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"I will bring this war to an end in 2009. So don’t be confused." -- Senator Barack Obama

"If you don't like Obama, you is a racist!" -- Kelonda

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Mike Adams: EPA's "endangerment finding" allows Big Government to regulate carbon emissions

"If CO2 is regulated, for example, it means the very gas you exhale will be considered a hazard to life on Earth. Thus, regulating CO2 could be a sneaky way to start our nation down the road of population control or even population reduction. When a person reaches the age of 65, for example, and they're about to retire and collect social security, they might then be seen as a carbon-producing financial burden, and mass euthanasia programs could begin to be seriously considered. (This isn't science fiction. Nursing home patients are already being routinely euthanized with psychiatric drugs and painkillers right now...)"

Gallup Poll: After Brief Uptick, Obama Approval Slips to 47%

"Barack Obama's presidential job approval rating is 47% in the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update, a new low for his administration to date. His approval rating has been below 50% for much of the time since mid-November, but briefly rose to 52% last week after he announced his new Afghanistan policy."

Brother X says: "They discovered they were racist!"

Washington Times: Justice thwarts Black Panther subpoenas

"The Obama team is covering up voter-intimidation evidence"

Video: Radical Islam Overtakes Streets of Belgium

Brian Maloney: Left Uncharacteristically Silent On Shatner's Limbaugh Interview

It does not look good to accuse Captain Kirk of being a "racist."

Dr. Tim Ball: Climategate; The Supporting Cast - Thought Police Anyone?

"George Monbiot of the Guardian (UK) was among the first mainstream media to express concern. 'I am now convinced that they are genuine, and I’m dismayed and deeply shaken by them.' He was reacting to corruption on an unprecedented scale in exposed files from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia."

Sister Toldjah: Hater throws tomatoes at Sarah Palin, hits cop instead

He just helped her sell her book.

"The only question remains: Did anyone check to see which media outlet he was from?"

White House: Obama to accept Nobel as a “war president”

"I’m intrigued. Tom Friedman wrote a column back in October calling on him to accept the award in the name of the U.S. military — a 'peacekeeper’s prize,' as Friedman put it — and while I doubt The One will go quite that far, it sounds like he’s planning something like that. Having Captain Hopenchange take the stage at Oslo and shock the congregation of doves with a tribute to peace through strength would be the most surreal moment of his presidency thus far. And probably the finest."

Hey Independents: if you disagree with Democrats on ANYTHING, you are RAAACISTS!

Diversity Fatigue Alert: Your RACE CARD HAS BEEN DECLINED

"Who died and made you the melanin fairy?"

Chris Matthews' Leg

But this won't last.

Afrocity’s Political Holiday Wish List #2: A Day Without Phony Racism

"Afrocity would be as happy as a little conservative black girl if she could wake up one Christmas morning in a world without cries of racism from the liberals. One year after Barack Obama, our nations first president of color was elected, the liberal white folks are still waking up on Christmas morning with hunk of clean coal in their stockings."

Senator Barbara Boxer "Waterboarded" By Black Chamber of Commerce President Harry Alford !!

Mitt Romney schools Obama on the economy

"If I were Obama I would have invited Mitt Romney to this so called Jobs Summit. Romney has probably created more private sector jobs than all the know nothings at the Jobs Summit combined."

The Honorable Brother X speaks....

"My President is bleak, I mean black!"


"Accuracy in Media never bought into the media-hyped theory. Over the years, under the leadership of AIM founder Reed Irvine, we held numerous panels at our conferences on the subject of how the 'science' behind the man-made global warming theory was being manipulated. Dr. S. Fred Singer was a regular speaker. In fact, our recent 40th anniversary conference had a panel discussion, 'Global Warming: Fact or Media Myth?,' featuring Lord Christopher Monckton, Marc Morano of Climate Depot, and Ann McElhinney, director of the powerful film, Not Evil Just Wrong.

"AIM published Jerry Carlson’s, Will Media Expose Global Warming Con Job?, in February 2008. Some of our other articles include, 'Media promote Global Warming Fraud' and Roger Aronoff’s 'Media Frenzy Over Global Warming.' and 'More Hot Air on Global Warming.'

"May I be permitted to say, 'We told you so.'”

