"What luck for the rulers that men do not think." -Adolf Hitler
"I will bring this war to an end in 2009. So don’t be confused." -- Senator Barack Obama

"If you don't like Obama, you is a racist!" -- Kelonda

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"If the government robs Peter to pay Paul, he can count on the continued support of Paul.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

How They Brainwash A Nation

The B&R Midnight Matinee

Black Political History Test

Harry (Racist) Reid: Obama Has No “Negro Dialect”‎

"He should be fired! We all know that had this been a Republican, there would be calls for his/her head. This statement by Reid shows that despite being liberal, you can be racist! This is much worse than anything that Sen. Trent Lott said yet the same Democrats who attacked Lott are probaly going to give Harry (Racist) Reid a pass?"

VIDEO: Will Obama Lose Maureen Dowd and the Far Left Over National Security?

The System Worked.

The System Did Not Work.

Who is telling the truth?

Harry Reid goes "Negro" on Barack Obama, Jeopardizes Senate Seat!

"Democrat makes racist comment: I accept your apology" - Obama

"Republican makes racist comment: You need to resign" - Obama

Why Do 91% of Black Folks STILL Support Obama?

"How sad is it that none of the respondents could offer an apologetic based on facts. Just vague generalities such as 'he is doing a marvelous job' or 'they (the republicans) won't let him do his job'. I hate to be hard on that really nice old guy but he is completely uninformed (I'm purposely not saying "dumb as a box a rocks" but feel free to infer my sentiment).

"I have never been so embarrassed and ashamed of my people as I have been since Obama came on the scene. Racism chasers will say that I'm self-hating because I reject the collective ignorance of black folks who voted and will vote again for Barack Obama for two reasons -- because he is black and/or because they are uninformed. It doesn't occur to them I suppose that those who find 'hope' in the person of Barack Obama are pretty darn deficient the in 'self-love' department. Those black folks who can and undoubtedly will offer an apologetic based on facts are either Socialist, Communist, Maoist, or of some other equally deviant persuasion. Unfortunately, however I'm sure that considerably less than 50% of those who still support the POTUS fall into that egregious category. Seriously, how sad is it that the interviewer was able to get the kindly old gentleman to confess his conservatism -- he's no socialist, maoist communist deviant -- he is a conservative. Why doesn't he vote that way? Again, two reasons -- racist or stupid (perhaps both)."

Obama's Light Skin Is What attracted voters according to Senator Harry Reid

Dear Friends

Many of you became very angry with me, when I told you long before the election, that whites would not vote for Obama if he was dark skinned, over weight, with thick lips and kinky hair and still had a law degree from Harvard and experience as a community Organizer. If you recall, I said whites Democrats and Independents (and some Republicans) would for him because he was the right kind of black, and not a black that looked like Allen Keyes. When will black America wake up and learn what is really going on. Some of our people are so easily deceived.

Senator Harry Reid's apology, today regarding Obama's light skin color is proof that what I said was true.

I also stated when Obama bad-mouthed President Bush on many of his policies and practices, he was going to reap what he sowed and that whites who voted for him would turn on him and start bad-mouthing him on his policies. Many thought I was hoping that this would all happen, when I was only quoting what Bible has told us about reaping and sowing. Blacks cheered as Obama talked about Bush, now we see the same thing happening to him. Whites by the millions are no longer afraid of the "race card" nor are they afraid of being called "racist" - they are going after the president, and this includes news anchors on CNN, ABC and MSNBC (for the first time).

Not only are whites criticizing him, the Congress Black Caucus, the Black Broadcasters, 75,000 Black Farmers, the presidents of the Historical Black Colleges, black parents in Chicago, black leaders in Detroit, many black websites and some bold black preachers are all joining in on the criticism. Trust me, it is going to get worse before it gets better and it may get so bad that Axlerod and Emanuel will plot and find a way to get rid of the President so they won't be blamed for his policies. Now on the last prediction, you will note that I said they "may plot," - not that it will happen. But I wouldn't put it pass them. Obama has two white crooks as his chief advisors.

