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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

French troops used as 'nuclear guinea pigs' in the 1960s

"France used its servicemen as human guinea pigs to test the effects of radiation exposure, it was claimed yesterday.

"Le Parisien said that in April 1961, about 300 soldiers were sent into areas of Algeria where atomic devices had been set off.

"Quoting from a government report, it said the aim was to study 'the physical and psychological effect of atomic weapons on humans.'"

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1251437/French-troops-used-nuclear-guinea-pigs-1960s.html#ixzz0fqu4PJ83

J. Speer-Williams: Executive Orders: The Hallmarks of Fascistic Tyranny

The Executive Branch of our federal government has become a 500 pound tick that’s being fed by a 50 pound dog (the American people) due to presidential Executive Orders (EOs).

EOs – not to be confused with Eos, the supernaturally beautiful goddess of Greek mythology – have become an ugly fact of American life, ever since our terrible conflagration known as the American Civil War.

An Executive Order (EO) is an order made by a president that has the full force and effect of any laws constitutionally passed by congress, and signed by the president.

In a representative democracy, laws are made by duly elected representatives, not by a head of state, by mere edict, with no debate, or samplings of public opinion, such as EOs are made into law: The former is known as “rule by law,” the latter as “rule by men.”

When establishing our Constitutional Republic, our founding fathers instituted the principle of government known as the Rule of Law (as opposed to the Rule of Men), which was intended to be a safeguard against arbitrary governance, and the unconstitutional edicts imposed by would be tyrants, which were not in accordance with written, publicly disclosed laws and enforced within legally established guidelines and procedures made by congress and signed into law by our chief executive, the president.

When a president tries to effect one of his Executive Orders into being a national law, he is attempting to circumvent congress, and contravene our Constitution, and move us closer to being a country ruled by men rather than a nation ruled by laws.

This whole unconstitutional seizure of congressional power was done slowly, over time, incrementally, and began innocuously enough as mere directives, or memos, to the offices of the executive branch of our federal government. George Washington was the first to set the dangerous precedent of issuing orders that had the full force and effect of legislative law, with his directive that forbade Americans from trading, or even associating with any of the countries in Europe, who were then at war.

It’s not that Washington idea was bad; what was illegal was Washington, single-handedly, made a law, when he had no legal authority to do so, either in the Constitution, or in any statute law passed by congress. Making laws was meant to be the job of congress; vetoing or signing and then enforcing laws the job of the president.

Washington, in effect, took the law into his own hands, and violated our principle of the Rule of Law, the very basis of a republican form of government. Allowing Washington to create a law, he could by rights only legally enforce, is akin to letting our police establishment create the laws they are commissioned to enforce, and begins the destruction of our “separation of powers,” another fundamental in any real constitutional republic.

Freedom and living by the Rule of Law have been rare commodities during the long and tumultuous history of Earth; and perhaps, America has enjoy the longest run of any nation to have been so ruled. But since Washington’s time, our Constitution has been breached in thousands of ways, until at last, we’ve become a nation ruled by the law of men … very elite and secret men, who have long controlled the Office of the Presidency.

Very few Executive Orders (or Directives) were issued by the fourteen presidents that followed Washington. It was Lincoln’s “dictatorship” that began the onslaught of laws issued by one man, but secretly supported by hidden men.

Yes, the Great Emancipator controlled the Union like a dictator, exercising autocratic rule by claiming “war powers”after the attack on Fort Sumner, South Carolina; and then, running the federal government through Executive Orders, Lincoln utterly by-passed the US congress. Without Ole Abe there might not have been a war that denuded America of over one million of its finest men, when the entire population of the United States was not much more than thirty million people.

It is reported that Lincoln made many enemies, ranging from newspaper editors to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, as he repeatedly broke the fundamental law of our land. Lincoln even had editors arrested, and went so far as to draft a warrant for the arrest of Chief Justice Roger Taney, all because they objected to Lincoln throwing our country into the hands of those who would rule our country by men rather than by laws.

Ever since Lincoln’s administration, he has been both the model and excuse for almost all modern presidents to make up their own laws, to the point such gross violations of our Constitutions are now widely and routinely accepted.

Our 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt, widely considered one of our greatest presidents (who is even enshrined on Mt. Rushmore, as was Lincoln) used the White House as his “bully pulpit,”and from there issued more EOs than all 25 presidents (other than Lincoln) who preceded him. Roosevelt even formed a national police force, an idea that had always been rejected by American congresses, and was deeply abhorred by our founding fathers.

