"What luck for the rulers that men do not think." -Adolf Hitler
"I will bring this war to an end in 2009. So don’t be confused." -- Senator Barack Obama

"If you don't like Obama, you is a racist!" -- Kelonda

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"If the government robs Peter to pay Paul, he can count on the continued support of Paul.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Post-American Bandstand with Pat Boone

Baltimore Sun: Vulnerable Dems seek distance from Obama

I wonder why.......

Brother X says: "THEY ARE RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Gibson Predicts New Owners Will Fire Keith Olbermann!

Watch This Trailer

Can this happen today?

How to Save the Obama Presidency: Bomb Iran

Bomb Iran???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

824,000 Jobs Lost

Obama Submits Largest Budget in History, But Portrayed as Fiscal Conservative by Networks

"ABC, CBS and NBC reports on federal budget give the president pass on spending, ignore critical liberal and conservative economists who argue it is 'unsustainable.'"

The Fall of Barack Obama

"In a January 20, 2010 editorial, the Editor in Chief of U.S. News & World Report, Mortimer Zuckerman, had this to say: 'Obama’s ability to connect with voters is what launched him. But what has surprised me is how he has failed to connect with the voters since he’s been in office. He’s had so much overexposure. You have to be selective. He was doing five Sunday shows. How many press conferences? And now people stop listening to him... He’s lost his audience. He has not rallied public opinion. He has plunged in the polls more than any other public figure since we’ve been using polls. He’s done everything wrong. Well, not everything, but the major things... I don’t consider it a triumph. I consider it a disaster.' And that’s what his friends are saying about him."

The Post-American Bandstand with Pat Boone

Lloyd Marcus: Ego, Obama's Achilles' heel

"Almost from day one, Obama began usurping unconstitutional power; nationalizing banks and the auto industry. While deceitfully preaching unity, Obama was like the guy in cowboy movies who stands on the steps of the jail house. He masterfully works the crowd into a frenzy and demands that they drag out the accused prisoner and hang him. This is what Obama did to corporate executives, CEOs and anyone who opposed his agenda. It is not unfair to suggest that the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) thugs who beat up a black conservative at a town hall meeting were inspired by Obama's orders for his supporters to attack his opposition by "hitting back harder". Obama's posse.

"In President Obama, I see a bully. During his State of the Union Address, Obama used his, pardon the pun, 'bully pulpit' to bully the free market, banks, insurance companies, republicans and even the supreme court. Obama governs the Chicago way; no compromise, simply destroy your opponent. 'Mr Thug Goes to Washington' would be the perfect title of a movie about his reign."

Black publications endorse white candidates for mayor

"New Orleans' three leading black publications have all endorsed white candidates for mayor, a surprising turn of events that comes a month after candidate Troy Henry complained that the media were unfairly promoting the idea of an all-white runoff."

Brother X says "That's racist!!!!!!!"

Obama makes a mockery of his own lobbyist ban

"More than 40 former lobbyists work in senior positions in the Obama administration, including three Cabinet secretaries and the CIA director. Yet in his State of the Union address, Obama claimed, 'We've excluded lobbyists from policymaking jobs.'

"Did Obama speak falsely?

"Well, it depends on what the definition of 'excluded lobbyists' is."

Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/Obama-makes-a-mockery-of-his-own-lobbyist-ban-83385832.html#ixzz0eVXmSyTc

Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill H.R.3200 - Key Points

Don't believe it? Go here http://candicemiller.house.gov/pdf/hr3200.pdf

Smut TV: Hollywood Doubles Down On Their Crusade to Sexualize Your Children

"A USA Today story informs us 'Viewers are about to see full-frontal male nudity, heterosexual, homosexual and group sex, and graphic scenes rarely — if ever — seen on mainstream TV.'”

And now a word from the devil:

"Good show! Good show!"

Blame Bush: the Cartoon

Barack Obama Admits That “By Design” You Remain Unemployed

"Barack Obama writes,

'All told, as of the end of November 2009, about 50 percent of Recovery Act funds—or $395 billion—has been either obligated or is providing assistance directly to Americans in the form of tax relief. By design, the bulk of the remaining 50 percent of Recovery Act funds will be deployed in the coming months of 2010 and during the beginning of 2011 to support additional job creation when our economy continues to need a boost. Many of the programs slated to receive additional funding in the near future are those with significant promise of job creation. These include more than $7 billion in broadband expansion, approximately $8 billion in funds to lay the foundation for a high-speed rail network, and continued funding for other transportation projects. All told, the Recovery Act is on track to meet the goal of disbursing 70 percent of its funds in the first 18 months of its life.'"

Vent – 020310

"The point is that Democrats assume black people are too stupid to know their own historical experience in America, that is, a history whitewashed by liberal academia. For the Democrat.org website, thus the Democrat Party to take credit for 'every civil rights issue' is a bold-faced lie, so if they are willing to lie about their history, that tells me they want it hidden.

"To say that it’s not the same party, we’ll then, don’t lie about your history. Don’t lie to black people. Admit your past and show how you’ve changed, but to falsely takecredit for civil rights gains while denying Klan roots is an insult to every American, and I especially feel a teensy bit of pity for the duped parrots.

"I’m not going to take the time to answer the rest of the bloated comment aside from repeating what I say whenever I’m asked what Republicans have done for black people.

"I usually respond with what Democrats have done TO black people. (For B&R regulars, this is review)

"Blacks vote 90-95% for Democrats.

"With that, the black community is represented by black Democrat mayors, black Democrat city councilmembers, black Democrat school superintendents, black Democrat police chiefs, black Democrat state legislators, black Democrat congresspersons, etc. With that, if you take into account how wonderful the Democrat Party has always been, the black community should have been a goddamn utopia decades ago, but we all know the black community is a place where few public officials go without armed escort.

"The same problems blacks have been bitching about (poor employment opportunities, sub-standard public schools, high crime, etc.) for 50-plus years, they’re still bitching about today.

"Democrats have no reason to fix anything in the black community, because once they do and people start to work and make good money, guess what normally happens? They see how much of their hard-earned dollars go to leeches and, in some cases, they become Republican."