"What luck for the rulers that men do not think." -Adolf Hitler
"I will bring this war to an end in 2009. So don’t be confused." -- Senator Barack Obama

"If you don't like Obama, you is a racist!" -- Kelonda

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"If the government robs Peter to pay Paul, he can count on the continued support of Paul.

Friday, November 27, 2009


"America was not established on a song and a dance; thousands of men forfeited their lives on General Washington’s bloody battlefield. Amid horrific conditions and the scarcity of supplies to the point of our revolutionary soldiers boiling leather boots for food, these men fought with a passion for a free and moral land, and women sacrificially lived their lives apart from their husbands, fathers and brothers. Together, they persevered against innumerable and unrealistic odds to ensure a life of independence for themselves, and a legacy of liberty for future generations. The battle was indeed, hard and long, yet, in the end, Conservatism won.

"America is not yet 250 years old, however, government domination and moral depravity is rearing its ugly head in the land of the free and home of the brave. As a society, we often find ourselves entangled in civil, social, moral, and governmental issues on an almost constant basis that unabashedly mock our conservative roots. Battles rage on every front: in the schools, at the marriage altars, inside abortion clinics, and in the White House. Provoked and prodded by a government agenda that reeks of socialism, we must elect to rise to the occasion and proliferate Conservatism in every sector of life. There is, quite simply, no other answer for those who desire to build on the conservative foundation of their revolutionary forefathers and mothers. It is time to engage."

James White: Climategate: It’s the Totalitarianism, Stupid

"The good news is that 'anthropogenic global warming' — the most costly and widespread scientific fraud in history — just crumbled to fairy dust. We have emails from some of the biggest malefactors to prove it."

CBS News: John Bolton Was Right After All

"I certainly don't expect the New York Times to admit that one of their greatest bogeymen turned out to be correct about Iran's nuclear game-playing. However, the Times Editorial Board did once say 'John Bolton is right. Kofi Annan is wrong.'"

Los Angeles Times: Democrats work on multibillion-dollar jobs package

Silly me. I thought the "Stimulus" was supposed to create jobs. I guess it was supposed to do something else because it did not create sustainable jobs at all.

Marc Morano: UK Scientist: ‘Case for climate fears is blown to smithereens

"'The case is blown to smithereens and this whole theory should be destroyed and discarded and Copenhagen conference should be closed,' Corbyn said in a contentious on air television exchange with an environmental activist with Russia’s WWF. The live TV debate with Corbyn appeared on Moscow’s RT TV on November 25, 2009. The RT TV’s segment was titled 'Heating Cheating.'

"'The world is cooling and has been cooling for 7 years and the leading scientists, so-called "scientists" have been trying to hide that evidence,' Corbyn said in reference to hacked emails showing top UN IPCC scientists apparently conspiring to manipulate temperature data and exclude scientific studies from peer-review that they did not agree with.

"'We should end this anti-scientific nonsense now,' Corbyn said.'The data, real data, over the last one thousand, ten thousand or million years, shows there is no relationship between carbon dioxide and world temperatures or climate extremes. Now we can see that actually the people in charge of data have been fiddling it, and they have been hiding the real decline in world temperatures in an attempt to keep their so called moral high ground,' Corbyn told host Bill Dod and Aleksey Kokorin, the Climate Program Coordinator for WWF in Russia."

John Lillpop: Obama Flubs Job Count: Why Trust His Health Care Numbers?

"The Obama administration has shown a remarkable inability to apply simple math in order to keep track of the number of jobs created and saved as a result of the stimulus blowout.

"Without accusing anyone of anything (except fraud and deceit), it is an incredibly curious fact that the White House consistently reports creation or salvation of jobs in non-existent congressional districts and other anomalies which erroneously inflate the success of the stimulus bill.

"Given the administration’s dreadful performance, why would anyone of sound mind and disposition trust anything this president and his like-minded hucksters in congress have to say?

"This band of bandits want the American people to believe that they will add 30-40 million uninsured to the ranks of the insured AND, by so doing, cut medical costs and the federal deficit.

"Does that make any sense whatsoever?"

Alan Caruba: A Political Who’s Who of Global Warming Liars

"As the global warming fraud unravels, it’s a good time to look at the politicians who have been some of the most outspoken advocates, using global warming/climate change to advance 'Cap-and-Trade' legislation and other related laws and regulations.

"Top of the list is..."