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Friday, February 19, 2010

Why I love watching Keith Olbermann

"Well, Mr. Olbermann, you can go here and check out the pictures from my post about Fort Worth's 9-12 rally. Hispanics, if memory serves, were possibly over-represented. African-Americans were probably under-represented, especially women, but the men were there in fairly large numbers. (Mostly older guys, ex-military, and wearing their camo/caps/etc. with insignia to designate their branch of service.)

"And please indulge me for indulging in this stereotype: I've NEVER seen Asians at these events, probably because they're too busy working. You can go here to see that the Asian vote is almost evenly split between Republicrats and Demoblicans. So far, they've resisted left-wing victimization programs.

"I didn't take these pictures with the goal of filling racial quotas, as Olbermann seem to advocate, but the random sampling I posted kinda indicates that the 9-12 rally was a lot more diverse than (ahem) Mr. Olbermann's employer."

Olbermann asks.. Where are you, black faces?

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Barack Obama ’83, My Columbia College Roommate

"Based on my six years of knowing him in college and the years immediately after, I can vouch that Barack is a man of character, and I trust him to do the right things when he is President."

A man of character? Do the right things? Now I'm suspicious of the authenticity of this article.

Fact Checking Team Obama's Stimulus Claims

Gibson Explains to Caller How Olbermann Became Bathtub Boy!

Breitbart at CPAC: Maddow is a propagandist

Racist Garofalo to the Rescue

"As a black man, I love it when ignorant white women like Janeane Garofalo speak for all blacks. It's thrilling to me that Janeane would take time out of her busy Hollyweird life to protect me and my peeps -- the downtrodden, the oppressed...the lowly Negro.

"For her efforts, I thank Garofalo, and anoint her Janeane Garofalo: White Chick Protector of the Lowly Negro.

"Who better than she to offer such protection? Garofalo, after all is an American hero! And I bet you were wondering who could possibly replace the likes of Barbara Streisand or Susan Sarandon…Madonna?

"Garofalo is so in touch with the black condition, that she is uniquely qualified to assess and understand my people's 'condition.' Her intimate knowledge of blacks allows her to interpret how blacks think, and then translate 'black-think' for the rest of America. "'Cuz Lawd knows, we kaints do dis for ourselfs.'

"One source of Garofalo's insights into the black community, ergo the 'black condition' is no doubt from Hollywood, as she is a product of that culture. Garofalo probably has in her movie collection films like Cleopatra Jones, the black heroine who is oppressed by the man.

"What 'White Chick Protector of the Lowly Negro' collection would be complete without Superfly. Talk about learning how to stick it to the man, Superfly is the boilerplate, dare I say the White Chick Protector of the Lowly Negro' roadmap on how to stick it to the man. Further, Ron O'Neal, the actor who played Superfly, the black protagonist of the movie could easily be the predecessor for our first half-black president. Who can argue that Obama is indeed 'sticking it to the white man?'

"The irony of Garofalo's comments is that they point directly at her own racist party: the Democrats!

"I am always amazed at how well Democrats argue the tenets of racism…against themselves. The party that founded the Ku Klux Klan has the nerve to proselytize to Republicans about racism.

"Democrats have done nothing, repeat nothing for blacks, except to exploit blacks for Democrats' own racist agendas. If you don't believe me, look at, well…Janeane Garofalo!

"Garofalo is a failed comedian, a hack of an actress, a failed radio talk-show host, and essentially has been out of the mainstream since making B-movies that had the viewership of an Olbermann segment on MSNBC! I get more views on my YouTube videos of racist Democrats picking lent from their navels and eating Cheetos. Admittedly those are funny, and the hit count is rising.

"In typical racist Democrat elitist fashion, Garofalo feels the need to meddle in the black community. I can't imagine a life where I wake up in the morning and say something like, 'I think today I will read an article on [insert oppressed here], and then go on [insert oppressed here] TV to protect those pitiful, stupid, weak [insert oppressed here]. Kevin…you are a wonderful man for caring about these people who obviously have no spokesperson, and can't protect themselves! I love me some ME!' Such is the life of a racist Democrat elitist. Protectors of the World…oh, and their own agendas!"

Dear Janeane Garofalo, No I do not hate the color of my own skin

"Janeane, Janeane Janeane. Is it your intention to transform the term 'racism' as insignificant, as benign as, I don’t know..let’s say the word 'rock'? You know those inanimate objects that are rattling around in your otherwise empty skull.
Keep watering it down and that may eventually be the ends to your means.

"Proud of yourself? You race card playing self hating bigoted mentally disturbed loon."

Which Obama Did You Vote For

Obama supporters are starting to push back

"Now that plans are being finalized for the trial in New York starting May 14th, Obama supporters are starting to get nervous. The fact that Manning can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Barack Obama never attended Columbia University, at least not in any capacity as a student, is not what the Obots want to hear."

Roseanne Barr Slams Obama!

Brother X says: "Roseanne is racist #$$##$##$$$$$!"

Libtalker - Gary Coleman 'Like A Little Black Leprechaun'

Team Obama Wrong about Iran--Again

"Last week when Iranian tyrant Ahmadinejad announced that his country was upgrading their uranium enrichment to 20% the Obama administration was skeptical. Spokesman Robert Gibbs said:

'Quite frankly, what -- what Ahmadinejad says -- he says many things and many of them turn out to be untrue,' Gbbs said. 'We do not believe they have the capability to enrich to the degree to which they now say they are enriching.'

"Today the United Nations weighed in and and made an announcement proving once again that our President is absolutely wrong about Iran:

'An International Atomic Energy Agency report expresses worry that Iran may be working on a nuclear warhead, despite a 2007 U.S. intelligence assessment that found the Islamic Republic stopped such work in 2003.

'The United Nations' nuclear watchdog also confirmed that Iran had indeed enriched uranium to nearly 20 percent, a claim made by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during revolutionary anniversary festivities last week but rebuffed by the White House.

"'We do not believe they have the capability to enrich to the degree they say they are enriching,' White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said at last Thursday's daily briefing.

"But the IAEA report, a confidential document obtained by the Associated Press, said that Iran had hit 19.8 percent enrichment on two days last week.

"'I think the conclusions of the report are consistent with what the secretary was saying in the region this week,' State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said Thursday. "We have ongoing concerns about Iran's activities. We cannot explain why it refuses to come to the table and engage constructively to answer the questions that have been raised, and you have to draw some conclusions from that."

"The report by the new head of the IAEA, Yukiya Amano, appears to raise greater concerns about Iran's capabilities than the assessments of his predecessor, Mohamed ElBaradei."