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Friday, December 11, 2009

Keli Goff: Is Obama the First Black President or the First President of Black America?

The Congressional Black Caucus appears to have decided that President Obama, in the words of the Law & Order attorney, is 'the former,' not the latter: a black president, or more specifically the first president of Black America. The only problem for them is, unlike the attorney in question, President Obama has made no such declaration."

Washington Post: Jackson joins call for more attention to recession's impact on black Americans

"Jackson, who noted that he was not invited to President Obama's recent jobs summit, said he has requested a meeting with Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner to talk about economic aid for depressed minority communities. No meeting has been set."

Bob Keefe: Black members of Congress growing impatient with Obama

"On Friday, members of the Congressional Black Caucus -- which includes four members from Georgia -- are planning a news conference where they are expected to say President Barack Obama hasn't done enough to specifically address joblessness in minority communities across the country.

"Tension between the 42-member black caucus and Obama has been building for months. Some members of the group who complained about what they consider years of neglect and indifference by the George W. Bush administration now say they're growing increasingly frustrated with the Obama administration, too.

"Last week, 10 members of the black caucus boycotted a House committee meeting until some of their demands were included in banking reform legislation that Obama wants passed.

"And earlier this week, after Obama gave a speech on jobs, black caucus chairwoman U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) said the president needs to do more to help jobless minorities."

Alton Drew: Maybe the congressional black caucus should start criticizing its own self

"It seems that the Congressional Black Caucus has decided to stop being 'on the down low', and show their player-hater colors. The Associated Press reported this morning that the CBC, a group of senators and house representatives that advocate for issues impacting blacks, are growing frustrated with what they perceive to be President Obama's lack of attention to the impact that the recession is having on blacks.

"The CBC is particularly concerned with the unemployment rate among blacks as compared with the general population. While the nation's overall unemployment rate is at 10%, unemployment amongst blacks stands at 15.6%. The unemployment rate for whites, on the other hand, is 9.3%. Hispanic unemployment also exceeds the national rate at 12.7% while unemployment among Asians comes in at 7.3%. The CBC is also reportedly frustrated that blacks are apparently greater impacted by the onslaught of foreclosure versus the general population.

"The cries of 'kumbaya' is not surprising given the philosophical make-up of the CBC. It is 100% Democrat. More importantly, the group appears to espouse the messianic view regarding expectations from a president; that somehow the person that sits in the big chair in the Oval Office has some magic wand that can make all our problems go away. Given that Mr. Obama is the country's first black president, the expectations of deliverance are even greater.

"The black electorate has bought into this nonsense for too long and Democrats in particular have been selling the 'rely on government' snake-oil with the expectation that this president should start pouring out and rubbing the oil all over us. Fortunately Mr. Obama is too pragmatic a politician to go out on that limb and pull that Elmer Gantry stunt.

"Maybe our so-called leaders in the congress should exercise a little more policy initiative themselves as opposed to letting us know that they have successfully memorized the lyrics to 'We Shall Overcome.' In short, their records on economic development and wealth creation (the lack thereof which is the primary cause for our economic malaise and immobility) is, in a word, trifling.

"Take, for example, Representative Maxine Waters, Democrat from California. Ms. Waters is a member of the House Committee on Financial Services and has sponsored 21 bills so far in the 111th Congress. Her only legislative success this Congress has been getting the House to pass a resolution congratulating the Los Angeles Lakers for winning last season's championship. Wow. That should go a long way to putting in place the infrastructure needed to create wealth.

"Another critic of Mr. Obama, Representative Barbara Lee, Democrat from California, has sponsored 46 bills so far in the 111th Congress. Like Ms. Waters, she has sponsored no bills that reduce taxes, encourage Americans to diversify portfolios, and build the assets that would have helped us avoid the ravages of foreclosure and job loss."

US wants to stop mankind's savior: Iran leader

"Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he has documented evidence that the United States is doing what it can to prevent the coming of the Mahdi, the Imam that Muslims believe will be ultimate savior of mankind, press reports said Monday.

