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Monday, February 15, 2010

It Doesn't Matter What You Do, You Just Caused Global Warming

"This column isn’t just brought to you by global warming. It was caused by global warming.

"Why not? Everything else is. For years, Americans have been told global warming causes pretty much everything. Al Gore, the patron saint of all things toasty, blamed Hurricane Katrina on global warming. Lefty actor Danny Glover blamed it for the Haitian earthquake in January. After lamenting the failure of the Copenhagen climate conference, Glover talked about the earthquake and said 'this is what happens.' Climate: the ultimate 'Lethal Weapon.'

"He’s not even an outlier. Joseph Romm, a former Clinton official, raised the issue of global warming after the Minnesota bridge collapse of 2007. Go to Dr. John Brignell’s site Numberwatch.co.uk and you’ll find at least 600 random things from sharks moving north to a rise in allergies to a rise in HIV – all blamed on global warming."

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