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"If the government robs Peter to pay Paul, he can count on the continued support of Paul.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why Only a Gullible Idiot Trusts the Climate Data

The Great American Mind Series -- Meghan McCain

Margaret Thatcher on Socialism

He's no charmer: Obama's personal appeal not delivering results


Minority Advocates, Constituents Differ on Immigration

"While it is sometimes assumed that minorities, particularly Hispanics, favor increased immigration and legalization for illegal immigrants, a new Zogby survey finds that minority voters' views are more complex. The poll of Hispanic, Asian-American, and African-American likely voters finds some support for legalization. But overall each of these groups prefers enforcement and for illegal immigrants to return home. Moreover, significant majorities of all three groups think that the current level of immigration is too high. These views are in sharp contrast to the leaders of most ethnic advocacy organizations, who argue for increased immigration and legalization of illegal immigrants. The survey used neutral language, avoiding such terms as 'amnesty,' 'illegal alien,' or 'undocumented.'"

How I now debate a climate fraud denier

Van Jones Award Reveals NAACP’s Leftism

"There are countless other black individuals to be honored for their accomplishments and contributions to society. Clearly, Van Jones does not make the cut."

‘Unsustainable Deficits’ and Bond Boycotts: Panic at the Fed or Back to Financial Normalcy?

"In brief, the United States economy, though no one is willing to say so, is caught in a Third World-style ‘debt trap.’ If the Government cuts the deficit, the economy sinks deeper into depression. But if it continues to print money and sell debt, buyers of US Treasury debt will at a certain point refuse to buy, meaning US interest rates could be forced severely high in the midst of depression conditions—equally catastrophic to the economy."

Are Climate Change Moonbats Combining Their Efforts With "Save The Whales ?"

"According to a new report, scientists are saying that killing whales causes global warming. That's right, the whaling industry is contributing to the heating of the atmosphere which, according the global warming people,is making the outside of my house look like the north pole."

Mr. President, We Are Still Waiting For You To Answer Paul Ryan

"It is interesting that in the 24 hours since the end of the health summit, the President's ample response squad has not come up with responses to the Ryan's pointed charges including:

* "This bill does not control costs (or) reduce deficits. Instead, (it) adds a new health care entitlement when we have no idea how to pay for the entitlements we already have."

* "The bill has 10 years of tax increases, about half a trillion dollars, with 10 years of Medicare cuts, about half a trillion dollars, to pay for six years of spending. The true 10-year cost (is) $2.3 trillion."

* "The bill takes $52 billion in higher Social Security tax revenues and counts them as offsets. But that's really reserved for Social Security. So either we're double-counting them or we don't intend on paying those Social Security benefits."

* "The bill takes $72 billion from the CLASS Act (long-term care insurance) benefit premiums and claims them as offsets."

* "The bill treats Medicare like a piggy bank, (raiding) half a trillion dollars not to shore up Medicare solvency, but to spend on this new government program."

* "The chief actuary of Medicare (says) as much as 20% of Medicare providers will either go out of business or have to stop seeing Medicare beneficiaries."

* "Millions of seniors who have chosen Medicare Advantage (Medicare through a private insurer) will lose the coverage that they now enjoy."

* "When you strip out the double-counting and ... gimmicks, the full 10-year cost of the bill has a $460 billion deficit. The second 10-year cost of this bill has a $1.4 trillion deficit."

* "The 'doc fix' (restoring cuts in Medicare reimbursements) costs $371 billion ... a price tag (that) made the score look bad. (So) that provision was taken out, and (put) in stand-alone legislation. But ignoring these costs does not remove them from the backs of taxpayers. Hiding spending does not reduce spending."

* "Are we bending the cost curve down or are we bending the cost curve up? If you look at your own chief actuary at Medicare, we're bending it up. He's claiming that we're going up $222 billion, adding more to the unsustainable fiscal situation we have."

Yid with Lid: New Climate Change Scandal; National Climate Data Center "Cooked The Books"

"But there's a problem: Nearly every single weather station the U.S. government uses to measure the country's surface temperature may be compromised. Sensors that are supposed to be in empty clearings are instead exposed to crackling electronics and other unlikely sources of heat, from exhaust pipes and trash-burning barrels to chimneys and human graves."

Black Civil Rights Activist Murdered by Castro Regime

Hope Is Fading Fast!

Harry Reid…YOU LIE!

“No one has talked about reconciliation.”

Reid Claims No One Has Talked About Reconciliation

NBC Chastised by Congressional Black Caucus Members for Lack of Diversity

"Well Olbermann's explanation, and all of the race-baiting 'reporting' done by his vile network, apparently wasn't nearly good enough for Congresswomen Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Texas) and Maxine Waters (D-California), two members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)."

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/seton-motley/2010/02/26/nbc-chastised-congressional-black-caucus-members-lack-minority-hiring#ixzz0gkUA3R9b