"'We have documented proof that they [U.S.] believe that a descendant of the prophet of Islam will raise in these parts [Middle East] and he will dry the roots of all injustice in the world,' the hard-line president said, addressing an audience of families of those killed during the 1980’s war against Iraq."


London Telegraph: Passion fades for Barack Obama, the perfect poster boy

"But now it might just be time to face up to it. Another political love affair is over. Another one has let me down."

Brother X weighs in again: "He's RACIST TOO!!!"

When Progressives Don’t Like Your Questions They Call The Police! (VIDEO)

Afghans' Anger At Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Win!

That's Racist Special Edition

Encore Presentation: President Obama's won the Nobel Peace Prize cuz he BLACK! YEA ... by Kelonda

Michelle Malkin: Genius Palin-basher thinks “Black Friday” is RAAAAACIST

File Joy Behar’s brain under 'black hole.'

Dan Weil: Poll: Obama Not Much More Popular than Bush

"'Given the horrendous approval ratings Bush showed during his final term that's somewhat of a surprise and an indication that voters are increasingly placing the blame on Obama for the country's difficulties instead of giving him space because of the tough situation he inherited,'Goddard writes."

Brother X says "Those voters are RACIST!!!"

A Rant from Craigslist

Can we learn from history? (LJ)

In the early 20th century, Argentina was one of the richest countries in the world. While Great Britain’s maritime power and its far-flung empire had propelled it to a dominant position among the world’s industrialized nations, only the United States challenged Argentina for the position of the world’s second-most powerful economy.

It was blessed with abundant agriculture, vast swaths of rich farmland laced with navigable rivers and an accessible port system. Its level of industrialization was higher than many European countries: railroads, automobiles and telephones were commonplace.

In 1916, a new president was elected. Hipólito Irigoyen had formed a party called The Radicals under the banner of “fundamental change” with an appeal to the middle class.

Among Irigoyen’s changes: mandatory pension insurance, mandatory health insurance, and support for low-income housing construction to stimulate the economy. Put simply, the state assumed economic control of a vast swath of the country’s operations and began assessing new payroll taxes to fund its efforts.

With an increasing flow of funds into these entitlement programs, the government’s payouts soon became overly generous. Before long its outlays surpassed the value of the taxpayers’ contributions. Put simply, it quickly became under-funded, much like the United States’ Social Security and Medicare programs.

The death knell for the Argentine economy, however, came with the election of Juan Perón. Perón had a fascist and corporatist upbringing; he and his charismatic wife aimed their populist rhetoric at the nation’s rich.

This targeted group “swiftly expanded to cover most of the propertied middle classes, who became an enemy to be defeated and humiliated.”

Under Perón, the size of government bureaucracies exploded through massive programs of social spending and by encouraging the growth of labor unions.

High taxes and economic mismanagement took their inevitable toll even after Perón had been driven from office. But his populist rhetoric and “contempt for economic realities” lived on. Argentina’s federal government continued to spend far beyond its means.

Hyperinflation exploded in 1989, the final stage of a process characterized by “industrial protectionism, redistribution of income based on increased wages, and growing state intervention in the economy…”

The Argentinian government’s practice of printing money to pay off its public debts had crushed the economy. Inflation hit 3000%, reminiscent of the Weimar Republic. Food riots were rampant; stores were looted; the country descended into chaos.

And by 1994, Argentina’s public pensions — the equivalent of Social Security — had imploded. The payroll tax had increased from 5% to 26%, but it wasn’t enough. In addition, Argentina had implemented a value-added tax (VAT), new income taxes, a personal tax on wealth, and additional revenues based upon the sale of public enterprises. These crushed the private sector, further damaging the economy.

A government-controlled “privatization” effort to rescue seniors’ pensions was attempted. But, by 2001, those funds had also been raided by the government, the monies replaced by Argentina’s defaulted government bonds.

