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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Victor Davis Hanson: Truths We Dare Not Speak

"There are a number of things we simply no longer talk about. The silence is partly due to intellectual laziness. Or maybe it is because of political correctness—or even attributable to ignorance and the absence of curiosity.

"In no particular order, I list five propositions that simply have become taboo."

Now Obama wants your IRA

"The Democrat version of Hope and Change is very simple: You get the hope, we keep the change. "

Birthers, is Secret Service watching you?

"In blogs, interviews and e-mails, 'birthers' around the country are reporting surveillance and visits from the U.S. Secret Service, whose agents have questioned – or, as some report, intimidated – them over their insistence that Barack Obama prove his constitutional eligibility to serve as president."

New Democrat scheme: 'Vote early, vote often'

"A political correspondent is making waves with his stern warning that Democrats are scheming to manipulate the electoral process this election year by implementing a federal mandate to involuntarily register millions of people to vote – making the system ripe for unprecedented fraud and abuse."

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) On The Closed Door Health Care Meetings!


Dan Gainor: Many Faces of Obama Don't Want to Face Job Losses

"And the White House wants to keep us guessing. Rather than let anyone do the necessary digging to prove them wrong, the administration is changing how those numbers are tallied. That change “could make the reports more reliable but make it more difficult to gauge the stimulus's impact over time,” wrote the Post.

"One in 10 Americans who reads this is unemployed. That person knows the only statistic that matters is whether people are getting jobs. Nearly one in five people can’t do that. They don’t need the president telling them prosperity is just around the corner. They need a president who does more than talk about 'green' jobs."

Julia A. Seymour: Networks Fail to Criticize Obama Despite Most Jobs Lost in a Year Since 1940

"The national unemployment rate rests at 10 percent after 85,000 more jobs were lost in December, while the number of people too discouraged to look for work increased by 642,000. CNBC’s Steve Liesman called those figures 'absolutely devastating.'

"Yet the network news media refused to hold President Barack Obama responsible for the losses since the jobs release Jan. 8. Obama has been in office for a full year and made a number of 'extravagant' promises regarding job growth, yet network news reports remained uncritical with the exception of Sunday talk shows.

"That’s a sharp contrast to the treatment of Republican administrations’ jobs data. In those cases, the networks were determined to present a negative picture – even when times were good."

White House ignores multiple requsts to go over Health care bill "line by line"

Jobs Report Stirs Partisan Debate Over Stimulus Plan

"Economists say it's impossible to know the exact number of jobs created or saved by the stimulus bill because they don't have a way to measure what would have happened if it hadn't passed."

Make Harry Reid and the Liberals Pay

"Never mind that there are plenty of black people who would make the same observation. Never mind that there are black conservatives who would say the same thing. The conservative blacks, though, are illegitimate. They betray their race for refusing to do things like sliding into jive in front of certain audiences. They are trying to be 'too white.' They aren’t proud of their black heritage, evidently.

"Of course, the whole 'black enough' argument is deeply offensive and ridiculous and actually very racist. But these notions are put forth by the very leaders who insist that they are for changing the black culture to respect education, erudition, and intelligent discourse."

Motto of the Democratic Party

"It's racism only when they do it."

Penny Starr: Obama, Democrats Put Politics Above Educating D.C.’s Disadvantaged Youth, Black Leaders Say

"Black leaders say that President Obama, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, and Congress have put politics ahead of helping low-income children in the District of Columbia by refusing to support a program that allows 1,700 children to go to a private school, including the school Obama’s two daughters attend."

Fox News Covers False "Jobs Saved" Claims

Julie Crawshaw: Report: Obama Skews Stimulus Jobs Count

"The Obama administration reportedly is changing the way it counts jobs created or saved by stimulus spending in a way that will make the programs look far more successful.

"Under the old rules, only jobs that were actually newly created or not lost because of stimulus money were counted, propublica.org reports.

"Now, the administration plans to count all jobs for projects funded by stimulus money — even if that job already existed and the person was never in danger of losing the job."

Obama quietly abandons magical “jobs created or saved” metric for even phonier metric

"The memo, first noted by ProPublica, says that those receiving stimulus funds no longer have to say whether a job has been saved or created.

"'Instead, recipients will more easily and objectively report on jobs funded with Recovery Act dollars,' Orszag wrote.

"In other words, if the project is being funded with stimulus dollars – even if the person worked at that company or organization before and will work the same place afterwards – that’s a stimulus job."

* The Man Who Would Keep Us Safe From Terrorists Would Rather Focus on Baptists Than Islamic Terrorists

"According to Erroll Southers, pro-life Christians and our support of Jews is a bigger threat to national security than Al Qaeda."

Jonathan Gruber Favors Denying Healthcare Services to Senior Citizens

"MIT economist Jonathan Gruber is one of the most widely cited 'experts' who support ObamaCare. Last week, it was revealed that Gruber has a major conflict of interest - he is on the payroll of the Department of Health and Human Services.

"It was also uncovered that Gruber had co-authored a paper that advocates raising prices on hospital stays and medicine to discourage elderly patients from seeking treatment.

"The paper also compares the effects of higher prices on elderly and chronically ill patients. Gruber concludes that raising prices on chronically ill patients will not significantly reduce the strain on the healthcare system, because chronic patients will wind up in the hospital if they don't receive the treatment they need...

"HOWEVER, Gruber seems to view elderly patients with chronic illnesses as the best of both worlds - this 'sub-population' will stop seeking treatment at higher prices but they won't wind up in the hospital because the lack of initial treatment will kill them quicker than a non-elderly patient."

USA Today: Democrats behaving badly

"Democrats recaptured control of Congress from Republicans in part on promises to establish tough new ethics rules and "drain the swamp," as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put it.

"A year after Democrats took over the Senate and three years after they won the House, the alligators are still swimming. Just one lawmaker has received a punishment of any kind, according to a story by USA TODAY's Fredreka Schouten. That is Sen. Roland Burris, D-Ill., who didn't tell the truth when asked whether he had offered to raise campaign money for the discredited governor who appointed him to the seat. For this, Burris got a 'letter of qualified admonition.' Oooh, scary.

"It's not as if bad behavior has suddenly disappeared. It's that no matter their party, politicians seem to close ranks around all but their most rabidly bad-acting colleagues."

Brother X: "We must always protect the white racists we care the most about."