"What luck for the rulers that men do not think." -Adolf Hitler
"I will bring this war to an end in 2009. So don’t be confused." -- Senator Barack Obama

"If you don't like Obama, you is a racist!" -- Kelonda

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"If the government robs Peter to pay Paul, he can count on the continued support of Paul.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Pathology of the Rich Socialist

Valerie Jarrett, Americans are Idiots, Obama Too Intelligent For Words

"President Obama's Intelligence is a Burden Because it Enables Him to See His Mistakes Right Away."

Translation: He is so smart, he recognizes when he is a screw up before anyone else can.

UPDATE on today’s latest attacks on us at Daily Kos

"Daily Kos has been calling us RAAACISTS some more, by playing the game we all know so well after a full seven days of these assaults:

"(1) TheBigotBasher, a man in the UK, calls us RAAACISTS on his WordPress blog

"(2) WordPress refuses to abide by its TOS policy and remove libelous content like this, even though every day WordPress is notified by us what TheBigotBasher is doing…and under existing law, as we understand it, WordPress will probably join Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, and other sites perpetuating BigotBasher’s libel as co-defendants.

"(3) Daily Kos picks up BigotBasher’s libelous attack, and posters there advocate finding us in person, attacking us physically, and much worse.

"(4) DU and others then echo whatever Kos is saying, treating it as gospel.

"If you think this won’t happen to you some day for speaking out against this current administration and what the Democrat Party we used to know has become — just remember before they came for us, they hunted other PUMAs and came for them. They called the Clintons themselves RAAACISTS. Sarah Palin and John McCain were called RAAACISTS too. Everyone who opposes the Left is a RAAACIST. So, if you didn’t think tonight’s State of the Union Address should be carved into the moon with a sphinx-head of Dr. Utopia himself staring down on us, then you are a RAAACIST too.

"We appreciate the support we’re receiving from all of you who recognize these attacks for what they are.

"Others who have been attacked by the Left like this have families to think about, or are scared of losing their jobs or whatever. Well, we’re single gay guys without kids. The Left already cost us jobs. While we do believe these people will attempt physical violence against us, and that is in truth the goal of Daily Kos when it runs BigotBasher’s calls to violence, we’re a mix of ex hockey, rugby, water polo, and track and field guys here. So, depending on what we’re up against, we’ve got some chance of making it to another day.

"As we keep wondering: if these Leftists were really right. If they REALLY knew best. If The Golden Age of Hope and Change under this president was really so magical, then why do they need to resort to brown shirt tactics to take down anyone who opposes Dr. Utopia?



Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Democrat

"Harry Reid has strongly criticized Republicans who object to the methods being brought to bear to get Barack Obama’s health care reform package passed into law. '…realistically, they should stop crying about this. It’s been done 21 times before,' he said.

"Reid is correct that it has been done before, but never has it been used on legislation that would fundamentally transform 1/6th of the American economy. Surely legislation of this magnitude should require more than just a simple majority to become the law of the land.

"But that’s beside the point. In 2005, it was the Democrats who were 'crying about' the use of measures to circumvent the filibuster, referred to then as the 'Nuclear Option.' However, Reid’s implicit accusation that Republicans did it first is disingenuous. The Republicans ended up not exercising that option in that case, and Democrats have also used similar measures before."

Brother X: "It's not hypocrisy when we do it!"

CBO Report Was Pre-Ordained to Show the Stimulus Succeeded

"The problem here is obvious. Once CBO decided to assume that every dollar of government spending increased GDP by the multipliers above, its conclusion that the stimulus saved jobs was pre-ordained. The economy could have lost 10 million jobs and the model still would have said that without the stimulus it would have lost 11.5 million jobs."

Hope is still fading

Victor Davis Hanson: Is there a philosophy of hypocrisy?

"In contrast, to this day, there is no in-depth analysis of Kerry’s disastrous pick of the first-term, uninformed Senator Edwards as his VP choice in 2004. And it took the National Enquirer to inform us of his later conspiratorial lying and bribery involving his illegitimate child—sordid facts apparently well known to—and hushed up by—the mainstream media. Remember, later presidential candidate Edwards was not just inexperienced, but as a confessed wonk, did not open a book. He was the owner of a mansion who preached about “two-nations” inequality, and he alternately used and humiliated his alternately heroic and conniving cancer-stricken spouse."