As blacks, we better follow the Word of God and not these politicians whether they are black or white or Democrats or Republicans. This was my advice in my book: Unfounded Loyalty in 2004 and it is still my advice today (see pages 125-145). Pray, because we have some rough days ahead of all us, but we brought it on ourselves.

Wayne Perryman

Left’s Blueprint for Destroying America Posted Online

"A document titled 'National Progressive and Party Infrastructure' offers a few clues."

CHARLES HURT: Hillary was right! O fails the '3 a.m. phone' test

"On a day when the administration desperately hoped to calm America's fears that a soft-headed, bumbling raft of politically correct peaceniks had taken over and fallen asleep at the national security switch, there wasn't much to see in the White House other than bungling of previous bungles.

"These guys could not even settle on a time for Obama to address the country without rescheduling four times.

"When he finally did speak -- in the late afternoon -- Obama offered a crushing analysis.

"Evaluating all the ways in which his administration failed leading up to the attempted crotch-bombing of a US airliner on Christmas Day, Obama declared it a 'systemic failure.'

"Yes, indeed.

"Far more terrifying was how basic and fundamental these breakdowns were.

"In the future, Obama said, 'we must follow the leads that we get.'

"You think?

"'We can't sit on information that could protect the American people.'


"'We must do better in keeping dangerous people off of airplanes.'

"You don't say!

"Is anyone else feeling a little less than reassured right about now?"

John Merline: President Obama's Lonely C-SPAN Fight

"Rarely does a politician get caught in such a blatant break of a campaign promise as President Obama did with his 'I'll put health care negotiations on C-SPAN' pledge. Which is perhaps why Obama is finding so few friends rushing to his defense."

Dan Gainor: Washington Liberals Find This Election Isn't Their Cup of Tea

"Even their own pollsters have warned Democrats they could lose up to 50 seats in the House – enough for the GOP to take control of that half of Congress, despite the party’s own departures. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid could also lose his job. And the seats formerly held by President Obama and Vice President Biden are in jeopardy.

"Sure Obama’s done a rotten job in his first year – from the outlandishly pricey stimulus bill to a sleazy attempt at seizing the health care industry. But those moves are only partly to blame for falling poll numbers and the rats leaving the sinking ship.

"Obama’s in hot water over a cup of tea."

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann: More Dems Will Call It Quits

"Other than the H1N1 virus, the most contagious disease in our nation's capital is retirement. It is catching. The more Democrats that quit, the more others are also encouraged to hang it up. Retirements like those of Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., and Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., turn off donors to Democratic incumbents, encourage viable Republican challengers to get in races around the nation and lead other incumbent Dems to think about spending more time as lobbyists making money in Washington."

Victor Davis Hanson: Bush Did It! And, Really, Bush Did It! And Bush Really Did It!

"Quit whining about closing Guantanamo, and close the damn thing. It either is useful or not. The American people are getting sick and tired of this sort of 'Bush made me keep it open even though it is counter-productive' whining."

Bob Owens: Did Abdulmutallab Want to Fail? Eh, No

There Must Be a Full Moon Out

"My gut feeling is this was deliberate, this was deliberately done in order to put the Obama Administration in such a vice grip, that it’s impossible to get anything done, to raise so much fear, this is what Republicans do, this is what they do."
— Mike Malloy, talk radio host

"So, any idea what Republican got to the brief bomber and talked him into wearing a bomb on his groin just to embarrass Barack Obama? It had to be an extremely compelling argument, because I can’t think of one Democrat worth blowing myself up over."

Bob Parks: Quote Of The Day

"It’s instructional that some in the United States Senate still use the word ‘negro’, but I guess it could’ve been worse."

AP: Analysis: Obama's buck-stopping goes only so far

"He says 'the buck stops with me,' but nearly a year into office, President Barack Obama is still blaming a lot of the nation's troubles — the economy, terrorism, health care — on George W. Bush.