By 2002, “…government fiscal irresponsibility… induced a national economic crisis as severe as America’s Great Depression.”

In 1902 Argentina was one of the world’s richest countries. Little more than a hundred years later, it is poverty-stricken, struggling to meet its debt obligations amidst a drought.

Today’s politicians, mostly Democrats, are guilty of more than stupidity; they are enslaving future generations to poverty and misery. And they will be long gone when it all implodes. They will be as cold and dead as Juan Perón when the piper must ultimately be paid.

Holdren's guru: Dispose of 'excess children' like puppies

"Brown even contemplates infanticide as a permissible solution to overpopulation in extreme situations, writing that 'if we cared little for human emotions and were willing to introduce a procedure which most of us would consider to be reprehensible in the extreme, all excess children could be disposed of much as excess puppies and kittens are disposed of at the present time.'

"That Brown considers such a reprehensible reality a possibility is made clear on page 261, when he writes: 'And let us hope further that human beings will never again be forced to resort to infanticide in order to avoid excessive population pressure.'"

Nation of Islam: From peacemaker to war president

"President Barack Obama went from a 'peace' candidate who promised 'change' his supporters could 'believe in,' into being just another 'war president' Dec. 1, announcing that he would send an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan in the coming months, bringing the total number of U.S. military forces occupying that country to nearly 100,000."

Louis Farrakhan turning on Obama too???

Jacob Laksin: Stimulus 3.0?

"That’s something the administration can ill afford. Obama’s newest stimulus plan comes at a time when public confidence in his stewardship has fallen to an all-time low. According to the latest Gallup poll, Obama’s approval rating has fallen to 47 percent, the lowest for any president at this point in his first term. Revisiting the same strategy that has failed to revive the economy to date will hardly allay those concerns. 'Our work is far from done,' the president announced yesterday. A growing number of Americans fear exactly that."

Milton Friedman - Illegal Immigration - PT 1

NewsBusted 12/11/09

Big Government Is Not Stimulus: Why Keynes Was Wrong (The Condensed Version)

Anthony Randazzo Talking Unemployment on Russia Today, 12/3/2009

Gerald Celente Trends Forecasts coming true year after year

Bible Cartoons Slide Show, Year 1935

John Stossel - The Global Warming Hoax "Call Me Al"

Michelle Malkin: Race-hustling meltdown of the day

"He hijacked the celebration, jumped on stage, and launched a tirade against those who 'disrespected' him. When a college trustee dared to challenge the unhinged Barron, he whipped out the race card and accused his critic of being an 'ignorant racist' — a smear he repeated over and over again while everyone else in the room ducked and cringed."

Will Smith: Barack Obama "Marks An Evolutionary Flashpoint For Humanity"

Pete Winn and Christopher Neefus: Obama’s Top Climate Advisers Can’t Get Doomsday Story Straight While Testifying Before Same Committee on Same Day

"Last week, White House science czar John Holdren told members of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming that changes in global temperatures could mean a rise in sea levels of 6 feet or more in a century.

"But Joan Lubchenco, administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, told the same committee on the same day that changes in global temperatures could mean a rise in sea levels of up to 3.5 feet in this century."

Carol Platt Liebau: An Ominous Sign for Obama

"Thus, having a prominent far left-wing African-American like Conyers, with a long history that includes marching with Dr. King, be willing to come out and criticize the President is something like the perfect storm for an Obama White House.

"No wonder the President is pushing back. The problem is that he's projected an image of weakness so long -- not just internationally but here at home -- that no one on Capitol Hill is afraid of him. Especially as his poll numbers continue to decline.

"Incidentally, has anyone else noticed that the only time the President seems ready to stand up and get tough is when someone attacks Himself?"

Nancy Morgan: What Has Obama Accomplished?

