"What luck for the rulers that men do not think." -Adolf Hitler
"I will bring this war to an end in 2009. So don’t be confused." -- Senator Barack Obama

"If you don't like Obama, you is a racist!" -- Kelonda

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"If the government robs Peter to pay Paul, he can count on the continued support of Paul.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine nearly KILLS 4 year-old Rochester, MN Boy with Severe Adverse Reaction

Lou Dobbs: Major Public Concerns Of Martial Law In The U.S. & Army Denies Claims

ABC News: Interview with the President: Jail Time for Those without Health Care Insurance?

"During an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Jake Tapper today, President Obama said that penalties are appropriate for people who try to 'free ride' the health care system but stopped short of endorsing the threat of jail time for those who refuse to pay a fine for not having insurance."

Greta -- Neighbor: Fort Hood Suspect Nidal Malik Hasan "was all into his religion"


"Pam Africa went further, taking particular exception to Obama. 'This man is a punk,' she said. 'This man is also our child. We're the parents of him. He talked about absentee fathers, he had one…somebody…we need to whoop his ass and make him understand.'"

U.K. Homosexualist Group: Public Sex is an Important Part of Gay Community

"OutRage!, a militant U.K. homosexual 'rights' group, is insisting that homosexual sex in public places, a practice known as 'cruising,' should be tolerated by police. According to PinkNews.co.uk, a U.K. homosexual news source, the group has said that cruising is 'an important part of the gay community and cannot be ignored,' in the words of the reporter."

Abortion Doctor Admits “Yes, I am killing”

"Former Baptist minister and late-term abortion provider, Curtis Boyd, made a startling admission on a local news show earlier this week. 'Am I killing?' he asks. 'Yes, I am. I know that.'"

Fort Hood Shooting: Terrorism or Not?

Holy Hip Hop: Bad Idea

"One can judge a lot about what is really going on inside of a person by what the outside is looking like. Homosexuals and Lesbians have used outer signals to relay messages to each other for years. 2 earrings on a man has always been a sign of bisexuality. One earring on a man has always meant 'player' or 'stud'. A nose piercing on a man means gay as well as lip or tongue piercing. An eyebrow piercing on a woman means lesbian, and so forth. Outer appearances can signify behaviors as well. Gang members wear rags to show allegiance. Prisoners wear cornrows and sag their pants to show homosexual behaviors.

"Prostitutes show their body parts in an explicit manner to flag Johns for potential tricks. It's all over. People respond to the appearance of others when they are signaling through their outer appearances."

June 2010

"When we first heard that a black man may become president of the United States for the first time, many were sold at that moment. His voting record didn't matter. His agenda wasn't even considered. 'Does he go to church?' That would answer the only question that most black Americans would pose. If he goes to church and is black, then he should win because it's about time we had some representation on that level right? It did not matter what he voted for or against in the Senate. As long as he is dark skinned rather than white, he was the only choice for many."

No Laughing Matter

"Gay blogger calls church-bomb threat a joke"

G. Craige Lewis: Same Sex Salvation?

"Tonex's whole interview was biblically inconsistent as well. I can end his campaign with one simple phrase and that is 'fornication of any kind is a sin!' Therefore, if he doesn't believe in same sex marriage because the bible doesn't condone it, then all of his perverse sexual actions are defiant because it's fornication anyway!! How insane he is to consider himself worthy of ministry and he is practicing sexual defiance. And not just sin, but desiring same sex loving? Should we allow pediphiles and rapists to preach and pastor now? Should we desire for murderers and cross dressers to lead our Christian congregations? Homosexuality is a natural as well as spiritual sin that destroys the life of the person committing the act and the community in which he belongs."

Still Dithering: White House Official Insists Obama Has No Clue What He's Doing

"We've seen Savior-in-Chief Obama, Commander-in-Thief Obama, Celebrity-in-Chief Obama, and now we've got Ditherer-in-Chief. But it's not so funny when people are dying.

"Where has the anti-war movement gone? Where are the people who carried signs for the last eight years? Where are you people? Speak up because this is getting ridiculous."


