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"If the government robs Peter to pay Paul, he can count on the continued support of Paul.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kevin Libin: Sarah Palin knows her Canadian health care history. Do we?

"In any case, as there’s certainly no evidence the Heaths didn’t pay for the care they received in Canada. In fact, visiting Americans typically did (and still do). Actually, in the ‘60s, Canadians often did. U.S. journalists seem happy to take it for granted that health care up here has always looked exactly like it does today, but it hasn’t. As blogger Matthew Campbell rightly points out 'if Palin’s family did travel in the mid-1960s, they would not have used the same state-run system that Canada uses today.' Rather, they would have used a system that looked and operated much like the American system at the time."

Read more: http://network.nationalpost.com/NP/blogs/fullcomment/archive/2010/03/10/kevin-libin-sarah-palin-knows-her-canadian-health-care.aspx#ixzz0ho4lAgQt
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Thomas Sowell: Stimulus or sedative?

"President Obama keeps telling us that he is 'creating jobs,' but more and more Americans have no jobs. The unemployment rate has declined slightly, but only because many people have stopped looking for jobs. You are only counted as unemployed if you are still looking for a job.

"If all the unemployed people were to decide that it is hopeless and stop looking for work, the unemployment statistics would drop like a rock. But that would hardly be a solution.

"What is going on, that nothing seems to work?

Poll: African Americans will pay higher energy bills to reduce global warming

I don't believe it at all. I know black people better than that.

Cause and Effect

"Obama says insurers will raise premiums 'as long as they can get away with it.' You could say the same about a lot of people, of course. We lawyers have tended to raise our rates as long as we could 'get away with it.' Obama's labor union supporters negotiate to raise their wages 'as long as they can get away with it.' The newspapers that made Obama a national figure raise their advertising rates 'as long as they can get away with it.' Any manufacturer will raise the price of its goods 'as long as they can get away with it.' To do otherwise could expose management to legal liability to shareholders. What stops all of us from raising our prices indefinitely? Why, at some point, can't we 'get away with it?'

"The answer is competition. Any company will--and should--raise the prices of its goods or services until they reach the point where they are constrained by competition. Our government has followed a perverse policy with regard to health care, by limiting the extent to which health insurers can compete against each other and thereby constrain each others' prices. The obvious solution, if we want to rein in health insurance costs, is to 1) broaden competition in the industry to the maximum amount possible, and 2) repeal all mandates that require insurance companies to charge for coverages that many people don't want.

"If the Democrats took those two basic steps, they would significantly reduce the cost of health care. But they wouldn't dream of doing anything so effective to reduce costs, because they want health care costs to remain high. They need high costs to justify government medicine, which means, at its core, a radical restructuring of the relationship between the citizen and the state."

A Complicated Enemy: Obama Seeks to Vilify Health Insurers, Give Them $336 Billion Check

"During the 2008 Presidential campaign, then-Senator Obama criticized a proposal by Sen. John McCain because it would send government help for people to buy insurance directly to insurance companies.

“'But The New Tax Credit [For Health Insurance] He’s Proposing? That Wouldn’t Go To You. It Would Go Directly To Your Insurance Company – Not Your Bank Account,' said Obama in October on the Campaign trail.

"And yet that’s exactly what Democrats' proposal would do and why so many would prefer public insurance option to compete with the private market. Supporting the Senate bill will be tough for many liberal Democrats in the House."

Police told to arrest innocent people to meet targets

London Daily Mail: Shaming of the NHS: Patients STILL treated in kitchens, abandoned in mop cupboards and left without meals despite Labour's billions

"Patients are routinely being treated in kitchens, mop cupboards and corridors because hospitals are so overcrowded, a shocking survey reveals.

"Third World conditions are commonplace, with hospitals housing patients for days in storage areas, offices, TV rooms and outpatient clinics.

"This disturbing treatment of the sick and vulnerable comes despite a tripling of the NHS budget by Labour over the past decade."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1256520/Despite-Labours-billions-nurses-say-patients-STILL-treated-kitchens-abandoned-mop-cupboards-left-meals-privacy-mixed-sex-wards.html#ixzz0hiaB7793

London Times: Labour hid ugly truth about National Health Service (NHS)

"One report, based on the advice of almost 200 top managers and doctors, says hospitals ignored basic hygiene to cram in patients to meet waiting-time targets."

Warmists overwhelmed by fear, panic and deranged hatred as their 'science' collapses

"Sorry chaps, it won’t wash. The debate has moved on. It’s not about 'the science' any more. (Not that it ever was). It’s about economics. Politics. Money. The taxpayer versus Big Government.
On all of which, more later…."

Europe's free health care has a hefty price tag

"'What we can be proud of in Europe is the ground rules, that everyone has the right to health care,' said Jose Martin-Moreno, a health expert at the University of Valencia in Spain. 'But the implementation has been difficult and one size does not fit all.'

"Private health care is also available in Europe, creating in some instances a two-tier system that critics say defeats the egalitarian impulse national systems were built on."

There's No Such Thing as Free Health Care

"In England, health care is 'free'—as long as you don't mind waiting. People wait so long for dentist appointments that some pull their own teeth. At any one time, half a million people are waiting to get into a British hospital. A British paper reports that one hospital tried to save money by not changing bedsheets. Instead of washing sheets, the staff was encouraged to just turn them over."

US Education Secretary Arne Duncan won't cancel visit to Montgomery high school

War, brought to you by 'anti-war' progressives

"As evidenced by VoteVets' dusty, neglected campaign at StopIranWar.com, stopping another war from happening in the Middle East ceased to be a concern to the professional liberal movement -- if it ever was more than a fleeting anti-Republican position -- the moment Bush left office. Nowadays, if exploiting fears about the Persian Menace can be used to help Obama and the Democratic Party in some form or fashion, rest assured VoteVets and other Blue Team role players will not think twice about doing so, especially since demonizing foreigners has the added co-benefit of demonstrating one's essential reasonableness and respectability within Washington circles. It could have rather unfortunate consequences for the Iranians, though, but so what? Iran ain't a battleground state (yet)."

I'm a Medicare doctor. Here's what I make

Connecting the Obama and Oil Drilling Dots

Dennis Prager: Why Democrats Don’t Care about $9.7 Trillion in Debt

Lying About Bush's Tax Cuts