By calling his national police force a mere “investigative bureau” of his federal branch of government, Roosevelt was able to avoid wide public resistance; in those days, Americans were wisely antipatheic to national police forces. Today, however, there is scarcely a citizen who would suggest we do away with Roosevelt’s FBI, or even curb their bestial practices.

William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson, who followed Roosevelt as presidents were no better than Teddy in obeying our Constitution.

Democratic President Wilson even imprisoned some 5,000 Americans, who opposed his World War I, the war he had promised to avoid if he were elected president. It was Wilson who was the first to declare “National Emergencies,” in order to assume even more powers not granted by either our congress or our Constitution.

Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt (distant cousin to Teddy Roosevelt), our 32nd president, was presented by his “advisors” with a most clever way for presidents to assume even more dictatorial powers, with the mere labeling of domestic problems as “Wars.” In this way, presidents could cite the unconstitutional “war powers,” brought into acceptance by Lincoln, in their pretended wars on drugs, poverty, CO2, or any phony excuse used to expand presidential powers.

Franklin D. Roosevelt ended up issuing over 3,000 Executive Orders, thus destroying much of what was left of the American democracy.

In only one term of office, President Jimmy Carter had the nerve to add about 24,500 pages of EOs to those he had already issued, during his last 90 days in office.

Not to be out done, Democratic President Bill Clinton added another 30,000 pages of EOs, during his last 90 days in office.

The Federal Register and the Cato Institute gives us the numbers of Executive Orders ( not the number of pages) issued by 20th century presidents: Theodore Roosevelt – 1,006; William H. Taft – 698; Woodrow Wilson – 1,791; Warren G. Harding – 484; Calvin Coolidge – 1,253; Herbert Hoover – 1004; Franklin D. Roosevelt – 3,723; Harry S. Truman – 905; Dwight D. Eisenhower – 452; John F. Kennedy – 214; Lydon B. Johnson – 324; Richard M. Nixon – 346; Gerald R. Ford – 169; Jimmy Carter – 320; Ronald Reagan – 381; George Bush – 166, Bill Clinton 364; and the numbers of EOs signed by presidents continue from there.

But there are also Presidential Directives, that are a form of EO, that are issued by presidents with the advise and consent of the unelected National Security Council, which have the full force and effect of constitutionally passed laws. But the real kicker is these Presidential Directives are classified, using the old “National Security” ruse. This is how America, now, officially tortures human beings in military bases all over the world … torture in the name of every American, living or dead.

Additionally, back in 1916, Democratic President Wilson began creating many of our federal agencies, by the use of EOs, each of which has ballooned to about the size of a large foreign government, each of which is headed by un-elected directors, each issuing their own thousands of orders and directives, that have the full force and effect of constitutionally passed laws.

One such agency, the Internal Revenue Service has issued a tax code that is over 60,000 pages long, and growing.

Moreover, Americans today are burdened with thousands of pages of President Review Directives (PRDS), Presidential Decision Directives (PDDs), National Security Reviews (NSRs), National Security Directives (NSRs), National Security Presidential Directives (NSPDs), and even Homeland Security Directives, all having the full force and effect of law, and all in addition to EOs.

In order to maintain the illusion of a democracy, we are still allowed a presidential election every four years; and no one president can serve more than two four year terms. But, it’s not any one president who has become a dictator, it is the Office of the Presidency, and those faceless autocrats who control the presidency that has become dictatorial, without many of us ever knowing it.

No, we are hardly a democracy. Our beloved United States of America has become a fascist dictatorship, and will remain so, until the majority of Americans come to realize the sad state of our ship of state.

