"What luck for the rulers that men do not think." -Adolf Hitler
"I will bring this war to an end in 2009. So don’t be confused." -- Senator Barack Obama

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"If the government robs Peter to pay Paul, he can count on the continued support of Paul.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

DAVID LIMBAUGH: An Unusually Bad Prevaricator, Unusually Bad

"Bush has no control over what Obama is doing now. He is not making Obama implement bankrupting 'stimulus' packages and soaring expenditures across the board (excluding the paltry, dishonest 17 percent discretionary spending freeze delayed until 2011).

"It's as if your wife controlled your household finances the year before and ran up enormous debt, threatening your family's solvency, and when you took over the following year, you said: 'Well, I'm going to spend more than she did even though it's my money, too, because she did it, so I can, too. We'll go bankrupt, but it will only be partially my fault.'

"Too bad we have to wait until 2012 to get a divorce."

Andrew Wakefield, Scientific Censorship, and Fourteen Monkeys; A statement by Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey

"At great risk to their professional careers, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey have found the courage to dare to tell the truth about vaccines and autism. Despite the vicious attacks by the pro-vaccine zealots who will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who challenges conventional vaccine mythology, McCarthy and Carrey have issued a powerful, inspired statement that reveals the truth behind the Big Pharma smear campaign that is intent on destroying the reputation of Dr. Andrew Wakefield before he can publish the final results of this important new study."

The Bankruptcy of the United States is Now Certain

"When governments go bankrupt it's called 'a default.' Currency speculators figured out how to accurately predict when a country would default. Two well-known economists - Alan Greenspan and Pablo Guidotti - published the secret formula in a 1999 academic paper. That's why the formula is called the Greenspan-Guidotti rule. The rule states: To avoid a default, countries should maintain hard currency reserves equal to at least 100% of their short-term foreign debt maturities. The world's largest money management firm, PIMCO, explains the rule this way: 'The minimum benchmark of reserves equal to at least 100% of short-term external debt is known as the Greenspan-Guidotti rule. Greenspan-Guidotti is perhaps the single concept of reserve adequacy that has the most adherents and empirical support.'

"The principle behind the rule is simple. If you can't pay off all of your foreign debts in the next 12 months, you're a terrible credit risk. Speculators are going to target your bonds and your currency, making it impossible to refinance your debts. A default is assured.

Hyperinflation The Shocking Video Barack H Obama Doesn't want you to see

MP John Redwood: Labour’s great mistakes

We need to remember:

Conservatives opposed Mr Brown’s changes to the Bank of England which stripped it of important powers and contributed to the banking crash.

Conservatives opposed the switch in inflation target before the 2005 election, a switch which led to a bigger credit bubble than we wanted.

Conservatives opposed the excessive deficit of the last year, voting against the VAT reduction and proposing lower spending.

Conservatives opposed the tax raid on Britain’s pension funds, a raid which led to the closure of most funds to new members and the winding up of many funds.

Conservatives opposed the Nice, Amsterdam and Lisbon Treaties, because they transferred power to Brussels.

Conservatives opposed Labour’s lax approach to our borders, wanting proper border controls and limits on numbers.

Conservatives offered a refererendum on Lisbon and voted for one in the Commons. Lib Dems and Labour ratted on their promise and voted it down.

Conservatives opposed much of the new red tape which now envelops local government and business.

Conservatives opposed attacks on our freedoms and civil liberties.

Jim O'Neill: The Constitution, Nazis, and the Corpse Man

"In his State of the Union address, Obama stated that 'We find unity in our incredible diversity, drawing on the promise enshrined in our Constitution: the notion that we are all created equal….”

"Darn near made me want to stand up and salute, (something our POTUS could use some lessons in, by the way). There’s a problem here, however. It turns out that 'the notion that we are all created equal' is not 'enshrined in our Constitution'—it’s from the Declaration of Independence.