Peter Morici: Stimulus Spending and Lost Hope

"Unemployment fell to 10 percent in November, but progress was achieved only because 291,000 more adults did not look for work and were not counted in the monthly tally of jobless Americans.

"Though job losses were trimmed, the footprint of the $789 billion dollar stimulus package was not to be found. Construction, despite an uptick in housing starts, shed 27,000 jobs, and governments added a paltry 7,000 new workers.

"Only $100 billion of the stimulus was earmarked for infrastructure and the federal bureaucracy is slow about spending it. Much of the rest of the money went to tax cuts used to pay down credit card debt, payoffs for congressional constituents, like summer grants for professors, and to shore up state and local budgets, where officials shortened furloughs but did not add workers.

"A second stimulus package could provide some temporary jobs if given quickly to states and municipalities for repair and rehabilitation projects. Also tax credits for energy saving improvements in homes and commercial buildings would help if the rules and paperwork were simple and not like the nightmare created by cash for clunkers.

"Businesses need customers and capital to create permanent jobs but have neither because of Washington's bad energy and trade policies and its failure to use the TARP as promised.

"The $400 billion trade deficit is terrible for jobs creation."

The following letter was sent to Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations on the UN Climate conference in Bali

Dec. 13, 2007
Dear Mr. Secretary-General,

Re: UN climate conference taking the World in entirely the wrong direction

It is not possible to stop climate change, a natural phenomenon that has affected humanity
through the ages. Geological, archaeological, oral and written histories all attest to the dramatic
challenges posed to past societies from unanticipated changes in temperature, precipitation,
winds and other climatic variables. We therefore need to equip nations to become resilient to
the full range of these natural phenomena by promoting economic growth and wealth

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued increasingly
alarming conclusions about the climatic influences of human-produced carbon dioxide (CO2), a
non-polluting gas that is essential to plant photosynthesis. While we understand the evidence
that has led them to view CO2 emissions as harmful, the IPCC's conclusions are quite
inadequate as justification for implementing policies that will markedly diminish future
prosperity. In particular, it is not established that it is possible to significantly alter global
climate through cuts in human greenhouse gas emissions. On top of which, because attempts to
cut emissions will slow development, the current UN approach of CO2 reduction is likely to
increase human suffering from future climate change rather than to decrease it.

The IPCC Summaries for Policy Makers are the most widely read IPCC reports amongst
politicians and non-scientists and are the basis for most climate change policy formulation. Yet
these Summaries are prepared by a relatively small core writing team with the final drafts
approved line-by-line by government representatives. The great majority of IPCC contributors
and reviewers, and the tens of thousands of other scientists who are qualified to comment on
these matters, are not involved in the preparation of these documents. The summaries
therefore cannot properly be represented as a consensus view among experts.

Contrary to the impression left by the IPCC Summary reports:

• Recent observations of phenomena such as glacial retreats, sea-level rise and the
migration of temperature-sensitive species are not evidence for abnormal climate
change, for none of these changes has been shown to lie outside the bounds of known
natural variability.
• The average rate of warming of 0.1 to 0. 2 degrees Celsius per decade recorded by
satellites during the late 20th century falls within known natural rates of warming and
cooling over the last 10,000 years.
• Leading scientists, including some senior IPCC representatives, acknowledge that today's
computer models cannot predict climate. Consistent with this, and despite computer
projections of temperature rises, there has been no net global warming since 1998. That
the current temperature plateau follows a late 20th-century period of warming is
consistent with the continuation today of natural multi-decadal or millennial climate

In stark contrast to the often repeated assertion that the science of climate change is "settled,"
significant new peer-reviewed research has cast even more doubt on the hypothesis of
dangerous human-caused global warming. But because IPCC working groups were generally
instructed (see IPCC Working Group Schedule*) to consider work published only through May,
2005, these important findings are not included in their reports; i.e., the IPCC assessment
reports are already materially outdated.

* http://ipcc-wg1.ucar.edu/wg1/docs/wg1_timetable_2006-08-14.pdf

The UN climate conference in Bali has been planned to take the world along a path of severe
CO2 restrictions, ignoring the lessons apparent from the failure of the Kyoto Protocol, the
chaotic nature of the European CO2 trading market, and the ineffectiveness of other costly
initiatives to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Balanced cost/benefit analyses provide no support
for the introduction of global measures to cap and reduce energy consumption for the purpose
of restricting CO2 emissions. Furthermore, it is irrational to apply the "precautionary principle"
because many scientists recognize that both climatic coolings and warmings are realistic
possibilities over the medium-term future.