Stimulus Failures

One Year After February 17 Signing Of Stimulus,
17 Numbers You Need To Know

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3.5 MILLION: Jobs Obama Promised Stimulus Would Create By End Of 2010. (President Barack Obama, Remarks At The Signing Of The American Recovery And Reinvestment Act, Press Release, Denver, CO, 2/17/09)

2.8 MILLION: Jobs Lost Since Obama Made That Promise. (U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Accessed 2/16/10)

6.3 MILLION: Jobs Obama Must Now Create To Keep Promise By End Of 2010.(President Barack Obama, Remarks At The Signing Of The American Recovery And Reinvestment Act, Press Release, Denver, CO, 2/17/09; U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Accessed 2/16/10)

1.1 MILLION: Jobs Obama's Economists Project Will Be Created By End Of 2010.(David Jackson, "Obama Economic Report: Stagnant Job Growth This Year," USA Today, 2/11/10)

5.2 MILLION: Jobs By Which Obama's Economists' Projection Leaves Him Short In Keeping Promise. (U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Accessed 2/16/10; David Jackson, "Obama Economic Report: Stagnant Job Growth This Year," USA Today, 2/11/10)

6 PERCENT: Not Surprisingly, Number Of Americans That Say Obama's Stimulus Created Jobs. A staggering 94 % said it not create any jobs. (Stephanie Condon, "Poll: Economy Brings Down Obama's Job Approval Rating,"CBS News' "Political Hotsheet" Blog, 2/11/10)

7.7 PERCENT: Unemployment Rate When Obama Was Selling Stimulus In January 2009.(U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Accessed 2/16/10)

8 PERCENT: Unemployment Rate Obama Pledged Stimulus Would Prevent Us From Reaching. (Christina Romer and Jared Bernstein, "The Job Impact Of The American Recovery And Reinvestment Plan," 1/9/09)

9.7 PERCENT: Current Unemployment Rate. (U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Accessed 2/16/10)

16.5 PERCENT: Current Unemployment Rate When Underemployed And Discouraged Workers Are Included. (23million people)-(Sara Murray, "Signs Of Hope As Jobless Rate Dips," The Wall Street Journal, 2/6/10)

334,000: Americans That Have Given Up Looking For A Job Since Stimulus Was Signed.(U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Accessed 2/16/10)

47: States That Have Lost Jobs Since Stimulus Was Signed. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Accessed 2/16/10)

10: States That Moved From Single-Digit To Double-Digit Unemployment Rate Since Stimulus Was Signed. (U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Accessed 2/16/10)

$862 BILLION: Updated Cost Of Stimulus, $75 Billion Increase From Last Year's Cost Estimate.("The Budget And Economic Outlook: Fiscal Years 2010 To 2010," Congressional Budget Office, 1/26/10; Douglas Elmendor, Director, Congressional Budget Office, Letter To Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 2/13/09)

440: Number Of Nonexistent Congressional Districts That Received Stimulus Funds. (Richard S. Dunham, "Site Lists Jobs In Imaginary Texas Districts," Houston Chronicle, 11/18/09)

$6.4 BILLION: Amount Of Stimulus Funds That Went To Nonexistent Congressional Districts.(Richard S. Dunham, "Site Lists Jobs In Imaginary Texas Districts," Houston Chronicle, 11/18/09)

$18 MILLION: Cost Of Stimulus Website, Recovery.gov.(Rick Klein, "$18M Being Spent To Redesign Recovery.gov Web Site," ABC News' "The Note" Blog, 7/8/09)

Obama "Deception We Can Believe in" and food for his teary eyed followers.

Stimulus to Nowhere

"Where are we today?

"Well, President Obama promised the creation of 3.5 million jobs in his Stimulus To Nowhere. There have been 2.8 million jobs lost since then.

"The unemployment rate was 7.7% when Obama was pushing his federal boondoggle. It stands at 9.7% today.

"Forty-seven states have lost jobs since the Stimulus To Nowhere was passed.

"And, where has all of this money gone? Well, in June 2009, Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) published a listing of 100 questionable pork barrel projects that are to be funded by the Stimulus To Nowhere. These wasteful projects amounted to $5.5 billion of the stimulus money.

"As Sen. Coburn points out, this legislation was passed without a single legislator actually reading the entire bill!

"And, now President Obama is pushing for passage of another so-called stimulus bill. This is irrational thinking. If a trillion dollar boondoggle failed, why does Obama think that another one will succeed?

"What America needs is tax cuts, a halt to binge spending, and a reduction in the control that the federal government has over our economic well-being. The feds should get out of the way and let the free market operate.

"But, these rational suggestions will not be considered by a man whose vision is for a federal government that controls literally every aspect of our lives. President Obama has a socialist utopia in mind – something that never has and never will exist on this planet.

"Americans must reject Obama’s socialist schemes – and they have the opportunity for 'change' and 'hope' as the November elections approach."