"Doesn’t say much for Obama’s grasp of the Constitution, when he confuses the U.S. Constitution, with the Declaration of Independence

"This mistaken attribution is an understandable faux pas for your average 'Joe six-pack,' but Obama’s supposed to be a Harvard-trained Constitutional lawyer. It doesn’t say much for Harvard Law School, or Obama’s grasp of the Constitution, when he confuses the U.S. Constitution, with the Declaration of Independence."

Report: NYT ready to drop scandal bombshell on New York governor

"HuffPo’s got all the links you need pointing to a sex scandal, which makes the deja vu here doubly intense. (Paterson copped to infidelity on practically his first day on the job, but the rumors have picked up again lately.) The story’s not that politically interesting on the surface. Paterson’s headed for an unholy beating by Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary if he’s dumb enough to run again, so the only major fallout from this will be to convince him not to. But that presents the question: Could the story have been leaked to the Times by Democrats anxious about a primary fight that might weaken Cuomo in a tough November political climate? Come to think of it, wasn’t the White House reportedly leaning on Paterson to retire months ago? Hmmmmm. Watch your back, Deval Patrick!"

What a Wonderful Country,by Lloyd Marcus guest on Orlando's TV45, Good Life Show

Say 'Global Warming Is Man-Made' OR ELSE!!

Global Warming Scam

Creating rights from hurt feelings

"Someone with a disorder like Tourette Syndrome does not have a right to go to Starbucks and disturb other patrons by pounding on the wall and cursing loudly, and Starbucks does not have an obligation to accommodate people with Tourette Syndrome."

Commissioner Goodell, Is This Divisive?

"NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke out against Rush Limbaugh’s being a potential minority owner of the St. Louis Rams because he was 'divisive'. Since then, two minority owners of the Miami Dolphins (Jennifer Lopez and Fergie) have engaged in present and past conduct that could be considered divisive, but nothing that caught the attention of Goodell or the NFL."

WSJ's Steven Moore Response to President in Nashua, NH, Part II

WSJ's Steven Moore Response to President in Nashua, NH, Part I

NASHUA, N.H.--Americans for Prosperity and Cornerstone Policy Research co-hosted a Town Hall event featuring the Wall Street Journal's Steven Moore in Nashua on Tuesday just hours after President Obama tried to sell his incompetent, failed agenda for a second time to New Hampshire residents.

Protesters gathered outside the president's Town Hall meeting, then gathered a few miles away for a libertarian-conservative version that challenged the president on his budget proposals, his spending problem, his health care obsession, his lies about the discredited man-made global warming theory, and his general misguided, flawed philosophy.


Obama Budget Would 1 Create Highest-ever Deficit

Response To Tim Tebow

The great global warming collapse

"As the science scandals keep coming, the air has gone out of the climate-change movement"

Obama's 2011 Budget Tax Hikes Contradict Focus on Job Creation

"Higher taxes on businesses, upper-income taxpayers, and fossil fuels; an increased death tax; and new taxes to pay for health care would destroy jobs and slow economic recovery. Congress should reject these higher taxes and the rest of its business-killing agenda to speed economic growth and encourage job creation."

Tax-Credit-for-Hire: Another Failed Stimulus Policy in the Pipeline

"Businesses are not making the decision to not hire—or lay off current workers—because they simply want to keep their workforce smaller. Instead, as a result of depressed demand during the recession, companies are continuing to face lower sales and overall revenues. Most companies—particularly small- and medium-sized companies—are making these employment decisions to shore up on costs to survive during the recession. As an example, if a company determines that a worker is too costly to employ at $25,000, that worker will remain costly at $20,000, especially when there is no new work for the company. This is holds for a business of any size."

Morning Bell: Second Stimulus, Same as the First

"And the specific policies being talked about on Capitol Hill for this second round of stimulus are particularly pernicious. The $5,000 tax credit for any business that hires a new worker not only does not create any incentive for already-struggling companies to begin hiring, it could even result in some currently unemployed individuals remaining unemployed until the tax credit is passed into law, or similarly, some companies firing some workers and then re-hiring once the tax credit is passed into law."

