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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Exposed--White House visitors list shows unsavory characters Obama denied knowing

"Controversy ensued in the Obama campaign of 2008 when stories surfaced that Ayers and his wife were personal friends of the Obamas. Obama vehemently denied it on several occasions, claiming that he knew of Ayers only because of his work and his writings, but that since Ayers was significantly older than he, it was unlikely that he would have opportunity to become friends with him.

"Obama went further to say that as far as he knew Ayers was just 'somebody who lived in the neighborhood.'

"The problem with this explanation is that several witnesses and news reports say otherwise, that Ayers was, indeed, a personal friend of Barack and Michelle Obama and had even been a guest in their home in Chicago. Ayers and Dohrn also hosted a series of meetings in their home in the early 1990s to introduce their friends to a new up-and-coming politician--Barack Obama.

"Ayers also wrote an American communist manifesto called 'Prairie Fire' in which the steps are outlined for the Marxist takeover of the U.S. government."

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