"Obama has accomplished the amazing feat of convincing millions of Americans that black is white, that cold is hot, that the bad economy is the fault of George W Bush, and the only things standing between America and peace on earth are those darn Republicans and greedy capitalists.

"As author Thomas Sowell points out in ‘Is Reality Optional ?’ social history in the last 30 years has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good. And no-where is this more evident than in the ‘change’ Obama is foisting on the American people.

"The empty rhetoric of ‘social justice’ and ‘compassion’ is convincingly and successfully being used to justify ever more ludicrous social policies, which just happen to come with a huge price tag and more government control.

"Ignored by the left and the media, however, is the inconvenient fact that every single policy promoted by Obama and passed by congress has been a dismal failure. From the jobs ‘stimulus’ package that has cost taxpayers a whopping $236,436 per job created - to the the ‘cash for clunkers’ - to the $61 billion bucks taxpayers just lost through the AIG and auto industry bailout.

"Add in the $75 billion mortgage relief program to stem the largely government caused ‘foreclosure crisis.’ This program has helped a grand total of 31,000 borrowers to date, a paltry 4% of the 760,000 who have applied.

"Despite the dismal failures of these policies, Obama and his cohorts continue advocating more of the same. As Dr. Sowell points out, “The anointed are often wrong but never in doubt.”

"Though 80% of Americans are happy with their health insurance, Obama has declared a health care crisis. Obama and congress have devoted most of the year to imposing government run health care on all citizens, despite the fact that 61% of Americans oppose it.

"Though evidence has recently surfaced undermining the dire claims of global warming, our elected elites continue to ignore relevant science, insisting that a massive redistribution of our wealth is needed in order to pay an imagined ‘climate debt’ to third world countries. Meanwhile, record unemployment and rising fees and taxes continue to devastate businesses and families across the nation. The exception are federal workers, who just got a 2% pay raise.

"As Democrat leaders and their allies take to the airwaves denouncing corporate greed, our public servants are scrambling to enact policies that enable them to extort an ever increasing portion of the wealth created by American workers. In the process, severely undermining the rule of law and ignoring the limitations imposed by our Constitution.

"The Obama administration has plunged America into debt to the tune of a record $12 trillion dollars. That’s $39,000 owed by every man woman and child in America. And there is no end in sight.

"House Democrats just passed a $1.1 trillion dollar spending bill to fund the federal government. This bill includes $2 billion for ‘climate’ research, major spending boosts for domestic agencies and foreign aid. It also includes more than 5,200 pork barrel projects costing $3.9 billion. On top of that, Democrats are preparing to raise the federal debt ceiling by as much as $1.8 trillion before New Year.

"Obama’s policies are destroying the dollar and bankrupting America. Moody’s just issued a warning that our triple A rating is in danger. Our president is also in the process of ceding American sovereignty to world bodies like the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.

"What Obama has accomplished is astounding. He has managed in the short space of one year to dramatically alter the historical focus on individual rights and liberties to an ephemeral concept that focuses on government primacy.

"Due to Obama’s charisma and his skill in manipulating the system and redefining words to fit transient meanings, many Americans continue to believe Obama’s rhetoric, willfully ignoring the underlying reality. Their belief has taken on a religious fervor based on faith and emotion and any facts to the contrary are summarily dismissed. After all, 'Obama won.'

"Once again, Thomas Sowell says it best: 'We may be entering an era where the greatest dangers to the survival of Western civilization will come from internal social deterioration. Other great civilizations have declined and collapsed. We may be the first, however, to sink slowly into the quagmire, still beaming from ear to ear in self-congratulation at how "innovative" we are in our social policies.'

"Obama is a dangerous man. He has convinced millions of Americans that they are entitled to the fruits of another man’s labor. Virtually all of his policies to date have been designed to foster a dependence on government. But what the government gives, the government can take. As millions of enslaved peoples across the globe could attest - if they were allowed."

AP: Black lawmakers grow impatient with White House

"His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda.""His agenda is our agenda."

