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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yid with Lid: Annotated Text of Obama's Strange Contradictory Speech

"Let Me Be Clear, I have very thin skin and the complaints about the delay really hurt my feelings, I had to spend last 90+ days trying to find a way to make nice to my Progressive base...So Hear this al Qaeda and Taliban, you just have to lay low for 18 months and then we'll be out of there so you can take over."


"Jake Tapper of ABC News Points out what the POTUS didn't say

"'Back in March, in his first major speech on Af-Pak, President Obama did not mention a "democratic" Afghanistan as one of his goals. He did, however, say the return of Taliban rule would mean, among other things, "the denial of basic human rights to the Afghan people – especially women and girls."'

"The issue of rights for women and girls was not mentioned this evening.

"It took three months of waiting to get this strange contradictory speech. Hardly seems worth the wait. Tonight the president gave a half-baked commitment to the war on terror. The President is right when he says we did not ask for this battle, where he is wrong is having been forced into it, we should be prepared to win. The President's speech did not give an indication that he wanted to win and our enemy got the message very well."

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