"Yes, I am publishing another call I made to another show. This time the show was the Poor People’s Campaign on Blogtalk Radio. The host is a die-hard President Obama supporter. So I decided to ask him about how he feels about President Obama mainly hiring Blacks who graduated from Ivy League universities. Well, let’s just say that the call was extremely animated. I abruptly ended the call when he told another female caller to shut up."

John Crudele: 10.2% Unemployment. Now for the Bad News

"Mr. Obama, if you keep saving jobs at the current rate we'll all be unemployed."

Obama Ally Code Pink Targets Children of Military Families for Psychological Abuse by Kristinn Taylor and Andrea Shea King

"The video of the protest shows the shocked and bewildered looks on the faces of the children in reaction to the real-life ghouls from Code Pink.

"One wonders what will it take for President Obama to renounce the support of Code Pink and Jodie Evans. A commander-in-chief who truly cared about the troops and their families wouldn’t have to be told to do the right thing. It would come naturally."


Special Bulletin:

Timothy McVeigh was white. He was executed.

Abu-Jamal Mumia is black and on death row. Why is he still alive all these years?

The Real Lesson of the DC Sniper

"I am probably going to catch high holy hell for writing this article. But I have to. I have to because nobody is saying this publicly, although a lot of people are thinking it."

Who is protesting John Allen Muhammad's Execution?

The New Black Panthers? Not.
Jesse Jackson? Not.
Al Sharpton? Not.
Louis Farrakhan? Not.

Freedom Will Be Destroyed By The Democrats/Communists

Does Freedom mean anything anymore?

Gregory Kane: Justice for John Allen Muhammad

"That means, basically, that I don't buy his attorneys' claims about his mental incompetence. That killing spree he organized was too well-planned and too well-executed for Muhammad to be anything but mentally competent. Muhammad is mentally competent, all right.

"And if there's any justice in this world, by this time next week, he'll also be dead."

Lifelong Democrat Admits She Made A Mistake Voting For Obama

I guess she turned into a "racist."

Chuck Norris Is Personally Going After Democrats

NewsBusted 11/10/09

A Bus Crashes Into A Home In Chicago!

Brother X says "It's Bush's fault!"

AP: Advice for Obama: 'Start knocking heads' on health

"The most senior African American in Congress offered some unsolicited advice Monday to President Barack Obama on how to get his signature health care bill through a balky Senate: knock their heads together.

"'The president could take a few pages from Lyndon Johnson's book...and start knocking heads together,' said Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.'

Janeane Garofalo -- Protector of the Lowly Negro!

Rev. Wayne Perryman Speaks to Barack Obama


"Since his usurping of the office of president, Obama has worked tirelessly to dismantle what remains of the once great nation, the United States of America. He has

"1. plunged this nation $1.4 trillion dollars further in debt, more than any president in history;
2. pushed every piece of Marxist legislation to come forth from the House and Senate;
3. taken over private companies in violation of the United States Constitution;
4. used the public coffers to bail out his Wall Street benefactors;
5. used his public office to promote and assist radical left-wing organizations like the Black Panthers, ACORN, and Moveon.org;
6. surrounded himself with czars who have a known Marxist agenda;
7. traveled the world denigrating America and the American people;
8. bowed in fealty to his Muslim brothers;
9. partied hearty in the White House at taxpayer expense while Americans lost their jobs;
10. insulted America's allies at every opportunity while affiliating himself with the leaders of Marxist regimes."

Nancy Morgan: Top Idiots Of The Week

"Idiot Joy Behar took to the airwaves deriding conservatives as 'immature bullies who smell bad and pick their noses and Obama is the smart kid in class who knows all the answers but keeps letting the bullies push him around.' So there!"

Jerry A. Kane: America’s Fascist Obamanation

"Cheeks ordered the protester to take down his anti-Obamacare poster telling him, 'I can charge you with whatever I want to charge you with.' The protester replied, 'This is America!' to which Cheeks responded, 'It ain’t no more, OK?'"