"Over and over, Obama keeps reminding Americans of the mess he inherited and all he's doing to fix it. A sharper, give-me-some-credit tone has emerged in his language as he bemoans people's fleeting memory about what life was like way back in 2008, particularly on the economy."

Reid apologizes for 'no Negro dialect' comment

Brother X: "He ain't sound like he black!"

Understanding the Democrats' Scheme

"America should brace for the biggest vote fraud and election theft caper of all time on election night 2010 -- and in the months following."

Dems kow-tow to teacher's union - kill successful DC voucher progam

"The Democrats have consistently cultivated a public image as the party of the little guy, the party that stands up against big interests and protects the rights of minorities. You would think that a program that helps minority students, lowers costs, and increases funds for public schools would be right up their alley. You would be wrong.

"The Democrats in Congress have essentially killed Washington D.C.'s Opportunity Scholarship Program effectively throwing nearly 2000 disadvantaged students back into one of the worst school systems in the country. The very popular program had a long waiting list and has strong support in the community is now being de-funded. The fact that the program had a record of academic and financial success made no difference.

"It's important to review what the pilot program had accomplished. A Federal evaluation of the program found that it was significantly narrowing the achievement gap for Black and Hispanic participants. The kicker is that the program cost just $7,500 per student or just over half what the district spent on a per student basis in 2009."

Socialist Norway Blesses Criminality as a Career Path

"What is Norway up to? The question can be put directly to the country’s Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, because in his New Year’s speech he placed particular emphasis on the fact that it will be work that will make the difference in securing Norway’s future. Work, work, work – and now comes the news that criminal foreigners who serve more than a year in jail will henceforth automatically qualify for welfare. After three years in prison, they will have a right to a government pension and to health coverage. This will be the case even if they have come to Norway illegally. In other words, it pays for foreigners to come to Norway and commit serious crimes – and the more serious the crime, the greater the reward."

Danny Glover: I See No Difference Between Bush And Obama Policies

Cornel West Would Rather Be In “A Crack House Than the White House.”- Kneegrow, Please

"Dr. West was answering a question about whether he would ever accept a position in the Obama adminstration’s White House. On the surface this might seem like the rebel response. No, he won’t join the institution that is holding down Black people across the land. He is a free thinker who will not be bound by a country who still doesn’t take the plight of all of its citizens seriously.

"Or you could see this for what it is. Sheer lunacy."

Climate change: A civil rights issue for blacks

This article is a crock.

"If African Americans are not fully engaged in the climate justice movement, and if the differential impacts of new policies are not explored, the poor will pay from their pocketbooks and with their health. That is why climate change is not just an environmental issue, but an important civil rights issue for people of color."

The sky is always falling for black folks. However the ills of the black community nationwide has nothing to do with "climate change." It is easier to attack a spectre with no substance at all than to attack real problems.

The Ica Burial Stones of Peru

"Creation Evidence from South America - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJsAn2...
The Ica stones are a collection of over fifteen thousand carved stones discovered in the vicinity of Ica, Peru. The Ica stones display images ranging from dinosaurs to telescopes to open-heart surgery. The images on the stones were apparently created in pre-Columbian times and buried in a large number of tombs alongside Native American mummies.

Stan Lutz has been to Peru and seen many of the burial sites and stones of Ica. The stones indicate that ancient man knew what dinosaurs looked like. They show man had very high degrees of technology. Mr. Lutz has been to the Cabrera Museum in Ica, Peru where there are over 11,000 stones. He has flown over the Nazca Lines and photographed many of the features that show their relationship to the stones. He has been to many of the ruins and has seen firsthand the superior technology of the ancient Peruvians.

Creation Conference Northwest Creation Network contact@nwcreation.net

Creation Evidence from South America - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJsAn2...

Quotes by Evolutionary Scientists Against Evolution - http://hosted.homeserver.com/warnever...
Creation Evidence from South America - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJsAn2... by Dr. Patton "

David Goldman: 85,000? We’re Missing a Million of Them!