Glenn Beck reveals Obama's lies about the Stimulus

My Response to 'We Are The World 25'

VIDEO: Tales From The Right Side: The Pres Who Cried Crisis

Janeane Garofalo: Air America Was Too Kind To Succeed

In a sign troubled actress/ angry comedian Janeane Garofalo's mental state has further deteriorated, the former libtalker now claims Air America's demise was partly the result of 'kindness' in a nasty industry. So much for stolen charity funds, calling Hillary Clinton a 'whore', etc, history has officially been re-written."

A white woman who outblacks Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan.

What Rachel Maddow Wants Taped to Bathroom Stalls at the DNC

IT IS 'BROKEN,' BUT WHO BROKE IT?.... Again, this is the right sentiment, but it's incomplete.

Vice President Joe Biden doesn't seem to miss his days as a senator.

In an interview with CBS "Early Show" co-anchor Harry Smith, Biden was blunt about the nation's political system. "Washington, right now, is broken."

Having served in the Senate for more than 30 years, Biden has seen a fair share of gridlock in Congress, but the current version is the worst ever, he said.

"I don't ever recall a time in my career where to get anything done, you needed a supermajority, 60 out of 100 senators.... I've never seen it this dysfunctional," he said.

Right. The system in Washington is "broken." Every effort does require an inexplicable "supermajority." The entire policymaking process is "dysfunctional."

But what officials need to understand is the importance of taking the next step -- explaining why this is and who is responsible.

As much as I'm sympathetic to the vice president's entirely accurate concerns, his omissions make all the difference. For viewers who don't know what filibusters or cloture votes are, they're thinking, "There's a Democratic president and a Democratic Congress. If the system is broken and dysfunctional, maybe it's Democrats' fault."

Except, for anyone interested in reality, that assumption couldn't be more wrong. If legislation received up-or-down votes in both chambers -- the way Congress operated for the better part of two centuries -- the system would work quite well and the dysfunction that drives everyone crazy would largely disappear.

Biden, in other words, needs to name names -- Republicans broke the American legislative process. They did so deliberately, during a time of crises, because they're desperate to undercut the Democratic majority, regardless of the consequences. The GOP's tactics have no precedent in American history, and violate every democratic norm that keeps our system moving.

It's not enough to share Americans' disgust; Dems need to help the public understand this mess. They can do so by avoiding jargon and legislative terminology, and calling Republicans' obstructionist tactics what they are: a dangerous political scandal.

Don't talk about "filibusters" or "supermajorities"; talk about the Republican "scandal" that has brought the system to a halt. Talk about Republicans "shutting down" the American policymaking process, and ignoring the will of the voters.

The woman is desperate in misdirecting the voters. The voters are angry at the Democrats and rightfully so.

And he still lies

Barack Obama: I Saved The Economy With My Stimulus Bill

Maher Strikes Again: Americans 'Not Bright Enough to Really Understand the Issues'

It's not the Americans who has the problem.

Barack Obama Mocked at This Year’s Mardi Gras Parade

Я Negroes (Niggers, Niggas) Incapable of Learning? Just Damn! I'm Sorry Evens1.

This website wants Obama to serve more than 2 terms

Huh? Suspended?

It wanted Obama to serve (rule) beyond 2016. The website could not survive Obama's first term!

Excuse for Obama Failing

“The Republicans, especially Bush, messed things up so much it needed a superhuman effort to make things right. It probably needed more than 8 years by Obama to fix it!”

Torture under Obama

And Bush was criticized?

Jill Stanek: The abortion clinic and other novel ideas of Adolf Hitler

"Did Hitler support abortion?

"Yes. In fact, he was the first major Western leader to allow abortion even for reasons of the stress of the mother – thus making it legal in nearly every circumstance. His idea was to limit the growth of populations (lessen them, actually) in the Eastern territories where he wanted the German empire to expand – while increasing pregnancies and births to 'Aryan' couples."

Jealous doesn't know Jack about Jobs

"What really set me off, however, was Mr. Jealous' attack on Senate Republicans who oppose the so-called 'jobs' bill. Mr. Jealous, in the time-honored tradition of past NAACP leaders, pulled the race card from the bottom of the deck:

'The Senate Republicans want to keep on using tactics, quite frankly, from the last that were used against black people in this century against working people. It's not enough to say no, no, no when people are suffering, suffering, suffering across the country...Unfortunately, yesterday's Dixiecrats have switched parties in too many instances.'