The current UN focus on "fighting climate change," as illustrated in the Nov. 27 UN Development
Programme's Human Development Report, is distracting governments from adapting to the
threat of inevitable natural climate changes, whatever forms they may take. National and
international planning for such changes is needed, with a focus on helping our most vulnerable
citizens adapt to conditions that lie ahead. Attempts to prevent global climate change from
occurring are ultimately futile, and constitute a tragic misallocation of resources that would be
better spent on humanity's real and pressing problems.

Yours faithfully,

Don Aitkin, PhD, Professor, social scientist, retired vice-chancellor and president, University of
Canberra, Australia

William J.R. Alexander, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Civil and Biosystems Engineering,
University of Pretoria, South Africa; Member, UN Scientific and Technical Committee on Natural
Disasters, 1994-2000

Bjarne Andresen, PhD, physicist, Professor, The Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen,

Geoff L. Austin, PhD, FNZIP, FRSNZ, Professor, Dept. of Physics, University of Auckland, New

Timothy F. Ball, PhD, environmental consultant, former climatology professor, University of

Ernst-Georg Beck, Dipl. Biol., Biologist, Merian-Schule Freiburg, Germany

Sonja A. Boehmer-Christiansen, PhD, Reader, Dept. of Geography, Hull University, U.K.; Editor,
Energy & Environment journal

Chris C. Borel, PhD, remote sensing scientist, U.S.

Reid A. Bryson, PhD, DSc, DEngr, UNE P. Global 500 Laureate; Senior Scientist, Center for
Climatic Research; Emeritus Professor of Meteorology, of Geography, and of Environmental
Studies, University of Wisconsin

Dan Carruthers, M.Sc., wildlife biology consultant specializing in animal ecology in Arctic and
Subarctic regions, Alberta

R.M. Carter, PhD, Professor, Marine Geophysical Laboratory, James Cook University, Townsville, Australia

Ian D. Clark, PhD, Professor, isotope hydrogeology and paleoclimatology, Dept. of Earth
Sciences, University of Ottawa

Richard S. Courtney, PhD, climate and atmospheric science consultant, IPCC expert reviewer,

Willem de Lange, PhD, Dept. of Earth and Ocean Sciences, School of Science and Engineering,
Waikato University, New Zealand

David Deming, PhD (Geophysics), Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, University
of Oklahoma

Freeman J. Dyson, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Institute for Advanced Studies,
Princeton, N.J.

Don J. Easterbrook, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Geology, Western Washington University

Lance Endersbee, Emeritus Professor, former dean of Engineering and Pro-Vice Chancellor of
Monasy University, Australia

Hans Erren, Doctor and us geophysicist and climate specialist, Sittard, The Netherlands

Robert H. Essenhigh, PhD, E.G. Bailey Professor of Energy Conversion, Dept. of Mechanical
Engineering, The Ohio State University

Christopher Essex, PhD, Professor of Applied Mathematics and Associate Director of the Program in Theoretical Physics, University of Western Ontario

David Evans, PhD, mathematician, carbon accountant, computer and electrical engineer and
head of ‘Science Speak,' Australia

William Evans, PhD, editor, American Midland Naturalist; Dept. of Biological Sciences, University
of Notre Dame

Stewart Franks, PhD, Professor, Hydroclimatologist, University of Newcastle, Australia

R. W. Gauldie, PhD, Research Professor, Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, School
of Ocean Earth Sciences and Technology, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Lee C. Gerhard, PhD, Senior Scientist Emeritus, University of Kansas; former director and state
geologist, Kansas Geological Survey

Gerhard Gerlich, Professor for Mathematical and Theoretical Physics, Institut für Mathematische Physik der TU Braunschweig, Germany

Albrecht Glatzle, PhD, sc.agr., Agro-Biologist and Gerente ejecutivo, INTTAS, Paraguay

Fred Goldberg, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Royal Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering,
Stockholm, Sweden

