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Friday, December 4, 2009

Obama: The Manipulated Puppet or the Ventriloquist’s Dummy

Obama: The Manipulated Puppet or the Ventriloquist’s Dummy

By Rev. Wayne Perryman
December 4, 2009

This week members of the Congressional Black Caucus met to say that Obama’s top people (Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod) are not responsive to the needs of African Americans and to the concerns expressed by the Black Caucus, nor will these men allow the Caucus to have a face to face meeting with Obama.

Before the election, I tried to tell everyone that Obama was not qualified to president and that he would not be running the show. He was merely a puppet or a dummy for the two Whitehouse Ventriloquists. Now everyone is realizing that without a script from Emanuel or Axelrod, Obama is speechless and has no communication skills. He simply reads their scripts without thinking.

1. They gave the dummy a script to say he would be closing Gitmo within one year, but they failed to tell him that you can’t do this in one year and it is too costly. Unfortunately the dummy didn’t know the difference. When it didn’t happen, he just stood there and looked dumb.

2. They gave the dummy a script that said he needed over seven hundred billion to keep unemployment under 8% and that the stimulus money would create jobs. The dummy read the script. But when unemployment exceeded 10%, the dummy asked: What do I do now? They told him to go back to the public and hold a conference this week - to find out how to create jobs.

3. When they pulled his strings and had him to report how many jobs were created and saved, they provide him with no script when it was learned that many of the districts that reported having saved or created jobs, did not exist. The dummy just stood there speechless.

4. They gave him a script to give to his partner Eric Holder, a script that said the administration will try some of the Gitmo prisoners in Civilian Court and some in Military Court. But they failed to tell the dummies what to say if they were asked: Why try some in Civil Court and not others? Even more shocking they provided no script when Senators asked: If Osama Bin Laden were caught today, would they read him his rights and tell him “that he has a right to remain silent, anything he says can be used against him in a court of law” or would they like the Bush Administration, treat him like a prisoner of war in interrogate him? Since the dummies had no script, they had no response.

5. They gave the puppet a script on health care reform which said that health care reform will make insurance affordable for the un-insured and that the government would fine anyone that do not have health insurance. But they provided dummy no script when the question was asked: Why are you going to fine poor people who have no money to buy health insurance? Nor did they have a script when a Congressman told the President, “You Lie” in reference to covering illegal aliens. The dummy just stood there waiting for someone to put words in his mouth. The Ventriloquists left the dummy hanging.

6. They told the Dummie to tell the public that the government was going to give “cash for clunkers” to save General Motors in addition to giving billions of tax dollars to take over the company and replace the current CEO. But they provide no script when all of their costly plans failed and their newly appointed CEO was fired this week.

7. The Ventriloquist had the dummy to say that his administration will be an administration of transparency, but they provided no script for the dummy when he start meeting behind closed doors and failed to post the proposed Bills on the Whitehouse website for the public to review before acting on such legislation.

8. They pulled this puppet’s strings and made him say he will not sign any laws that had earmarks, but they failed to provide him a script when one of his first pieces of legislation had over 8,000 earmarks.

9. They gave him a script to speak at West Point, and when the script said that the President will send 30,000 troops to Afghanistan but will remove them by July 2011, the dummy had nothing to say, when members of Congress and leaders around the world said: “that was one of the dumbest things a President could say during a time of war. When have any leader ever told the enemy what time they would stop fighting?” Others said, what did you expect from a dummy?

10. When they gave his staff a script that said women no longer needed to take breast examination at certain ages, they provided not script when medical professionals said that was ill-advised medical advice.

11. When they pulled his strings and he spoke on Global Warming, they didn’t provide him with a script when it was discovered that the scientific data that he relied on was (like him) manipulated and false.

12. The Ventriloquist had the dummy to say, that he would keep America safe, but gave him no script when two un-invited guest by-passed the most secure building in the world (the Whitehouse) and crashed his private party. He merely grinned showed his teeth like a most dummies and posed for pictures with the un-invited guest.

When Obama signed the deal to let Axelrod and Emanuel run the show and be his Ventriloquist or puppet manipulators, he didn’t realize that these two men had an agenda to change the American system by using him as their dummy or as a pimp would use a whore. Like a whore, when the pimp no longer have any use for her services he will cast her to the streets. Axelrod and Emanuel plan to do the same when their puppet and dummy when he can no longer draw the crowds that they expect to accomplish their hidden objective: a socialist type of government system.

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