Frances Rice: Obama’s socialist stake in the heart of America


"The combination of Obama’s lack of experience and socialist agenda are disastrous for our country. In short order, Obama’s presidency has produced record spending on wasteful social programs with the stimulus bill, massive budget deficits, crushing unemployment, tight credit, and a take-over of part of our private sector. Slim are our chances for a sustainable economic recovery."

Barry Napier: One World Government The Real Aim of Environmentalism

"The coming Copenhagen Summit is all about fixing the fate of the world in stone. Or, to put it more aptly, tying one’s legs to a concrete block before throwing you into the river.

"Obama has already promised to hand over the USA to the UN, for heavy taxing and overt imposition of UN laws. Both Obama and Tony Blair are waiting to drive citizens hard into the arms of Marxis-Fascist rule. Once this is achieved – and it won’t be long – the rest of the world can wait with bated breath as they are subsumed into the greater Marxist-Fascist world order. Brown has already talked about it and Obama has agreed to it. Sarkozy, Napoleon’s son, strides the EU like a totalitarian dictator… because that is what he is. And even the hapless president of the Czech Republic has recently, sadly, caved in to EU domination of Europe, which includes the things he hates the most – green policies and communistic laws that ruin freedom and democracy.

"Many of the world’s leaders are now very nasty pieces of work. Even opposition party leaders are marrying into green advocacy, because they know this is the way everything is going. Vote for whoever you like – it won’t make much difference. Even so, we must stand against this tyranny."

Christopher Neefus: Intel Committee Republican Says Administration is Withholding Information on Fort Hood Attack, Demands Preservation of Documents f

"Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.), the ranking Republican on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said Monday that the Obama administration has been withholding 'critical information' on the Fort Hood murders allegedly committed by Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan."

Man brings assault rifle to Obama speech

Has anyone cared to report that it was a BLACK MAN who brought the guns?

Ron Radosh: “The Nation,” Jihad and General Casey

"That is why it was so refreshing to hear Senator Joe Lieberman on Fox News Sunday, where the maverick Democrat now independent dissident dared to say that Hasan 'reportedly showed signs of being a "self-radicalized, homegrown terrorist."' There were indications, he noted, that Hasan 'had turned to Islamist extremism' which should be investigated. If so, his action was not that of a mentally unbalanced individual, but 'a terrorist act.' The military should have acted, Lieberman added, and once they got notice of various reported signs about Hasan, he should have been gone."

David Solway: Bush Is a Liar, Obama Is a Savior: The Rhetoric of Propaganda

"The corollary was that if Bush were only chased from office, the antonomastic link would be broken and the United States would no longer be the country that it was, or was understood to be. The fact that President Clinton’s inactivity and not President Bush’s putative warmongering did much to bring the present conflictual situation upon us is conveniently dismissed from consideration. And the possibility that the United States under Bush was at least to some extent justified in its chosen course of action is, obviously, a complete non-starter.

"The reverse operation is equally effective. Utter the name 'Obama' and a host of surrogate terms leap to mind — 'savior,' 'new man,' 'peacemaker,' 'The One,' or, in the words of Newsweek editor Evan Thomas, no less than a 'sort of god' — which are immediately reified as undoubted facts. Despite Obama’s recent, self-inflicted troubles and the crisis of confidence in which he is increasingly embroiled, he is still regarded by the MSM, the liberal-left, the Oslo peaceniks, and approximately half the American electorate as sacrosanct, as 'good,' 'honest,' 'reliable,' 'noble.' Like spellbound children following the Pied Piper, the epithets cling to the name. They are then associated in swift antonomastic transfer with a newborn, a 'different,' America.

"There is no awareness among the true believers — and especially among the myrmidons of the left — that they have been deluded by nomenclature, by the semiotic condensation of amorphous ideas and obscure but powerful feelings. As in the first case where a process of reevaluation is all but proscribed, so in the second skepticism is ruled out of court by all but the unconverted. In the current jargon, one could say that antonomasia, whether deployed negatively or positively, runs the signifier into the signified, rendering them indistinguishable from one another. Alternatively, the appellative word and the denominated thing have merged in a passion of similitudes."