Obama’s Murder Inc.

"We have a 'gangsta' presidency and a Congress that isn’t any better. Only Congressman Dennis Kucinich was willing to go on the record in opposition to these crimes. “Even the most superficial reading of Article XIV makes it clear that extrajudicial killings of U.S. citizens by the U.S. government or its agents are by definition outside the law.” Kucinich’s colleagues, most of whom are lawyers, apparently are unable to perform even a superficial reading of the document they are sworn to uphold."

From Cindy Sheehan to President Obama

Dear President Obama,

A contingent of Peace Groups and Activists will be setting up a Peace Camp across the street from your house on the lawn of the Washington Monument called, Camp OUT NOW.

After over one year of your presidency, it’s become crystal clear to even those who supported you, that your foreign policy is as much of a disaster as was George Bush’s.

On Sunday, 27 civilians were killed in a bombing raid on a caravan, and no matter how many times you or your generals say, “Sorry,” innocent civilians will always be killed in these insane wars of profit and occupation, and since, by your regime’s own admission, they “can’t be avoided,” these wars must come to an immediate end.

It’s also quite tragic that your war in Afghanistan has victimized more of our troops than when Bush was president, and more of our returning vets are committing suicide with most of their needs still going unmet.

For all intents and purposes, Mr. Obama, you have had a blank-check from the U.S. anti-war movement since you were elected, and certainly being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize gave these wars some international legitimacy, but those days of your free pass to carry out and magnify the Bush regime’s crimes against humanity are over.

Even though there have been those of us in the anti-war movement who never dropped the ball, or passed it to the Democratic Party, many of the ones who supported you are also starting to wake up to the harsh reality that you are only keeping your campaign promises and they don’t like that.

Mr. Obama, your anti-war base is an awakening sleeping giant that you will have to deal with in this election year. People are fleeing your party with the same regularity that they fled the other party when Bush was president. This waking giant is also realizing that with a Democratic majority everywhere, your failure in proceeding with a progressive agenda is abysmal.

Every time you are “contemplating” sending more troops to Afghanistan, you have countless meetings with what you have called your “War Council.” The very name implies a foregone conclusion that you will send more troops and that other, more rational, more humane, and more peaceful solutions are never even considered.

In 2005, I asked for a meeting with President Bush that was never granted, and as you know, Camp Casey in Crawford became the spark that lit a prairie fire of anti-war sentiment that swept you and your cohorts in the Democratic Party back into power and now we are coming to collect the spoils of that victory–which is not more war–but more Peace. You Democrats owe much to your anti-war base–and we will not be quiet nor be ignored as we were in the previous administration. It’s time for you to pay the Peace-piper, Mr. Obama.

Our demands are profound, yet simple for you to perform: troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (where three soldiers were just killed); no more drone bombings anywhere; close the permanent bases and torture prisons; and bring the mercenary soldiers home, too. We will not be closing up Camp, or the movement until positive progress in the direction of Peace is noted.

The first week of Camp (March 13-20), we are asking for a meeting with you to discuss setting up a Peace Council that you will regularly meet with that will have a seat at the table when decisions that will kill, maim, displace, or harm our troops or civilians in any way are being discussed. We also demand that this Peace Council be comprised of grassroots members of the Peace Movement and not rubber-stamp status quo worshipers, or other “Peace” Prize laureates like Henry Kissinger, who already, reportedly, has your ear.

If you do not meet with representatives from Camp OUT NOW, we will be a thorn in the side of the War Machine, and we will not go away without a struggle. If you do meet with us and agree to a Peace Council, we will pack up our tents, but we will still be a thorn in the side of the War Machine until Peace is finally achieved–the only difference is that we won’t be camped across the street from your home.

During your campaign, you often quoted Roosevelt as saying that if the voters wanted him to do the right thing, they would have to “make him.” Well, Mr. Obama, we are the bosses of you–not your corporate masters–and we will be in DC to “make you” do the right thing.

I can be reached at anytime through my email:


In struggle until there is finally Peace,

Cindy Sheehan