"A far more disturbing number (in Table A-1 of today’s BLS release) shows that 'persons not in the labor force' increased by about 840,000 between November and December, from 83,022 to 83,865. That’s seasonally-adjusted; unadjusted, the number is closer to a million. Correspondingly, the total size of the civilian labor force fell from 153,720 to 153,059 between November and December."

Europe's looming demise

"'The Europe as you know it from visiting, from your parents or friends is on the verge of collapsing,' Geert Wilders said in a speech in the United States last year."

Americans Oppose Initiatives Limiting 401(k) Choices, ICI Says

"U.S. investors oppose federal initiatives that would force them to give up control over their 401(k) accounts, the Investment Company Institute said.

"Seven in 10 U.S. households object to the idea of the government requiring retirees to convert part of their savings into annuities guaranteeing a steady payment for life, according to an institute-funded report today."

The savings go to insurance companies.

Two Steps to Economic Recovery

1. Tax Holiday for 2 months for Businesses

2. Tax Holiday for 2 months for Individuals


7 million lost jobs: Gone forever?

"Most economists don't expect the employment picture to significantly improve anytime this year -- or over the next few years for that matter.

"The unemployment rate, which stood at 10% in November, is expected to stay uncomfortably high for the foreseeable future. Some experts even suggest that the labor market won't be able to fully recover from the 7.2 million jobs lost since the start of 2008 before another recession and round of job losses."

Now Mobile Devices Will Scan Your Naked Body On The Streets

"Naked body scanners are being readied to go mobile and scan you on the street, at football games and any other event where masses of people are congregated, according to a leaked paper written by Dutch authorities."

Great job for voyeurs.

Underwear Bomb Scare

Carville: Airport scanners can 'measure my penis'

You flatter yourself.

Nelson: We should have waited on health care

"Sen. Ben Nelson said Tuesday it was a mistake for the Obama Administration to take on massive health care reforms in 2009, and suggested efforts would have been better spent addressing the economy."

December 2008: Obama: Judge Me On The Jobs I Create

"'The yardstick should be,' he said, 'am I creating these jobs and are we strengthening the economy.'"

It is January 2010. Where is the change?

The Democrats’ Job Standard


In 2003, Over 87,000 Jobs Were Created. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Accessed 1/6/10)

* But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Criticized 2003 Job Creation As “Far From Enough.” “The slight increase in jobs last month is wonderful news for 57,000 Americans. But the 2.1 million Americans who have been actively looking for work for more than two years … know that it is far from enough …” (Rep. Nancy Pelosi, “Pelosi: ‘Slight Jobs Increase Far From Enough -- We Must Do More to Create Jobs and Growth,’” Press Release, 10/3/03)

In 2004, Over 2 Million Jobs Were Created. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Accessed 1/6/10)

* But In 2004, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) Claimed Bush “Created A Climate … Where The Number of Jobs Is Not Growing.” “This President has created a climate in this country where the number of jobs is not growing. It did not have to be that way.” (Sen. Dick Durbin, Congressional Record, 10/08/04, p. S10764)

In 2005, Over 2.5 Million Jobs Were Created. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Accessed 1/6/10)

* But Pelosi Called 2005 Job Creation Numbers “Anemic.” “Today’s anemic jobs numbers confirm that President Bush has still failed to create a single new private-sector job since he became President.” (Rep. Nancy Pelosi, “Pelosi: ‘Today’s Anemic Jobs Numbers Confirm the Administration Has Failed to Create a Single New Private-Sector Job,’” Press Release, 6/3/05)

In 2006, Over 2.1 Million Jobs Were Created. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Accessed 1/6/10)

* But Pelosi Claimed Bush Policies “Favored The Privileged Few At The Expense Of America’s Working Families.” (Rep. Nancy Pelosi, “Democrats Will Restore the Economic Security of America’s Working Families,” Press Release, 9/22/06)

By 2007, 5.7 Million Jobs Had Been Created Under Bush. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Accessed 1/6/10)