The Jobs Summit: Jobs Failure 2.0

"Washington repeatedly fails because it refuses to admit that almost without exception government actions do not increase employment on net. Only the private sector in pursuit of opportunity can create jobs on net. The best we can hope from government is that it keeps to a minimum the jobs it prevents and the income and wealth it destroys."

Pity the Democrat Members of Congress

"That brings up the question of why the Democrats in Congress have been willing to fall on their swords to advance this agenda when it only hurts them and not Obama. One would think that the vulnerable Democrats would have long since have seen the handwriting on the wall and told Obama they were all through paying such a heavy price for advancing his agenda. The election of Scott Brown does seem to have been the necessary wake-up call for a lot of them. Perhaps that is why his agenda has suddenly screeched to a halt. The odd part of all of this is that Obama is still pushing his far left agenda seemingly oblivious to the damage it is doing to his party. If you truly believe Obama's claim that he is not an ideologue then we have this great bridge in Brooklyn we can make you a great deal on."

The A-TEAM ( Actually The "O" TEAM )

Islamic Culture: Women as Sex Toys

I won't serve two full terms - Clinton

"US SECRETARY of State Hillary Clinton says she will not serve a full eight years if President Barack Obama wins another term, hoping eventually to retire to writing and teaching."

Translation: Regrouping.

Obama Continues His Post-Budget Slide (Its All Keynes Fault)

"Much of the reason for the drop is people's mis-trust of the President's budget and his strategy for digging out of our economic crisis. Voter believe that Keynes had it all wrong."

An Honest IPCC Scientist Tackles 'ClimateGate'

The Love Affair's Over-Europe is Growing Tired of President Obama

...In spite of unusual enthusiasm on the Continent about his 2008 election, they said, Europeans have delivered much less than the new president expected on Afghanistan, climate change and other items high on Mr. Obama's agenda.
Many Europeans have had their own hopes dashed, officials on both sides of the Atlantic said. After eight often testy years dealing with President George W. Bush, they thought Mr. Obama would change the world to their liking, but now realize that any American president will act in his country's interests first.

"We are in a period of managing down some unrealistic expectations about what the administration was going to do," said Heather A. Conley, director of the Europe Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and deputy assistant secretary of state in the Bureau for European and Eurasian Affairs during Mr. Bush's first term.
"It has to be ironic to some Europeans that Bush didn't miss a summit" despite the almost constant European criticism of his foreign policy and his unpopularity in Europe, but that it will be Mr. Obama who will skip an annual meeting that has taken place since 1991, Ms. Conley said.

"Europe is taking this awfully badly," she added.
Le Monde, the leading French daily, noted in an editorial Tuesday, "Bush wasn't the problem; Obama isn't the solution. ... The allies are discovering that the misunderstandings go beyond personalities."
Because of Mr. Obama's absence, Spain, which currently holds the EU's rotating presidency, is likely to cancel the Madrid summit, diplomats said. The White House's snub was an embarrassment to Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, and was leaked just days before he was scheduled to meet with Mr. Obama on Friday.

Hope Is Fading Fast!

Don't tell me. It's Bush's fault!

4409 -- Poison control says industrial waste is good for you!

Obama Is Smarter Than You

What if this was George W. Bush (or even Dan Quayle)?

NBC CookS Fried Chicken & Collard Greens For Black History Month Dinner - HIPHOPNEWS24-7.COM

Why are liberals so condescending?


Cuba 1963: Inside castro’s prisons

"This nightmare continues 90 miles off the US coast, the place travel agents can't wait to sell you a ticket to, the place where members of congress, many having enjoyed the bloody tyrants hospitality, can't wait to sell their states goods. This is the place where so-called Cuba 'experts' talk about reform, and the need to get beyond 'cold war thinking and policy.'

"I think it's time to stop covering up for mass murdering dictators and demand justice for their victims."

MSNBC Libtalker Ed Schultz Also Uses 'Retarded', Will He Be Denounced Like Rush Limbaugh?

Global Warming hoax debunked in 3 minutes