Washington Post: Black lawmakers call on Obama to do more on behalf of blacks

Where is Kanye West when you need him?

Lloyd Marcus: Tiger likes white women... so what?

"Black liberal plantation overseers are notorious for claiming ownership of successful blacks, similar to the mob hitting up a business for 'their cut.' When Tiger first broke into the national spotlight, he was pressured, 'What are you going to do for the black community?' There was even a slight tug of war between the races over who could claim the most ownership of the multi-racial cash cow. Black overseers simply tolerated Tiger marrying a white woman."

Victor Davis Hanson: Why Are We Tiring of Obama?

Here it goes:

Constant apologies abroad for everything from slavery to Hiroshima

Bows to Saudi royalty, the Japanese emperor, and Chinese autocrats

The on-again/off-again Guantanamo shut-down mess

The fight with the former CIA directors

The public show trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed

The reach out to Ahmadinejad Castro, Chavez, and assorted thugs

The Honduras fiasco

Czars everywhere

The serial “Bush did it”/reset whine abroad

The Queen of England/I-pod fiasco

Gordon Brown gets snookered in his gift-giving

Unceremoniously shipping back the Churchill bust

The end of the special relationship with the UK

The New York on-the-town presidential splurge

Anita Dunn and her Mao worship

Timothy Geithner/Tom Daschle/Hilda Solis and their taxes

What ever happened to Gov. Richardson?

“No lobbyists” = gads of them

The Podestas’ insider influence-peddling empire

Sotomayor’s “wise Latina” chauvinism

The Special Olympics silly quip

Trashing Nancy Reagan

The Skip Gates/police acting “stupidly” mess

The get-Chicago-the-Olympics jaunt to Copenhagen

Cap-and-trade boondoggle

“Millions of green jobs”

Ignore gas, oil, coal, and nuclear power production


The Joe Biden gaffe machine

Jobs “saved” or “created” rather than references to the actual unemployment rates

Van Jones, the racist and truther

Desiree Rogers won’t testify

The blowback from, and silence about, the Rangel/Dodd corruption

The White House party crashers plan to take the 5th Amendment

The ‘bipartisanship’ con

The pork-barrel stimulus spoils

The demonization of the Town-Hallers

The Acorn Mess

The Kevin Jennings/Safe School Czar embarrassment

The SEIU direct access to the White House

The Asian Tour comedown

The politicization of the take-over of GM and Chrysler

The Obama readjustment in the order of paying back car creditors

Car dealerships closed on shaky criteria

Obama as “Caesar”

The Emanuel “never let a serious crisis go to waste” boast

The Black Caucus/Rangel/Waters bid to bail out the inner-city radio stations

Yosi Sergant and the NEA

$1.7 trillion deficit

The planned $9 trillion added to the national debt

New income tax rates; health care surcharge talk; and payroll tax caps to be lifted

Rahm Emanuel’s promised payback to those states that trash the stimulus

The supposed C-span aired health care debate

The promised website posts of pending legislation

Czechs and Poles sold out on missile defense

Sermons to and finger pointing at the Israelis

The failed ‘Putin helps to stop a nuclear Iran’ gambit

Voting present on the Iranian reformers in the street

Serial but empty deadlines to Ahmadinejad

The good war/bad war twisting and turning on Iraq/Afghanistan

The months-long dithering over Afghanistan

Renditions, tribunals, Patriot Act, etc. once trashed, now OK

Health-care take-over

The 2,000 page proposed new health code

The embarrassing Nobel Peace Prize nomination

The attacks on surgeons, Chamber of Commerce, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, etc.

The Islam mythologies in the Cairo Speech

The al Arabiya “Bush did it” interview

Obama’s TV “my Muslim faith” gaffe

ABC News: White House Has No Comment on Conyers Dishing on Presidential Phone Call

"White House officials declined to comment on an interview that Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., gave The Hill, in which he says the president 'called me and told me that he heard that I was demeaning him and I had to explain to him that it wasn’t anything personal, it was an honest difference on the issues. And he said, "Well, let’s talk about it."' Conyers says he told the president he wasn’t in the mood to 'chat.'"

