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Friday, February 19, 2010

Why I love watching Keith Olbermann

"Well, Mr. Olbermann, you can go here and check out the pictures from my post about Fort Worth's 9-12 rally. Hispanics, if memory serves, were possibly over-represented. African-Americans were probably under-represented, especially women, but the men were there in fairly large numbers. (Mostly older guys, ex-military, and wearing their camo/caps/etc. with insignia to designate their branch of service.)

"And please indulge me for indulging in this stereotype: I've NEVER seen Asians at these events, probably because they're too busy working. You can go here to see that the Asian vote is almost evenly split between Republicrats and Demoblicans. So far, they've resisted left-wing victimization programs.

"I didn't take these pictures with the goal of filling racial quotas, as Olbermann seem to advocate, but the random sampling I posted kinda indicates that the 9-12 rally was a lot more diverse than (ahem) Mr. Olbermann's employer."

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