Vincent Gray, PhD, expert reviewer for the IPCC and author of The Greenhouse Delusion: A
Critique of ‘Climate Change 2001, Wellington, New Zealand

William M. Gray, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University
and Head of the Tropical Meteorology Project

Howard Hayden, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Connecticut

Louis Hissink MSc, M.A.I.G., editor, AIG News, and consulting geologist, Perth, Western

Craig D. Idso, PhD, Chairman, Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change,

Sherwood B. Idso, PhD, President, Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change,

Andrei Illarionov, PhD, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity; founder and
director of the Institute of Economic Analysis

Zbigniew Jaworowski, PhD, physicist, Chairman - Scientific Council of Central Laboratory for
Radiological Protection, Warsaw, Poland

Jon Jenkins, PhD, MD, computer modelling - virology, NSW, Australia

Wibjorn Karlen, PhD, Emeritus Professor, Dept. of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology,
Stockholm University, Sweden

Olavi Kärner, Ph.D., Research Associate, Dept. of Atmospheric Physics, Institute of Astrophysics
and Atmospheric Physics, Toravere, Estonia

Joel M. Kauffman, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, University of the Sciences in

David Kear, PhD, FRSNZ, CMG, geologist, former Director-General of NZ Dept. of Scientific &
Industrial Research, New Zealand

Madhav Khandekar, PhD, former research scientist, Environment Canada; editor, Climate
Research (2003-05); editorial board member, Natural Hazards; IPCC expert reviewer 2007

William Kininmonth M.Sc., M.Admin., former head of Australia's National Climate Centre and a
consultant to the World Meteorological organization's Commission for Climatology

Jan J.H. Kop, MSc Ceng FICE (Civil Engineer Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers), Emeritus Prof. of Public Health Engineering, Technical University Delft, The Netherlands

