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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Report: NYT ready to drop scandal bombshell on New York governor

"HuffPo’s got all the links you need pointing to a sex scandal, which makes the deja vu here doubly intense. (Paterson copped to infidelity on practically his first day on the job, but the rumors have picked up again lately.) The story’s not that politically interesting on the surface. Paterson’s headed for an unholy beating by Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary if he’s dumb enough to run again, so the only major fallout from this will be to convince him not to. But that presents the question: Could the story have been leaked to the Times by Democrats anxious about a primary fight that might weaken Cuomo in a tough November political climate? Come to think of it, wasn’t the White House reportedly leaning on Paterson to retire months ago? Hmmmmm. Watch your back, Deval Patrick!"

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