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Saturday, February 6, 2010

MP John Redwood: Labour’s great mistakes

We need to remember:

Conservatives opposed Mr Brown’s changes to the Bank of England which stripped it of important powers and contributed to the banking crash.

Conservatives opposed the switch in inflation target before the 2005 election, a switch which led to a bigger credit bubble than we wanted.

Conservatives opposed the excessive deficit of the last year, voting against the VAT reduction and proposing lower spending.

Conservatives opposed the tax raid on Britain’s pension funds, a raid which led to the closure of most funds to new members and the winding up of many funds.

Conservatives opposed the Nice, Amsterdam and Lisbon Treaties, because they transferred power to Brussels.

Conservatives opposed Labour’s lax approach to our borders, wanting proper border controls and limits on numbers.

Conservatives offered a refererendum on Lisbon and voted for one in the Commons. Lib Dems and Labour ratted on their promise and voted it down.

Conservatives opposed much of the new red tape which now envelops local government and business.

Conservatives opposed attacks on our freedoms and civil liberties.

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