"What in the name of hyperbole does the Republican Party's principled opposition to the mislabeled 'jobs' bill have to do with the Democratic Party's racist past? The 'Dixiecrats,' disgruntled Democrats who wanted the party to continue its support of segregation and institutionalized discrimination, were obstructing equal justice under the law.

"Today's Senate Republicans, on the other hand, are acting as prudent stewards of the taxpayer's money, particularly after the debacle of last year's equally mislabeled 'stimulus' package, which was supposed to bring joblessness below 8 percent, but failed to keep it from reaching 10 percent."

One White Boy Says Something Stupid And We Are STILL Talkin’ About It

"It’s Black History Month. Will these publications give these individuals something more constructive to write about like the true story behind Root’s Chicken George and Fiddler."

Obama is Ruining His Presidency and His Party

Need I say more?

A brief word on Keith Olbermann’s “Special Comment” on Tea Parties

"Think about this, Keith Olbermann attended a predominately white Ivy League school, he lives in a predominately white enclave in NYC and he works for a predominately white cable station. If anyone is finding covert ways of releasing their inner racist, it is Olbermann himself."

Did the stimulus mainly create temporary jobs?

•The Glen Wastewater Treatment Plant ($20 million) - 250 temporary jobs, 2 permanent jobs

•Hexam Water Treatment Plant ($2.8 million) - 50 temporary jobs, 0 permanent jobs

•Hexam Waste Treatment Plant Transmission System ($4 million) - 50 temporary jobs, 0 permanent jobs

•Judicial Complex ($50 million) - 665 temporary jobs, undetermined permanent jobs

•Sunshine Grove Road Improvements (encompassing State Road 50 to Ken Austin Parkway) ($8 million) - 80 temporary jobs, undetermined permanent jobs

•South Brooksville improvements ($2 million) - 10 temporary jobs, zero permanent jobs

•Southwest Airport Industrial Park ($5.7 million) - 15 temporary jobs, 1,500 permanent jobs

•Deltona Boulevard reconstruction (Spring Hill Drive to Forest Oaks) ($16.5 million) - 165 temporary jobs, undetermined permanent jobs

•County Line Road ($20 million) - 200 temporary jobs, undetermined permanent jobs

Limerock roads improvement ($1.5 million) - 15 temporary jobs, zero permanent jobs

Climategate: Skeptics Can’t Relax Yet — Real Fraud Is Measured in Dollar Signs, Not Degrees

"The scientific fraud started with the money and the (leftist) politics, and that's where the investigation needs to go now."

Keith Olbermann: Methinks He Doth Protest Too Much

"Who are the racists? 'Straight up.'"

Jeri Thompson: Spreading the Incompetence

"But in the end, he's still Barack Obama, a politician from Chicago who knows only one way of doing business."

Political Fairy Tale: Obama Saved the Economy From the Brink

"The argument here is not whether TARP was the correct thing to do or not (I believe we would be better if we let the banks 'fail.'), but if President Obama is going to point to the 'actions which saved us from a depression,' he should be blaming BUSH."

Joy Tiz: Obama Declares Other Two Branches of Government Irrelevant

"Baffled over his inability to get his boss’s agenda passed; despite unstoppable majorities in both houses of Congress, President Obama has determined that America can get along just fine without three branches of government."

Black America can't rely on Obama alone

"If we are to address seriously the economic devastation in black communities across the nation, we have to put aside, once and for all, the idea that President Obama has a special obligation to African-Americans."

Don't let Brother X hear you say that!

Larry Summers: High Taxes Fuel Job Growth

Yes, fuel job growth for government jobs, not the private sector.

Lonewolf Diaries: Bill Maher — Politically Correct Coward

"The most striking part of Bill’s performance however, is when he makes the public plea for people to be forgiving of him should he ever joke about Obama. A joke about Obama is not a 'joke about all black people' he cries. See, the thing is that Bill Maher doesn’t want to die by his own sword. He has openly decried all detractors of Obama as racist tea-baggers, but wants to be free to make his own ethnically charged jokes."

Something I found on Twitter

"February is Black History month, and sure enough, Obama looks like he’s history."

Thomas Sowell: Politicians Taking Away Your Freedom

"Magicians have long known that distracting an audience is the key to creating the illusion of magic. It is also the key to political magic."