* But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) Claimed Bush Had “Shameful History Of Losing American Jobs.” (Sen. Harry Reid, “Reid: As Unemployment Reaches Two-year High, American Jobs Are The Latest Casualty Of Bush’s Failed Economic Policies,” Press Release, 1/4/08)


In February, Obama Signed $787 Billion Stimulus Bill, Claiming It Would “Fix The Economy.” “President Obama on Tuesday signed the $787 billion stimulus package ... ‘We have begun the essential work of keeping the American dream alive in our time,’ Obama said, calling the legislation ‘the beginning of the end’ of what needed to be done to fix the economy.” (Michael A. Fletcher, “Obama Leaves D.C. To Sign Stimulus Bill,” The Washington Post, 2/18/09)

And Obama Pledged That Stimulus Would Create 3.5 Million Jobs By End Of 2010. “[W]hat makes this recovery plan so important is not just that it will create or save 3.5 million jobs over the next two years ...” (President Barack Obama, Remarks At The Signing Of The American Recovery And Reinvestment Act, Denver, CO, 2/17/09)


2.8 MILLION Jobs Lost Since Obama’s Signed His $787 Billion Stimulus In February 2009. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Accessed 12/10/09)

* Including 85,000 More Jobs Lost Last Month. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Accessed 1/8/09)

In Addition To 3.5 MILLION Jobs Obama Promised Would Be Created By His $787 Billion Stimulus By December 2010. (President Barack Obama, Remarks At The Signing Of The American Recovery And Reinvestment Act, Denver, CO, 2/17/09)

That Equals 6.3 MILLION Jobs Dems Need To Create This Year Alone To Declare Economic Success, A Level Of Job Growth That Has Never Been Achieved in American History. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Accessed 1/6/10)

* Because In 1946, 4.3 MILLION Jobs Were Created, Largest Job In A Single Calendar Year In American History. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Accessed 1/6/10)


Obama Says “The Yardstick Should Be … Am I Creating These Jobs?” (Sam Stein, “Obama: Judge Me On The Jobs I Create,” The Huffington Post, 12/15/08)

* Pelosi: “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs … We Will Measure Our Success In That Way; And Hopefully The American People Will, Too, In The Next Election.” (Greg Sargent, “Pelosi: Judge Dems’ Success On Whether We Create ‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs,’” “The Plum Line” Blog, 12/3/09)

DGA Chairman, Gov. Jack Markell (D-DE), Says “Burden Of Proof” On Dems To Show That They’re Creating Jobs. “When you've got as many people unemployed in the country as you do, it's understandable that folks will be looking to their leaders to do everything possible to create jobs. As Democrats, there's a burden of proof here.” (Peter Wallsten and Naftali Bendavid, “Departures Shake Democrats,” The Wall Street Journal, 1/7/09)

* But Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) Says Obama Made A Mistake In Pushing Health Care, And Should Have Focused On Jobs. “I think it was a mistake to take health care on as opposed to continuing to spend the time on the economy… I would have preferred not to be dealing with health care in the midst of everything else, and I think working on the economy would have been a wiser move …” (Chris Zavadil, “Nelson: We Should Have Waited On Health Care,” The Fremont Tribune, 1/6/10)

* And Obama’s Liberal Agenda Preventing Small Businesses From Creating Jobs, “Could Impede An Economic Recovery.” “But a health-care overhaul grinding through Congress could bring unknown new obligations to insure employees. Bush-era tax cuts are set to end next year, and their fate is unclear. Legislation aimed at tackling climate change might raise businesses’ energy costs. … Many companies say they have responded by freezing hiring, cutting benefits and delaying expansion plans. With at least 60% of job growth historically coming out of the small-business sector, according to the government’s Small Business Administration, that kind of inertia could impede an economic recovery.” (Gary Fields, “Political Uncertainty Puts Freeze on Small Businesses,” The Wall Street Journal, 10/28/09)

Michael Savage" New World Order Attack in Full Gear and Liberties to be Abolished!

Maybe It Depends On What The President’s Definition Of The Word “C-SPAN” Is…