Prof. R.W.J. Kouffeld, Emeritus Professor, Energy Conversion, Delft University of Technology,
The Netherlands
Salomon Kroonenberg, PhD, Professor, Dept. of Geotechnology, Delft University of Technology,
The Netherlands
Hans H.J. Labohm, PhD, economist, former advisor to the executive board, Clingendael Institute
(The Netherlands Institute of International Relations), The Netherlands
The Rt. Hon. Lord Lawson of Blaby, economist; Chairman of the Central Europe Trust; former
Chancellor of the Exchequer, U.K.
Douglas Leahey, PhD, meteorologist and air-quality consultant, Calgary
David R. Legates, PhD, Director, Center for Climatic Research, University of Delaware
Marcel Leroux, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Climatology, University of Lyon, France; former
director of Laboratory of Climatology, Risks and Environment, CNRS
Bryan Leyland, International Climate Science Coalition, consultant and power engineer,
Auckland, New Zealand
William Lindqvist, PhD, independent consulting geologist, Calif.
Richard S. Lindzen, PhD, Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology, Dept. of Earth, Atmospheric
and Planetary Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
A.J. Tom van Loon, PhD, Professor of Geology (Quaternary Geology), Adam Mickiewicz
University, Poznan, Poland; former President of the European Association of Science Editors
Anthony R. Lupo, PhD, Associate Professor of Atmospheric Science, Dept. of Soil,
Environmental, and Atmospheric Science, University of Missouri-Columbia
Richard Mackey, PhD, Statistician, Australia
Horst Malberg, PhD, Professor for Meteorology and Climatology, Institut für Meteorologie, Berlin,
John Maunder, PhD, Climatologist, former President of the Commission for Climatology of the
World Meteorological Organization (89-97), New Zealand
Alister McFarquhar, PhD, international economy, Downing College, Cambridge, U.K.
Ross McKitrick, PhD, Associate Professor, Dept. of Economics, University of Guelph
John McLean, PhD, climate data analyst, computer scientist, Australia
Owen McShane, PhD, economist, head of the International Climate Science Coalition; Director,
Centre for Resource Management Studies, New Zealand
Fred Michel, PhD, Director, Institute of Environmental Sciences and Associate Professor of Earth
Sciences, Carleton University
Frank Milne, PhD, Professor, Dept. of Economics, Queen's University
Asmunn Moene, PhD, former head of the Forecasting Centre, Meteorological Institute, Norway
Alan Moran, PhD, Energy Economist, Director of the IPA's Deregulation Unit, Australia
Nils-Axel Morner, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics, Stockholm
University, Sweden
Lubos Motl, PhD, Physicist, former Harvard string theorist, Charles University, Prague, Czech
John Nicol, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Physics, James Cook University, Australia
David Nowell, M.Sc., Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society, former chairman of the NATO
Meteorological Group, Ottawa
James J. O'Brien, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Meteorology and Oceanography, Florida State
Cliff Ollier, PhD, Professor Emeritus (Geology), Research Fellow, University of Western Australia
Garth W. Paltridge, PhD, atmospheric physicist, Emeritus Professor and former Director of the
Institute of Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies, University of Tasmania, Australia
R. Timothy Patterson, PhD, Professor, Dept. of Earth Sciences (paleoclimatology), Carleton
Al Pekarek, PhD, Associate Professor of Geology, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Dept., St.
Cloud State University, Minnesota
Ian Plimer, PhD, Professor of Geology, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University
of Adelaide and Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne, Australia
Brian Pratt, PhD, Professor of Geology, Sedimentology, University of Saskatchewan
Harry N.A. Priem, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Planetary Geology and Isotope Geophysics,
Utrecht University; former director of the Netherlands Institute for Isotope Geosciences
Alex Robson, PhD, Economics, Australian National University Colonel F.P.M. Rombouts, Branch
Chief - Safety, Quality and Environment, Royal Netherland Air Force
R.G. Roper, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences, School of Earth and Atmospheric
Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology
Arthur Rorsch, PhD, Emeritus Professor, Molecular Genetics, Leiden University, The Netherlands
Rob Scagel, M.Sc., forest microclimate specialist, principal consultant, Pacific Phytometric
Consultants, B.C.
Tom V. Segalstad, PhD, (Geology/Geochemistry), Head of the Geological Museum and Associate
Professor of Resource and Environmental Geology, University of Oslo, Norway
Gary D. Sharp, PhD, Center for Climate/Ocean Resources Study, Salinas, CA
S. Fred Singer, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia and
former director Weather Satellite Service
L. Graham Smith, PhD, Associate Professor, Dept. of Geography, University of Western Ontario
Roy W. Spencer, PhD, climatologist, Principal Research Scientist, Earth System Science Center,
The University of Alabama, Huntsville
Peter Stilbs, TeknD, Professor of Physical Chemistry, Research Leader, School of Chemical
Science and Engineering, KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), Stockholm, Sweden
Hendrik Tennekes, PhD, former director of research, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
Dick Thoenes, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Chemical Engineering, Eindhoven University of
Technology, The Netherlands
Brian G Valentine, PhD, PE (Chem.), Technology Manager - Industrial Energy Efficiency, Adjunct
Associate Professor of Engineering Science, University of Maryland at College Park; Dept of
Energy, Washington, DC
Gerrit J. van der Lingen, PhD, geologist and paleoclimatologist, climate change consultant,
Geoscience Research and Investigations, New Zealand
Len Walker, PhD, Power Engineering, Australia
Edward J. Wegman, PhD, Department of Computational and Data Sciences, George Mason
University, Virginia
Stephan Wilksch, PhD, Professor for Innovation and Technology Management, Production
Management and Logistics, University of Technolgy and Economics Berlin, Germany
Boris Winterhalter, PhD, senior marine researcher (retired), Geological Survey of Finland, former
professor in marine geology, University of Helsinki, Finland
David E. Wojick, PhD, P.Eng., energy consultant, Virginia
Raphael Wust, PhD, Lecturer, Marine Geology/Sedimentology, James Cook University, Australia
A. Zichichi, PhD, President of the World Federation of Scientists, Geneva, Switzerland; Emeritus
Professor of Advanced Physics, University of Bologna, Italy

Andy Wickersham: Who Says There’s No Difference Between Democrats and Republicans?

"When it comes to assessing blame for this country’s financial problems, the two parties are nowhere near equally responsible."

Alan Caruba: Climategate: A Willful Ignorance

"Unless one was determined upon a willful ignorance of those truths, the vast body of lies that continue to be reported would and should sink beneath the weight of real science, legitimate science, not the computer model inventions that conveniently ignore the Medieval Warm period when temperatures were higher than they are now, a time when Chaucer (1342-1400) would write of vineyards in northern England, a time well before the Industrial Revolution and the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) that result from the use of coal, oil, and natural gas.

