEMISE AND PREPARE TO ESTABLISH A NEW EXISTENCE.

Phase 4: Initiate the Reparations Tribunal
Imam Talib suggests a consortium of African-Americans consisting of activist and professionals ranging from volunteers to attorneys, economist, educators and geologist to agriculturalist, scholars, sociologist and rehabilitative experts. Their duties include identifying problems created by slavery, segregation and state sponsored discrimination. {The Victims Reparations Guidelines (VRG) is an international document that specifies victims of displacement and gross human rights violations have a right to claim restitution for reparative measures}!!! {Africans were placed in unfamiliar lands, had no rights, were forced to eat food that was not compatible with their digestive tract and socialized by Adverse or Willie Lynch Indoctrination}!!!! {This led to developing severe mental and physiological problems, which placed blacks at a serious disadvantage because they were victims of hate crimes based on race}!!! {They were taught that living in a second class position under the oppressor is customary, and that blacks should not like or trust one another}!!! This left them with no social or political stability. {This conditioning forced Africans to take on the ways of their oppressors, which presents multiple problems}!! The Tribunal is a forum to disclose all of those problems, which came about as a result of enduring such devastating experiences for such long periods of time. As victims of these crimes blacks need a comprehensive plan allowing as much time to heal as they were damaged.

The VRG names the government and other entities as perpetrators of these crimes and holds them accountable for making the victims of these crimes whole. Victims of these crimes have a right to receive rehabilitation that is designed to mend suppressed anxiety, and point them in the direction of learning life skills for success, as opposed to becoming dependent on public assistance. {Victims of these crimes have a right to claim an injured and indigenous status qualifying them for land, resources and technology}. {The purpose of examining personal and group injuries in this manner is for blacks to repair their emotional and functional damages and to gain sovereignty in a land where they have constantly been deprived of their constitutional rights}. {When studying previous attempts aimed at helping blacks trying to reach equality or sovereignty, the best remedy was to build their own new communities. This is a solution they should consider today}. {African-Americans have been victims of harassment for hundreds of years. Reparations will provide an opportunity for them to recuperate and develop the desire to forgive those who harmed them}!!!! The Tribunal will utilize the VRG and other effective documents to demonstrate the reparations argument and postulate remedies for blacks to accept or decline in the 3rd Plebiscite vote. The out come will reveal what the masses feel are appropriate for reparations, which will help formulate the Reparations Package and spark a united demand to submit the Reparations Package to congress. Blacks can not let others design the package! They will try to trick them like they did with welfare, integration, bussing and affirmative-action!! It must be a joint effort following suggested remedies from the Tribunal and T&R Process!!!

Phase 5: Conduct the Truth and Reconciliation (T&R) Process
In John Wilmerding's view Blacks, Whites, Jews and others can use the Reparations Proclamation as a guide to form commissions to present true accounts of ancient Africans from past to present; and to identify all problems with the intent of developing solutions. They will focus on issues and problems that have caused great harm to African-Americans, because America does not hear the cry from the masses of blacks for relief!!!

{Ancient Africans were loyal to God, respected Mother Nature and they governed their territory accordingly}!!!! They developed the concepts for language, math and science and they discovered precious metals and minerals that aided them in developing advanced societies. They charted the movement of the stars, which allowed them to develop the concepts for time, travel and trade. This provided the basis for them to develop cultures that are models for society as we know it today!!! The conditions blacks live in today do not reflect the appreciation of a people who have made these valuable contributions for mankind!!! The conditions they live in reflects that of a people who have had the fruits of their labor withheld, which is exactly what happened to them in slavery!!! The conditions the masses of their people live in today reflects the status of a people who need help! They should be conscious of idle threats, retaliatory actions and lynch mob violence, but this should not prevent them from attempting to stand up for themselves by participating in the Five Phase Plan. African-Americans believe the commissions will adhere to the desire of their people, which is to produce models for social, economic and educational reform and psychological rehabilitation.

Following are examples of commissions. They will lead the investigative and exploratory process in order to release findings showing the need for reparations as solutions and models for change:

AN ETHICS COMMISSION to develop a formula to evaluate the psychological damage caused by experiencing the atrocities of Slave Ports all around Africa, the Middle Passage, Slave Breaking Colonies, Slavery, Cross Burnings, Nooses Hanging, Lynching, PTSS and today's Black Suffrage. By revealing suppressed and acute trauma they can determine rehabilitative measures.

AN ECONOMIC and ADVISORY COMMISSION will conduct investigations and releases findings on the assessment of lost wages from slave labor and lost profits from slave crop production. They will give assessments of lost profits from Black contributions including achievements, discoveries, innovations and inventions. This sanctions them to determine the economic loss from slavery, share cropping, exploitation, disparity in wages and corporate and family unjust enrichment. This will enable them to determine reasonable compensation.

A POLITICAL COMMISSION will explain the three models of reparations; Improving Integration, Establishing Repatriation and Creating Sovereignty. They will examine the success and/or failure of the integration period, repatriated efforts and sovereign all black towns, organizations and institutions. This will provide the foundation for advancing integration, developing repatriation and initiating sovereignty.

ENGINEERS and SCIENTIST have a commission to make assessments of the 30 reasons the RULA lists for blacks to claim reparations, in addition to other reasons that may surface during the Tribunal and/or T&R Process.

A REPARATIONS COMMISSION will evaluate all comprehensive reparations plans and utilize all reports and proposals from various commissions, organizations and independent scholars, to produce a sound and solid Reparations Package. The Reparations Commission, ultimately, will identify and evaluate damages and monetary losses from all areas, so that they can postulate fair recompense, which will amount to approximately $50 trillion, deferred over a 100-200 year period.

Phase I: Atone and Organize
All Black Churches, faith and cultural-based organizations will join the masses in the name of reparations, to begin the atonement process to improve self, reduce black-on-black conflicts and elevate the concept of instilling collective consciousness, promoting love for and between all blacks.

Phase II: Hold a Plebiscite for Sovereignty
A consenting vote among blacks for many reasons. First, to acknowledge their desire for freedom and independence. Second, to select a suitable name for their identity. Third, to create a temporary government to administrate all affairs on their sovereign land. Fourth, they will take their proposition to the United Nations to lobby for their claim to be called the name they choose in the 1st Plebiscite vote. Fifth, to become recognized as a people with special injured status and indigenous rights by law.

Phase III: Form the Reparations Union Lobbying Association (RULA) and Data Base
Create and implement a power base via the national RULA and local RULG organizations that will serve to protect blacks and assist them in winning and administering reparations. African-Americans will also collect evidence for the database showing blacks are still victims of racism and that there is a great need for reparations, which will provide information for RULA activities such as national boycotts, and developing the Reparations Package. * {We will also list African-Americans and/or black groups who refute reparations to make sure they do not receive any benefits from reparations or spoil our plans to win reparations}!!!

Phase IV: Initiate the Reparations Tribunal
An African-American consortium that identifies and assesses personal and group injuries caused by slavery, segregation and state sponsored discrimination. Upon examining their findings they will suggest remedies to fix these historical, lingering and current problems.

Phase V: Conduct the Truth and Reconciliation Process
Blacks, Whites, Jews and others form commissions to produce documentation on true Black History from ancient Africa to present times. They will show extensive damage has been done and they would approach members of their own race, ethnic group, family or corporate entity, with our supporting evidence of how they harmed blacks and benefited from slavery and other forms of exploitation. The purpose is for commission participants to notify their respective people or group of this process, in order to determine what and how much they should contribute to the Reparations Package. This will facilitate justice and racial harmony.

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