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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

UPDATE on today’s latest attacks on us at Daily Kos

"Daily Kos has been calling us RAAACISTS some more, by playing the game we all know so well after a full seven days of these assaults:

"(1) TheBigotBasher, a man in the UK, calls us RAAACISTS on his WordPress blog

"(2) WordPress refuses to abide by its TOS policy and remove libelous content like this, even though every day WordPress is notified by us what TheBigotBasher is doing…and under existing law, as we understand it, WordPress will probably join Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, and other sites perpetuating BigotBasher’s libel as co-defendants.

"(3) Daily Kos picks up BigotBasher’s libelous attack, and posters there advocate finding us in person, attacking us physically, and much worse.

"(4) DU and others then echo whatever Kos is saying, treating it as gospel.

"If you think this won’t happen to you some day for speaking out against this current administration and what the Democrat Party we used to know has become — just remember before they came for us, they hunted other PUMAs and came for them. They called the Clintons themselves RAAACISTS. Sarah Palin and John McCain were called RAAACISTS too. Everyone who opposes the Left is a RAAACIST. So, if you didn’t think tonight’s State of the Union Address should be carved into the moon with a sphinx-head of Dr. Utopia himself staring down on us, then you are a RAAACIST too.

"We appreciate the support we’re receiving from all of you who recognize these attacks for what they are.

"Others who have been attacked by the Left like this have families to think about, or are scared of losing their jobs or whatever. Well, we’re single gay guys without kids. The Left already cost us jobs. While we do believe these people will attempt physical violence against us, and that is in truth the goal of Daily Kos when it runs BigotBasher’s calls to violence, we’re a mix of ex hockey, rugby, water polo, and track and field guys here. So, depending on what we’re up against, we’ve got some chance of making it to another day.

"As we keep wondering: if these Leftists were really right. If they REALLY knew best. If The Golden Age of Hope and Change under this president was really so magical, then why do they need to resort to brown shirt tactics to take down anyone who opposes Dr. Utopia?


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