Andie Brownlow: Climategate’s Harry_Read_Me.txt: We All Really Should

"The comprehensive collection of excerpts from the appalling CRU text file. A must read."

Ed Driscoll: Separate But Equal At The New York Times?

"I had to read that twice. Because really New York Times? NYTPicker, who was the first to note the addition thinks there’s no other word for it but racist. I’m not sure I’m willing to go that far. But badly, terribly thought out, bordering on offensive, absolutely. I suspect what actually happened was somewhere in the editing process someone thought they should figure out some way to work Barack Obama (he’s done well for them before!) into the mix and then extended it to Sotomayor and voila, suddenly you have a gift guide that weirdly looks like it’s out of some magazine from the 1960’s except this might not have been kosher in the 60’s (for very different reasons). So mainly just of-puttingly weird. Mostly, I am utterly amazed it made it past the editing process and am baffled why anyone felt the need to separate these gifts from the more generalized categories into which all these items fit, to one based on skin color."

Richard Fernandez: Rocket man


"With respect, you’re setting up a strawman. None of the scientists who have 'come out' as climate skeptics allege a massive conspiracy by scientists, any more than there is a massive liberal conspiracy in Hollywood. What you have is a self-emergent, self-organizing bias. I hope I can illustrate it briefly.

"I work in academic science (check my IP address if you wish). Scientists are, in general, uncompromising idealists for objective, physical truth. But occasionally, politics encroaches. Most of my work is funded by DoE, DoD, ONR, and a few big companies. We get the grants, because we are simply the best in the field. But we don’t work in isolation. We work as part of a department, which has equipment, lab space, and maintenance staff, IT, et cetera. We have a system for the strict partition of unclassified/classified research through collaboration with government labs. The department had set a research policy and infrastructure goal to attract defense funding, and it worked.

"The same is true in climate science. Universities and departments have set policies to attract climate science funding. Climate science centers don’t spontaneously spring into existence – they were created, in increasingly rapid numbers, to partake in the funding bonanza that is AGW. This by itself is not political – currently, universities are scrambling to set up 'clean energy' and 'sustainable technology' centers. Before it was bio-tech and nanotechnology. But because AGW-funding is politically motivated, departments have adroitly set their research goals to match the political goals of their funding sources. Just look at the mission statements of these climate research institutes – they don’t seek to investigate the scientific validity or soundness of AGW-theory, they assume that it is true, and seek to research the implications or consequences of it.

"This filters through every level. Having created such a department, they must fill it with faculty that will carry out their mission statement. The department will hire professors who already believe in AGW and conduct research based on that premise. Those professors will hire students that will conduct their research without much fuss about AGW. And honestly, if you know anything about my generation, we will do or say whatever it is we think we’re supposed to do or say. There is no conspiracy, just a slightly cozy, unthinking myopia. Don’t rock the boat.

"The former editor of the New Scientist, Nigel Calder, said it best – if you want funding to study the feeding habits of squirrels, you won’t get it. If you wants to study the effects of climate change on the feeding habits of squirrels, you will. And so in these subtle ways, there is a gravitational pull towards the AGW monolith.

"I think it the most damning evidence for this soft tyranny is in the work of climate scientists whose scientific integrity has led them to publish results that clearly contradict basic assumptions in AGW modeling. Yet, in their papers, they are very careful to skirt around the issue, keeping their heads down, describing their results in a way obfuscates the contradiction. They will describe their results as an individual case, with no greater implications, and issue reassuring boilerplate statements about how AGW is true anyways.

"For the field as a whole, it’s not a conspiracy. It’s the unfortunate consequence of having a field totally dominated by politically-motivated, strings-attached money. In the case of the CRU email group, well, the emails speak for themselves. Call it whatever you want."