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Saturday, February 6, 2010

An Honest IPCC Scientist Tackles 'ClimateGate'

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Anonymous said...

An 'honest' IPCC scientist? There may be several. But look at this list:

Stationgate: NASA GISS' disappearance of 70 percent of temperature station data (many stations are still there) generates warming trend

Codegate: NASA GISS running different code from what it says it runs

Boliviagate: GHCN finds heat island on the snow-capped peaks of Bolivia -- without using Bolivian data

Madagascargate: GHCN says data unavailable in electronic form -- but anyone can easily find it

New Zealandgate: NZ climatologists generate warming trend from data which turn out to have actually disappeared
http://bethyada.wordpress.com/2009/11/26/new-zealand-not-warming/ and

Hockeygate: Penn State climatologist Michael Mann invents a computer program that will generate a warming trend from random data

Hollandgate: Wild exaggeration of amount of the Netherlands below sea level

Bootsgate: IPCC uses boot-cleaning guide to 'prove' Antarctic climate 'clear vulnerability'

Glaciergate: Himalayan glaciers will disappear by 2035

Citegate: Greenpeace, WWF, et. al. provide 'research' to IPCC, which is then 'reviewed' by Greenpeace, WWF et. al. IPCC 'expert editors'

Amazongate: IPCC says global warming could deforest nearly half of the Amazon - based on WWF speculations regarding forest fire

Disastergate: IPCC cites unpublished research about global warming causing increase in disasters. When published, the research denies the connection.

FOIAgate: Hadley scientists broke UK FOI laws to avoid peer review of their work

Yamalgate: Russian heating trend based on rings of only one tree

Russiagate: British Meteorological Office caught tampering with Russian climate data by cherry-picking station data

Darwingate: US GHCN 'adjusts' data from Australia's Darwin Airport to turn cooling trend into warming trend

Canadagate: NOAA uses only one Canadian station on a coastal island to represent all temperatures north of 65 degrees latitude