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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Letter to a Supporter of Obamacare

"The first misconception you have about the bill is that the healthcare bill makes you a beneficiary. Dear C.P., you seem to believe that the Democrats in the Congress and Obama are full of compassion to you and that’s why they are fighting this legal battle, concerned about your healthcare. You seem to believe that politics in Washington is not about control and power and money, it is about helping people like you.

"I don’t know where you get these ideas about the motives of the Democratic politicians. I will only say this: No, the Bill is not concerned about making you a beneficiary; it is concerned about making you a payer. It says only vaguely that you will get some healthcare. It doesn’t say how much, at what quality, and when. The only sure thing is that you will pay for it. Eventually you may discover that what you get is not worth what you pay for it; but the Bill doesn’t give you the option to refuse to pay for it.

"To confirm my words, notice the preparations the Federal Government is making to implement the Bill. Do you hear anything about more doctors, more hospitals, more medicines? Do you hear of any specific steps to improve the quality of healthcare? No. The only specific steps we see from the Federal Government are hiring thousands of IRS agents and buying guns for the IRS. Do tax-collectors cure diabetes? Do government guns provide healthcare?

"To give you a better picture, dear C.P., we are being marched to a concentration camp. You voted for it. You are excited because you think it will be better than your small house. They promise you 'freedom' (Arbeit Macht Frei, you know). They promise you living space. They promise you regular meals. They promise you 'right to employment.' They promise you a place to sleep. But as we approach, we see uniformed men, barbed wire, guard dogs, decrepit barracks, no kitchen, only a nasty dirty bakery. And a stone quarry in the distance.

"You say that the new healthcare will be cheaper and affordable for you. This is your second misconception: The healthcare bill will change only one thing. Everything will stay the same, costs, quality, personal responsibility, jobs, payments. Only now you will be added to the list of those who are insured."

The Problems with Socialized Health Care

Much documentation. Must read.