Obama's misleading jobs rhetoric

"There he goes again. In the latest Economic Report of the President, Obama repeats his claim that the $787 billion economic stimulus program "has saved or created roughly two million jobs so far." Administration officials stopped saying that last year after journalists and think tankers across the political spectrum examined the supporting data posted on the official recovery.gov Web site and found it full of factual holes.

"Thousands of jobs were claimed to have been saved or created in phantom congressional districts and ZIP codes. Thousands of raises given to public employees were counted as jobs saved or created. The Examiner's David Freddoso and Mark Hemingway examined media investigations and found nearly 100,000 phony positions. In other words, the claim that 2 million jobs were saved or created by the Obama economic stimulus program was exposed as being about as trustworthy as the used car salesman's assurance that the clunker on his lot was owned by a little old lady who only drove it to church on Sunday.

"The fiasco prompted Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag to issue new 'simplified guidelines' for how to measure the effect of the stimulus program on employment. But, as Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., wrote in a Jan. 8 letter to recovery.gov's inspector general, the new guidelines actually raised additional credibility questions about White House assertions on the stimulus program's effectiveness.

"Said Issa: 'The new guidance counts every job that is funded using stimulus money -- even if it existed before the Recovery Act, and was not in any danger of being eliminated -- as "created or saved." This definition ignores the plain meanings of the words "created" and "saved," and makes Recovery.gov's "JOBS CREATED/SAVED" label a falsehood, further eroding the confidence of the American people in their government.'"

Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/Obama_s-misleading-jobs-rhetoric-84422777.html#ixzz0fneYueiR

Bayh: Congress Has Created No Jobs

“If I could create one job in the private sector by helping to grow a business, that would be one more than Congress has created in the last six months.”

Oops! Obama tells another nativity fib?

"Official documents catch Barack Obama in another apparent misrepresentation of his life story, this time challenging a claim made during his campaign that his father was part of a JFK-era airlift to bring Kenyan students to the U.S. to study in American universities.

"WND research indicates Barack Obama Sr. was not brought to Hawaii in 1959 by any airlift of Kenyan students organized by baseball great Jackie Robinson, John F. Kennedy or the African-American Students Foundation, the AASF.

"Nor was Barack Obama Sr. on any of the three subsequently chartered airplanes in what became known as the 'second airlift' organized by Kenyan Luo politician Tom Mboya in 1960 after the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation contributed $100,000 to AASF.

"Moreover, after a thorough search of the Jackie Robinson papers at the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress, WND can find no mention of Barack Obama Sr. in the files on deposit, either as an applicant or candidate for an airlift from Kenya to study in the U.S.

"The manifest of the 81 students actually flown from Kenya Sept. 9, 1959, in a plane chartered by Jackie Robinson in conjunction with the AASF does not contain Barack Obama Sr.'s name."

Dr.Boyce Watkins: Corruption in the Congressional Black Caucus threatens African-Americans

"The Congressional Black Caucus had better get it together. The New York Times article has presented the organization in a light that makes them no different from a corrupt third world dictator or the mother of Shaniya Davis, who took drug money to sell her child to the man who eventually murdered her. The black community must step up and demand as much accountability from the CBC that the CBC was demanding from President Obama just a few months ago."

Brother X: "Boyce Watkins is a white racist to say such things."

Me: "Brother X, let me give you the 411. Watkins is black."

Joanna Bogle: Why British children are sad

"If one single cause of misery could be brought out as heading a list, it would be the denial of a child’s right to a father. Cruel policies in divorce courts block fathers from seeing their children: a mother is deemed to have the right to force her children to live with her and her new boyfriend while a father becomes a marginal figure whose visits can be blocked or made extremely difficult by moving to a distant place.

"Divorce can also bring other effects: conscious that their children are likely to be unhappy when a home breaks up, parents tend to try to compensate by soft-pedalling on discipline, allowing bad behaviour which really requires correction.

"There are other ways of inducing heartache in children, too: over-indulgence and giving them a sense of entitlement to instant gratification makes them angry with themselves and with others, discontented, unable to manage small everyday challenges. Failure to punish bad behaviour means that they are confused and life seems to lack structure and purpose.

"And the fashionable emphasis on 'genderless parenting' mean that a simple truth has been ignored: children need both mothers and fathers, who relate to them in different ways. A family should not have to be politically-correct, and nor should its means of communication or discipline have to follow fashion. Families need to have a confidence in being what they are, and parents should be allowed and encouraged to make use of their best instincts and their common sense."