"It is only willful ignorance that would keep a reporter or anyone else from knowing what has been known for years, that CO2 increases over the past 300,000 years have never caused temperature rise. Indeed, the rise of CO2 always follows in the wake of a temperature increase. What is so terribly wrong about the Copenhagen conference and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change sponsoring it is that its own member scientists know that too."

Gary Sutton: The Fiction Of Climate Science

"You can't blame these scientists for sucking up to the fed's mantra du jour. Scientists live off grants. Remember how Galileo recanted his preaching about the earth revolving around the sun? He, of course, was about to be barbecued by his leaders. Today's scientists merely lose their cash flow. Threats work."

Dr. Alan Bates: The Global Warming Scam Comes To A Head

"It is a shame that such a large number of our children and many adults have been brainwashed to believe not only in global warming but that Americans are responsible for it and must change which energy resources we use and how much we expend in order to correct a problem which does not even exist! The REAL scientific community knows quite well that for the past 12 years the Earth has actually been cooling, and that cooling and warming cycles alternate largely under the influence of our Sun as has always occurred. Greenhouse gases are mostly water vapor and CO2 is but a tiny fraction of these gases. CO2 is necessary for plantlife to produce the oxygen we breath, and most of it is produced by ocean plankton. The content of greenhouse gases has shown a significant change over the centuries but in the opposite direction from that promulgated by the environmental whackos. Huge amounts of atmospheric CO2 were present long ago compared to today—just witness that pollution in America has significantly diminished with the decline of factory smokestacks which once dominated our industrial landscape and the reduced automobile emissions over the past couple of decades."

Washington Times: Media complicity in Climategate

"Jon Stewart: 'Why would you go and throw out data from the 1980s? I still have Penthouses from the 1970s.'"


"Obama even intimated that he was prepared to extend the war well beyond Pakistan. He told the West Point cadets, 'The struggle against violent extremism will not be finished quickly, and it extends WELL BEYOND Afghanistan and Pakistan.'

"Just how far beyond Afghanistan and Pakistan Obama intends to extend the war he did not say, but there is no question he is fully prepared to broaden the war even further."

An Email to Friend on BLACK FRIDAY = RACISM?


What is worse than open racists are the condescending white liberals who pretend not to be racist. It has become fashionable among them to be white Jesse Jacksons or Al Sharptons now. If there was something to Black Friday, Jesse, Al, and the Congressional Black Caucus would complain but they didn't.

Check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Friday_%28shopping%29

"The term "Black Friday" originated in Philadelphia in reference to the heavy traffic on that day (see Origin of the name "Black Friday" below). More recently, merchants and the media have used it instead to refer to the beginning of the period in which retailers go from being in the red (i.e., posting a loss on the books) to being in the black (i.e., turning a profit)."

Therefore it had nothing to do with race. Also I discovered there have been Black Saturdays, Black Sundays, Black Mondays, Black Tuesdays, Black Wednesdays, Black Thursdays, and other Black Fridays, nothing to do with black people at all.

And look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc1zGRUPztc

and this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWOrz_pitQk

Now look at this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_hole

"According to the general theory of relativity, a black hole is a region of space from which nothing, including light, can escape. It is the result of the defomation of spacetime caused by a very compact mass. Around a black hole there is an undetecable surface which marks the point of no return, called an event horizon. It is called "black" because it absorbs all the light that comes towards it, reflecting nothing, just like a perfect black body in thermodynamics.[1] Under the theory of quantum mechanics black holes possess a temperature and emit Hawking radiation." Nothing to do with race at all.

Now if it used to be called a "Colored Hole" or a "Negro Hole" or an "Afro-American Hole" the councilman would have had a point.

Same with Joy Behar. If Black Friday was called "Negro Friday" she would have had a point.

It's as if we own the word "black" and we complain of unauthorized usage. Black only refers to us and nothing else.

That means "Black Flag" bug killer is racist.

Black hole, Angel food cake and Devil's food cake racist.

Walter E Williams - Inflation and Deficits

Climate Treaty - The Darkest Hour

Political Grapevine: Whatever Happened to the President's Promise About Transparency?

Liar Liar: EPA says greenhouse gases pose a health threat

Yid with Lid: White House Censorship? NPR Trying to Keep its Reporter Off of Fox News

"Mara Liasson is the national political correspondent for National Public Radio (NPR) and also regularly appears on Fox News Channel's Special Report and Fox News Sunday. It is incredible how far the Obama administration may have taken its 'war' on Fox news.

"According to Politico, NPR, which is partially funded by the US Government, tried to strong-arm Liasson off of Fox News."

R.O. Blechman CBS Christmas Message (1966)

Income Tax Cut, JFK Hopes To Spur Economy 1962/8/13

Brother X says: "Bush made Kennedy say that!"

Maurice Clemmons killed by Seattle police

"While the death of Clemmons ends the story of the manhunt for him, the story of how this guy slipped through the crack of both the Washington and Arkansas justice systems begins. We will no doubt learn of the various ways dangerous criminals fall though the cracks. In the process keep in mind this administration’s decision to process dangerous mass murdering terrorist through the same imperfect system."

Brother X say: "Clemmons was a hero!"

I say anyone who says Clemmons was a hero is a terminal idiot.

New York Post: Student kills prof

"An upstate graduate student was charged yesterday with stabbing a beloved anthropology professor to death.

"Saudi national Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani, 46, was held without bail for the murder of Binghamton University professor Richard Antoun, 77, an expert on comparative religion, authorities said.

"Al-Zahrani, a cultural-anthropology grad student, allegedly pulled out a six-inch kitchen knife and stabbed Antoun four times in the chest in the professor's campus office Friday.

"Student Devin Sheppard said the suspect was at the scene when cops arrived.

"The police asked the grad student, 'Did you just stab him?' and he said, 'Yes.' "

Now go here http://www.urgentagenda.com/PERMALINKS%20IV/DEC%202009/06.MURDER.HTML

Marc Sheppard: Understanding Climategate's Hidden Decline

"Warmist Public Enemy Number One: The Medieval Warming Period"

Herman Cain: 5 steps to kick start job creation

"Here are those suggestions, plus three more, none of which were even mentioned at the jobs summit. Once again, these are not original ideas. They are just common sense ideas that several people have suggested, but somehow they have not made it to the president's ear:

1. Suspend the payroll tax for one year

This gives an immediate 7.65 percent increase in take-home pay to all workers. It also lowers the payroll costs for all employers by 7.65 percent for one year. A total of about $900 billion would be injected directly into the economy immediately, rather than through the inefficiency of the federal government.

2. Suspend federal tax on repatriated profits

Multi-national U.S. businesses are hungry for cash flow, which could come from cash they have sitting in foreign countries to avoid double taxation. The last time this was only partially done, in 2005 during the Bush administration, nearly $300 billion dollars came back to U.S. businesses from their overseas operations.

3. Pass tax-cutting legislation, not more tax credits

Tax credits come after the fact. Tax cuts for businesses come before you have to lay more people off. And if they are the "right" tax cuts, businesses may even be able to hire some people.

4. Suspend limits on business investment deductions

Accounting rules require businesses to depreciate large business investments over time, rather than deduct the full expenditure in the year it was spent. This puts a strain on business cash flow, which is needed to add jobs.

5. Suspend proposed job-killer legislation

Suspend work on passage of cap-and-trade legislation and health-care legislation. They are both huge new taxes on businesses, and the prospect of passage has businesses in a state of "stop." They stop hiring. They stop taking risks. And they stop investing in their businesses. All of these "stops" are job killers. They are not job creators.

6. Replace tax code with single consumption tax

This is popularly known as the Fair Tax, H.R. 25. It would produce a huge sucking sound of businesses from around the world wanting to establish businesses here in the U.S. It would super-charge our economy like never before. It gives power back to the people. What a patriotic idea!

"Mr. President, I know the sixth suggestion would cause your fellow Democrats in Congress to have massive political coronaries, so just focus on the first five and you could save this economy, and possibly your presidency. "

Aaron Klein: Palin: OK to press Obama's eligibility

"I think the public rightfully is still making it an issue. I don't have a problem with that. I don't know if I would have to bother to make it an issue, because I think that members of the electorate still want answers."